πŸ€– Modeling Roman curtains: Retopology - Part 2 πŸ“ƒ 
14 Dec, 2014 Usco (3d modeling expert)

Usco:What is "retopology" and what does it eat?A retopology is a change in the topological grid of an object, while preserving its shape as much as possible. Sometimes it is necessary that the grid consist exclusively of quadrangular polygons, or from triangles - for example for games (where you need to use the movement of characters). "Re-topology" is a change in the topology of a three-dimensional object. For example, retopology can be called a decrease in grid density, well, or in general, any change in edge loop flow. The shape of the object does not change much, but the grid of the edges changes so as to approximate the object more accurately. A special case is to change the topology of an object so that only square faces remain.Importing a model in 3ds MaxI will open 3d max.I select the Import category in the Menu and the import item of the same name in it. Import: Then select the file with the optimized model in obj format and click Open.


πŸ€– Modeling Roman curtains: Marvelous Designer - Part 1 πŸ“ƒ 
30 Nov, 2014 gus_ann (3dsmax vray expert)

Hello everybody!In this lesson, we'll look at a way to create a Roman curtain in the Marvelous Designer program.Preparation for workFirst, let's look at some references of similar curtains to understand what the product and the mechanism of its work are: From the above pictures it is clear that the curtain consists of one large element, which is added by using a special mechanism. From the video it is clear that the folding mechanism is this: the curtain starts to fold from the bottom upwards. The first lower rod extends to the second from below, then they already go together to the third bottom rod and so on. Let's try to simulate this mechanism in 3 days. First we will need to sew the main canvas, then fold it.Navigation in the programFor novice users who have never opened the Marvelous Designer, I'll explain a bit about the main navigation in the program below.To scroll around the object in the left window, hold down the right mouse button and, without releasing it, pull it in the desired direction.


πŸ€– Aged leather with worn effect and dark seams Material 
17 Nov, 2014 Degtyariov

Good afternoon! Show you how to make a skin material which is overwritten / old / obscured - in the seam: Thank you!


πŸ€– Pixels size of a render for printing 
16 Jul, 2014 yura.

What should be the size of the render in pixels. for printing on A4? The Internet pro who writes from 842h594, 3543h2480 and so on. That would not render a large image if it makes no sense.


πŸ€– Best way to do saturated foliage, render or post? 
16 Jun, 2014 Svyatoslav

Visualization can see beautiful green foliage. In particular: and How is this achieved? I talked about the process through which, under the Translucency Refraction material. Although the school has a kind of visualization and simple bitmaps on the sides. And then a beautiful sky, texture, contrast and all that clean. In my visualizations still there is dust, dullness, unsaturation.


πŸ€– How to save rendering to print it on a billboard 
14 May, 2014 Oksana

Hello, renderstuff. Thank you for being. I have a question. How to save the visualization for the fact that this image can be used to print on a billboard? Business Jobs in 3DMax2012 design + Vray. Familiar advised .tif printer, image dimensions are the same as the size of billboard tab tif image control point 32-bit, 72 dpi. But when you save in max no tabs, where you can specify the number of dpi. I tried to do so. As a result, the picture turned out faded. Gamma 2.2 is always used. In addition, the customer, to kotorgo I'm doing this job, I want the same image can be used to print other waste paper: A5 to A4 format catalog and on the web site. Thanks a lot for your help.


πŸ€– Professional 3d artist growth, how to progess 
17 Nov, 2013 Aleksey M

Hello! the question is as follows: One of the main tools of 3D modeling and visualization is the view of many lessons and video tutorials, interesting and as a master of 3D visualization and simulation, which, in the ground and make sensible lessons have reached such a level? How do they learn? Just read a help to 3d max or what additional development methods?


πŸ€– How to blur reflections of the environment map 
26 Feb, 2013 RKelly

Hello! I have a problem - not blurred reflection from Environnement. Changing Reflection Glosiness reflected all objects become blurred, and the environment map reflection does not change at all. In an environment map using the photo in jpeg format:


πŸ€– How to show finished 360 degree panorama to customer 
30 Nov, 2014 gus_ann (3dsmax vray expert)

Hello, sorry for the stupid question, especially since the discussion is closed, but if you explain - I will be grateful. On the computer to create a panorama, can I send the file by mail, through a USB flash drive to transfer, etc. on another computer of the customer so that he looked at home? Are there opportunities? Or for that requirement - that at the - other computer was the program? The customer can otsmotret 360 panorama only company in the office? Sorry if the question is easy, I'm not good at this.


