🤖 Rendering 180-degree Panoramic Image 
28 Feb, 2016 BogDan

Prompt as to render such an image, where and how to install SETTING:


🤖 Align vertices along the same line / face / axis 
29 Dec, 2015 Yulio

Hello.Tell me please about the following questions:How to align all vertices along one line?How to align several points with the position of another point?I do not find a clear answer in the network. At least for a beginner.Here in this video at 19:00, the author somehow magically exposes one point under the other using Snaps Toogle snap bindings:I found such answers:- "1. component editor2. snap, component spacing off "Here I do not understand what is the offsing off and on the network again about this button did not find it apparently too obvious, but not for the beginner- "Highlight your vertices, w (moove tool), select the axis, hold x, middle button poke somewhere in the gridall"When I press X, I get the Search all action window, I doubt that if I remove it in the hotkeys - something will change, most likely I have something not so understood. And the middle button is a wheel?


🤖 Easy change parts of models in 3ds Max 
19 Nov, 2015 Klim3D

Good evening. Please tell me how to organize a rapid process of replacing some of the details of the model in the scene 3Dsmax? There is a model chandeliers, in which there are different options for lampshades. How to do it right so that you can quickly and easily change them in one scene even experienced 3dshnikam? Some use different texture only and can be changed via a scene state, or simply save all materials in the library. But what if the ceiling different geometry? Thank you!


🤖 How to force camera to show objects along axes 
1 Nov, 2015 Irina

how to set the camera so that kept vertical relative to the sheet and the cover was visible pedestals? Very necessary!!! Help teapot (


🤖 How to save the 3ds Max scene AutoCAD format? 
18 Jul, 2015 Olga

Hello! The customer asked for a super-image picture quality, but says that he needs the files in AutoCAD or Revita format, so that he could make small changes, and I'm going to do in max + verey. What do you think is it possible to maintain a ready maksovsky file in one of these formats with textures without loss of quality? If so, how? Thank you in advance.


🤖 Gamma & LUT Settings Mismatch 
24 Jun, 2015 yura.

Always has been popping up a window when you open a scene about a range of settings. How to remove it without damaging or anything?


🤖 Export 3d model with all textures from 3ds Max 
17 May, 2015 Nadya

Good afternoon! Rummaged all Internet, the answer is not found as correct maksovsky export file in .3ds and .obj format with all the textures. In general, is it possible? To it were a texture file, rather than in a separate outer folder. What do I need? I have nothing happens, the file is exported, and textures are converted to standard. : | Perhaps there is an external plug-in for this? What to do, please consult very counting on you 🙂


🤖 Turn off default scene lighting in 3ds Max 
7 Feb, 2015 Nikita

Hello! I ask your help in SVEZA so that I can not find the answer on the Internet. Generally this is the essence of the problem: There is a scene with a transparent and non-transparent materials (this is not the point, and by the way :🙂 + in the scene there is no light source, but only 1 translucent luminous material obtained by combining VrayMtl and VrayLightMtl in VrayBlendMtl. So to render me the whole scene is illuminated, that is the impression that somewhere Vray'e included some parameter responsible for general illumination scene, regardless of the light source placed in it. Do not save even the room the whole scene into a cube (closed space). How to get rid of the general lighting to light was only on the lights in the scene / self-luminous elements?


🤖 Save and load own materials materials in 3ds Max - Mini-Tutorial 📃 
7 Jan, 2015 gus_ann (3dsmax vray expert)

Hello! Mini splint is dedicated to all who do not understand it well with the materials editor, namely, how to create a library of materials. To do this, create the material, I will not create, but .... You then need to .... Press the button "Put in a library": A window will open, if there is already started mats library, then ask where to record (current library): We write all the materials that are needed from the current scene. Next, it is necessary to maintain a library with a unique name, because then we will use it and assign it a name: When you save a library of materials, you can choose the name of the library and load the project: And enjoy !!! Also because a new scene, you can add materials to an existing library! Very comfortable, enjoy !!!!


🤖 Exact scaling of models in 3ds Max 
24 Jun, 2015 yura.

The question is: is the model, for example the size of 5x5 cm and must be exactly the 4,5h4,5 see ???.. 3D MAX possible means to reduce or enlarge the model to the right (strictly defined) sizes? Select & Uniform ssale fails.


🤖 Working with Snap to geometry and sub-objects in 3ds Max 
30 Mar, 2014 ever

Hello, help me understand. I draw the rectangle, I turn 2D endpoint of the binding, to the heights of one side trying to tie the Arc arc. The arc is drawn only larger than a semi-circle, and I have a slight bulge of one side of the rectangle. In general, you need a composite spline - Doug joins two vertices of one side of the rectangle (all elementary). The main condition - the top of the arc, and so forth-ka must emerge from the same point. This can be done only through a binding, but including it can draw an arc form only a semi-circle, and I have less. What's the catch?


🤖 How to save a render without using the mouse 
3 Nov, 2013 Dmitriy

Good day! The trouble comrades! Render visas high-resolution (6000 points.), And crossed the Vire settings perhaps because the second day went, and max counted only half. But time in this case is not critical and the problem lies elsewhere, the mouse stopped working. All that came to mind - this is a desperate movement pulling out and inserting it in the system unit, but without results (does not respond at all)! Here I sit and think - how to maintain the resulting image then? Prior to this, the mouse just stopped working at times, helped restart a computer, but now it is very necessary to save the render. I look forward to your wise counsel.


