Car studio render on a white background. How? 
9 Apr, 2011 Udith Ishara Madusanka

Can you make a tutorial for how to get this quality with 3D Max MR ? Image -


How to create panoramic render in 3ds max walls elevation 
13 Mar, 2011 Vile

Just like camera with fish-eye lens, to see almost all four walls at once on one frame?


🤖 Colored noise over entire final V-Ray render 
29 Oct, 2013 Katya

Good afternoon, 3D MAXa gods and those who are just learning! The program of work recently, so often there are different questions. Now faced with a problem, the solution of which I can not find on their own. Here's the thing: In the process of rendering the picture is normal, but at the end of the picture superimposed vizaulizatsii strange colors. It seems that something is wrong in the settings or is some unwanted effects. I beg you to help me figure it out. VTAK is the process: This is the final result: I should 3ds MAX Design 2014 + V-Ray Adv 20.40.03.


🤖 Adjustment output gamma in 3DMAX 2014 
18 Oct, 2013 Federicco

Good afternoon! In 2014 Max tab "Gamma and LUT" disappeared Bitmap Files section As a result, when you save the render as JPG have to manually change the range of 1.0, otherwise the image is dark. Is it possible to automate the gamma correction of the output image? Thank you.


🤖 How to create grass for exterior rendering, 3ds Max 
15 Sep, 2013 Aleksandr

Hello! How to choose a plug-in for the exterior grass?


🤖 Working with 3ds Max Backburner: Manager, Server, Monitor 
17 Jun, 2013 Irina

Backburner queue monitor is not connected to the scene to do? Throws an error could not locate a manager What is this error and how to fix it?


🤖 How to render edges of objects in 3d max 
22 Nov, 2012 Margo

Hello, prompt, please, as otrendrit just such a picture in 3D max: What would the picture be visible outer edges of objects, and not the entire "skeleton" of the subject. To match the interior design ideas, for example. And as the picture that way rendrilas Thank you.


🤖 Viewport does not correspond to the render 
20 Nov, 2012 Mariya

Regardless of the type defoult light or Scene light illumination on the dark walls of the viewport on the render bright: How to make so that at least approximately the color displayed on the walls as the prospects? It turns out you need to guess what color put into a ball, it is very tedious and time consuming. Even if I have to put a big wall Plain, still dark wall (on the form). Please tell me ..!


🤖 Controlling 3Ds Max Environment 
1 Nov, 2012 Artiom

Hello, I have a few questions. I 3DMAX 2011. Render exterior via hdr and vray camera. Camera horizon level does not match the level of the horizon HDR environment. Since the camera rotates and moves the horizon map, then combine the horizons is very difficult and not user-friendly. Hence the conclusion that it is better to adjust the horizon cards under the camera horizon in material editor. With horizontal rotation in hdr no problem, but when the rotating vertically, the image collapses to the left or right side. 1. How to make so that the environment was rotating in the right direction to me, that is where I would not put the camera to the environment only move vertically (up / down), not to overwhelm the left / right as in the picture? Here's what is: I want to move the image vertically (Vertical shift in mat editor): 2.Shema work with hdr following: I go to the mat. editor load vrayhdri. to appoint an instance of reflection and in the environment and in the environments and effects.


🤖 Reflection and shadow from hidden geometry in 3ds Max 
22 Mar, 2012 Galaksina

In my scene I need to in a mirror reflected a hidden geometriya.V render settings to render tick hidden geoietrii snyata.Mozhet naturally have some special function, so that the mirror was a reflection of the hidden geometry?


🤖 Automatic render from several cameras with saving 
19 Mar, 2012 mOPs

Greetings. There is a scene with multiple cameras. Everything is ready to render. I want to start rendering at night and to count with all the cameras. That is, at the end of rendering the first and save the picture, automatically start rendering the second with a second camera, etc. How to do it correctly?


🤖 Hidden objects are being rendered in 3ds Max 
16 Mar, 2012 nikolay

Hello vsem.Takaya here's the problem, I can not hide the objects in the object stsene.Vydelyayu hide (hide selection) proschetp put on, as if there are skryval.Ne imported models and Merger (Merge) .Kto knows tell me, who can then it was something like that ...


🤖 Camera matrix is not orthonormal and Max-compatible ShadeContext is ON 
14 Mar, 2012 Dimon

How to get rid of these errors:


🤖 Saving rendering with 300dpi right from 3ds Max 
25 Feb, 2012 Usco

Hello! It was necessary to save the result of the rendering of 300dpi. Looked 🙂, I made a small cheat sheet: OPTION 1 STEP 1 The width and height of the image. We render our picture. In the V-ray frame buffer icon click [Save]. STEP 2 1) Select the location where to save 2) Name the name of our future image 3) In the [File Type] - choose: TIF 4) Hit save dialog appears save TIF file STEP 3 1) Image Type: Choose the right, but only 2 of them support the alpha channel. 2) And here is the needed 300dpi 🙂 3) Click OK (Admiring result) OPTION 2 STEP 1 In the main menu, go to the 3dsMax [Rendering], later in the drop-down sub-menu in the [Print Size Assistant ...]. Opens the Print Size Wizard dialog. STEP 2-Default is all worth it right. It is only necessary: ​​-Button [Files] opens a dialog to save the file (STEP-3) in which you need to specify where to save and how to name the file. File Type is the default (he's the only one). Hit -Ukazat save or not to save - the alpha channel.


🤖 Photoshoping a Bump texture map for 3ds max material 
19 Oct, 2011 Denis

Hello everybody! RS please tell us how through Photoshop to create a bump map from the diffuse texture.


🤖 Ambient occlusion (AO) and it's usage Vray and 3ds Max 
15 Aug, 2011 ASRockus

Hello creators and visitors site! I have a question that is ambient occlusion? As I understand it, it's sort of a global simulation osvescheniya.No is how, where, and why, I do not understand. Could you explain how to use it and whether it is necessary. I think in some moments this thing is useful. Thanks in advance.


🤖 Disable rendering of the particular object 
24 May, 2011 sonarrr

Hello, dear RenderStuff! Faced with this obstacle: somehow activated rendering mode "rendering of the selected object." The trick is very useful. Only here is how to disable it .. P / S:? While am saved Ctrl + A)


🤖 Regions render in 3ds Max 
23 May, 2011 plotnik

How to count the regions and whether it is right, - affect the quality?


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