πŸ€– Creation of minerals and crystals in 3ds Max 
30 Oct, 2012 mma108

Welcome RenderStuff) Please tell me whether there are any plugins (3d max or bend with the possibility of conversion into max) for the generation of natural minerals and crystals? I was looking for, but that is not found. According to the type of:


πŸ€– The role of high-quality textures in 3d rendering 
30 Nov, 2014 gus_ann (3dsmax vray expert)

Hello, Your looking 3d portfolio , found a very interesting work , in my opinion. Very creative. nemogla would you tell us the secret material, wallpaper and linoleum floor, how to do such a thing? what texture you used (photograph or Photoshop) and how they were made? Particularly interested in a piece of off-the wallpaper for which is clearly seen the shadow, but the grid is visible only a general plane of the wall. Thanks for any response.


πŸ€– What should pro interior rendering artist know 
24 Sep, 2012 justaperson

Hi) Please help me to understand! I'm confused, I teach 3ds max itself a little that I know. I realized that it is good polygons, splines, and just fine, and that and that I have created objects. But the question is: is there any laws to create Inererov? What, for example, it would be correct to simulate the wall? Someone splines, some polygons, and some ready-Walls. For example, CrossSection modifier: Create a column profile splines, I applied CrossSection, and then Bend, and I really liked the result, but does takpravilno? CrossSection I applied for lessons, for curtains. Orient, please: beginner. Information is very much, and I find it hard to understand what you need and what is best not ichspolzovat. Thank you!)


πŸ€– Rendering underwater scene 
22 May, 2012 Geka_ZP

Hello, I have a problem: did model Nokia 6500s-1, and for some reason, wanted to visualize poklast phone at the bottom of the "sea", well actually the bottom of a shallow water. As planned by the camera renders the water, and phone model respectively under water. The problem is that no water, all the water supplies that I have tried are usually just "noise" and all. As I understand the problem is that the surface should reflect a bit, distort, and a little noisy. Sincerely thanks in advance. Here is the result of what I did, the water is not very similar:


πŸ€– Virtual project: Modelling and Rendering of child bicycle LEXUS TRIKE 
14 May, 2012 mOPs

Edited Anton (RenderStuff): Customer: the original TK Good afternoon. I represent the online store of children's bicycles. We decided to make our site more functional. This, in our view, be able to attract more visitors and therefore more buyers. The first thing that needs to be done to enable the buyer to see the goods on all sides. That is, the still photo, replaced by the possibility of moving to rotate the image, look at the items on either side. Goods must be exactly on a white background, so that the picture is not separated from the background of the site. The first model LEXUS TRIKE, color - pink (as pictured below). This product is available, so if you need additional photos or the removal of sizes, write, do. Photo Product enclosing Main dimensions Also, there are many more photos. Write. What is needed - I send. In the future it will be necessary to do more, and a choice of color (fabric) liked the model of the bike. Thank you.


πŸ€– Smooth filling light in a very large room with no windows 
21 Apr, 2012 Galaksina

Hello, tell me how to create a smooth fill light in a very large room where there are no windows.


πŸ€– Creating transition points in the virtual tour 
6 Mar, 2012 serjjj

Hi Guys, please tell me how to solve this problem: I want to create a virtual tour via Pano2VR and put it on your site, downloading a few panoramas and creating a transition point in the end get a few files in a format ready SWF.Prosmatrivayu tour in flash pleere- there is no problem! But how to download these several related SWF file to the site do not know, because in the idea when downloading a single file reference is that I insert into your website for future viewing! ((((Even tried to do similar in Tourweaver`e in finally get a single file format SWF- what you need, but (for example, 6000 * 3000) when loaded into this program panoramas higher resolution, the result of the tour turns horrible! it feels as if you become short-sightedπŸ™‚ please help. Thank you!