🤖 Scene bounding is too large, possible raycast errors 
16 Apr, 2013 Mark

When rendering large scenes Vray notifies an error. Here is the text of the warning: Scene bounding is too large, possible raycast errors. When you render everything is fine, but I am concerned about "possible raycast errors", that they may appear later. How to fix this error, than it is fraught and even whether to pay attention to this warning? In order to cause such a warning is enough to create a very large scene.


🤖 Problems with the normals, 3d model rendered black 
17 Dec, 2012 Maksim

Good day! Very often I find solution to the problems with the visualization in your posts. Here again there is a problem. without your help that I can not solve. Things are so. About 3-4 months as I became interested in 3d-modeling. Favor 3ds max 2011, vray 2.0 (license). That's a problem. Download the model, it would add to the native model, but she always black, even though I have the materials, etc. Tell me what to do? Prompt, very pleasant to me this thing


🤖 Create panormic HDRI background for 3d scene 
7 Jan, 2015 gus_ann (3dsmax vray expert)

Welcome interested in this question. Do you recommend to create a curved Plain outside the window as a background. I met another option - not a ragged Plain, arc, or something like that, and it is a closed ring envelope over the entire circumference of the stage. It is clear that such a ring it is necessary to appoint a panoramic map. I would like to know whether this panorama card to perform on their own? That is, we all know that the customer likes to look at the design of the project as close as possible to reality, and therefore he likes to see the real picture of the yard areas, roads, environment. How to make a panoramic photo?


🤖 How to fill the closed package with nuts in 3ds Max 
30 Nov, 2012 DarkManius

Narisoal Closed-package under the nuts. It was created from the cube. Drew nut. And now I do not know how to multiply a nut inside the package. Package: Nut:


🤖 Scenes and textures named with symbols are opened empty 
5 Aug, 2012 Mariya

Hello, I have the drive (brought from Shanghai) with islands 3d scenes (light, textures included). Only about 350 scenes, each neatly into folders, but half open empty, although they have a weight of about 5-7 MB. Other such opened without problems. Prompt, whether it is possible to correct these files? This is a reference to the files: http://hostex.org/dl/294a98671d


🤖 Correct units in 3ds Max 
25 May, 2012 Ezop

Hello! My question is. In the past, no matter what I create, whether it be the subject of a separate, interior, exterior, creating all non zamechal.Nedavnouznalchto in millimeters and the special problems when doing exterior, it is wise to do in meters. Is it pravilno.I how it affects the resources, because my iron slaboe.Chto something I did not get translated properly made objects in another scene in mm.na new scene in metrah.Neuzheli I need a new model ?! I tried to translate applying to objects reset Xform-collapse but without success, probably something wrong doing. (Object plugins used yet)


🤖 Can not import AutoCAD or ArchiCAD drawing to 3ds Max 
28 Feb, 2012 serik

Hello! I 3ds Max 2010 9 (64) and AutoCAD 2011. I am having to import a drawing from AutoCAD to 3ds Max. Opens request- DWG- choose Import (of connecting the object to the current stage.) - OK. You are prompted - Import of AutoCAD DWG file-touch. OK. Appears. inquiry - not a suitable file format. Please tell me what to do.


🤖 Normal maps in 3Ds MAX theory and practice 
12 Dec, 2011 Andrey

There is a map - Normal Map - here I have recently sharply wondered how textures are made under these cards? After Normal Map is mainly used for the Bump mapping, but color it does not like to bump (black-and-white raster) and lilac - bluish. For example, when I apply a texture brick with applied Bump texture of the same bricks to say, boxing and render in the aisle (Normal Map) something like it gives me the result, but somehow weak. That is, after the application of the rendered just textures in Normal Map card slot after rendering bump like becomes more beautiful and pronounced, but still weak - maybe I'm doing something wrong or is there any other ways to get Normal Map textures under those that are used for the channel Diffuse to emphasize them. The question is originated for one simple reason - there are moments in the work, where it is easier in Photoshop to create some detailed texture and create for her Normal Map texture than all modeled directly in Max: |


🤖 Seeing maps samples in 3ds Max material editor 
17 Nov, 2011 plotnik

Hello! Tell me, please, do not understand ... I found myself in a long time the downloaded folder "Vray_carrymax" materials. Adds a mateditor, normal jpg, it completely covers the slot-without a background, it looks like quality, ... and everything. I can not apply to the object is not active, rise above the parent too. Diffuse-bitmap-jpg. What was it? Nearby there are still samples (sample) in the form of balls, also, as I understand it, -bamp, I displace ... How to work with them, and is it necessary?


🤖 Sharpness of image in 3ds Max, dealing with bad textures 
25 Sep, 2011 Neptune

How to make the quality of displayed textures better? In my case, interested in the quality of the drawing, which I impose on Plain and make visible.


🤖 XForm modifier & Reset XForm utility in 3ds Max 
10 Jul, 2011 mOPs

Good time of day. What is the utility Reset XForm, where and how to apply it? And XForm modifier - what is the difference from the above utilities how to apply (up to modifications after, etc ...).


🤖 How to put one object onto another in 3ds Max? 
6 Jul, 2011 Artem

may have supplement that would put one object to another?🙂 huh many years of work in max is painfully tedious


🤖 3ds Max Missing Dlls 
21 Sep, 2010 Aliona

Pop-up window "Missing Dlls". It FileName: ColorCorrect SuperClass: 0xC10 DLL Description: ColorCorrect by Cuneyt Ozdas. And offers more or Open, or Cancel. Appropriately, either opening the file failed. Either open net Stage Max (untiteld). and I is the case with any file taken from this site. I work in 3ds max 9.


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