🤖 Appying an image onto ceramic cup 
14 Apr, 2017

Hello! Such a problem. I want to make a white cup with a picture: What do I (Diffuse texture, and the ceramic material): That's what I get: How to do that would not have a clear line of textures?


🤖 Transfer mapping from HI-POLY to LOW-POLY model 
27 Nov, 2016 Yuriy

Good day pro. Prompt such a thing - that I made a low-poly model, then threw on her opensubdiv 2 iteration skollapsil stack and got hi-poly. Then I did the unfolding of hi-poly models and zateksturil it: Perhaps now there any way to move the reamers with the materials on the low-poly model? or from the beginning I walked not in the way? Thanks in advance for your reply.


🤖 Applying single texture to multiple objects without repeating 
27 Feb, 2012 mOPs

Hey. How to draw a blot on the floor, which consists of several objects. For example tiles There blots mask To apply the most blots used VrayBlendMtl. Naturally this method is blotch on each plate separately And it is necessary that it has been on several. For example so The same applies to such wall .. no fence with all the well-known inscription ... eg 🙂 "There was MOPS"


🤖 Unwrap in 3ds Max: texturing complex models 
22 Jul, 2011 Andrey

please tell me, I downloaded your Chesterfield sofa and looking texture stumbled upon the unfolding. As far as I know you do a model, then throws in a program that has the ability to paint textures directly on the model of a brush, puts on her probation skin texture and "hands" to obscure the desired locations. If I am right, please tell us what program you use.


🤖 How to set texture paths in 3ds Max? 
6 Jul, 2011 Artem

The only method that I know (and use) it with the jump of the model in max Customize> Configure User Paths> Exnternal Files> Add (and specifies the directory that contains the model and texture to it) If I am not mistaken in theory max should look for the lost texture first in a folder with modelyu..a then in other directory specified in the list of "Exnternal Files". But this does not happen I)


🤖 UVW Map mapping in 3ds Max 
23 May, 2011 plotnik

Hey. Please do not swear-if the question is too simple, -napravte in Google. Please help to understand in detail: UVW Mapping. UVW Map. Unwrap UVW. UVWXform ... Available as you are able, please explain, in particular, the scroll parameters UVW Mapping. And how does this relate to the settings bitmap coordinates and parameters in the material editor. And Map chanel? About ID already shy to ask.


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