πŸ€– Working with Object2VR 
22 Jan, 2012 Vitaliy

Good day to all! I tried to find some information on the prog object2vr, and more specifically, to create a pop-up image when you click on a specific part of the model. Found on one form of info, how to do the same thing, only in Pano2VR http://www.panolab.com/index.php?topic=1182.msg15289 ), I tried to repeat it in Object2VR and it did not work πŸ€” I decided to write to you this problem, I think, this topic will be of interest and other), please let us try to understand together πŸ™‚


πŸ€– Rendering entire floor of a building 
19 Dec, 2011 Ilya

Good day! Surf the Internet, often ran into here are the plans: In this connection, I ask - is some kind of specific program with ready units (furniture, plants, cars ..) or can in 3ds Max that something like this create? Just at the initial design stage, with a floor plan in 2D, sometimes you need to quickly sketch 3D, to have a general idea of ​​the site for future line-up. In such cases, you do not have a photorealistic image, as well as little time spent. Once I started to learn 3D Max and vray, I would like to know if it is possible to create a floor plan it. If there kakiya a special technique, it is particularly interested in how to make a cross-section of the walls. Thanks in advance!


πŸ€– Who does special effects over the green background? 
4 Dec, 2011 3dimon

Good den.A a big fan of your sayta.Spasibo you for what you are doing to help people work gramadnuyu this professii.Ochen would like you to have watched this video because my question has to do with him. As nyzvaetsya profession that does-effect in this film (korabyl puts on a building, add ships, I have added the environment suschestvuschty city trees, people, etc.) will be glad if you please explain what this profession and if I can learn it myself ?? ?


πŸ€– What is a high-quality material or texture? 
13 Nov, 2011 plotnik

Hello! Often there are phrases, comments, etc. this kind of "material should be better quality, better texture ..." etc. What does it mean? What are the criteria? I think that's not the only one high-resolution? And is it possible to create high-quality material, texture, for example by SLRs? Perhaps you can. And how to do it correctly? What must be considered important, necessary parameters? How far removed, -What size of, say, a sheet of chipboard must be in the picture for creating high-quality textures? Probably. still need to correct a neutral light, no glare, gloss, matte-blur done in the Max? In the internet there are different resolution textures, more is more. And for the quality of the final image is it necessary? Or high resolution "shoots" only in the foreground? Where and at what expense to obtain, for example, 643 or 1024 * 3500 * 2198? And in general, what is the size of? The pixels, millimeters, -as to come to him? Thank you in advance.


πŸ€– Virtual project: Rendering subway seats 
15 Oct, 2011 Anton (Staff Author)

This is a пилотная theme, with a virtual order on realistic terms of reference. We lay out the terms of reference on the 3d visualization, and you undertake for its implementation, without risk to its reputation as a freelancer or employee. In general, try your hand in practice. In the process, you will advice us to implement it, simultaneously laying the intermediate results of their work, as is the case in standard WIP . We, in turn, criticize it on behalf of the virtual customer and at the same time we prompt how to do it right. If everyone will like this idea, we will, in future, we will lay out new challenges and together with them to disassemble you. So, go aheadπŸ˜‰ Customer: original TK Hello I am a manager of a sewing! factories. At the moment, We participate in the tender for sewing upholstery covers for subway seat. For us this is an important order and we have to present our textiles from the best side.


πŸ€– 3d rendering and modeling price [Eastern Europe] 
4 Oct, 2011 Andrey

There was a question not so much in modeling a furniture as by the fact: according to what criteria is evaluated one or another work (in% of the total value of the order or made its own specific rate or is there still some price standards That is, for example if we say? customer gave me collect model modern look cuisine - what price to name him say for what I'll give him the result is not itself a 3D model, and its rendering - if he does not need a model - but only renderers (such as view, if you like - offer currently in a furniture shop, factory, shop, etc.) I ask those who have experience in freelance, share your opinion with the newcomer in this business


πŸ€– Links to useful resources 
16 May, 2011 Denis

A long time ago I use this website http://videotuts.ru/ and so decided to share with others. As in my opinion a great resource with a lot of useful and interesting video lessons cover a lot of graphic editors and programs for every mastering and processing. I think everyone will find here something useful for themselves as special and novice. And yet ... the guys did a branch here, because they do not know which section it is possible to carry .... So strongly do not beat πŸ™‚


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