Best Mouse for 3ds Max on 4K 
28 Aug, 2017 Anton (Staff Author)

Mouse key parameters explanation regarding to the 3d graphic workflow on a big monitors.


How do you clean a PC from dust? 
15 May, 2017 gus_ann (3dsmax vray expert)

I have a question, how to clean your computer from dust and dirt. Well, as a matter of fact, you know my past efforts in the selection of the best PC, and the moment of its cleaning has come. PC begun to do the buzzing noise, so I\'ve cleaned the grill where the air comes in. It doesn\'t buzz anymore, but I\'m obsessed with cleaning...


Best CPU for 3ds Max, May 2017 πŸ“ƒ 
5 May, 2017 Maks (Staff Author)

Intel 7th Gen Pentium & Core vs AMD Ryzen 5, Ryzen 7. Choosing the best CPU for standalone workstation, rendering workstation, rendering node, and for general CG. Finally, we have enough tests results of the new great AMD Ryzen CPUs, that have set the new bar for consumer desktop performance. So, what is balance of powers in CPU 3d rendering and work world for now? Please note that the 3d rendering and work are just processor-intensive tasks, so the recommendations for CPU can also be useful for virtually any intensive use, whether it is computer grpahics or something other.


GPU vs CPU rendering, 2017 
4 May, 2017 XeoniuMiX

I am choosing a configuration for the rendering machine and came across another news about GPU and Vray, and now it\'s supposedly very cool, works great etc. What do I get now, xeons or video cards?? I work with interiors mainly.


Choosing PC for 3ds Max and CG, 2017 
2 May, 2017 Ilya

Help in choosing particular components for 3ds Max, V-Ray, zBrush, Photoshop workstation and render-node.


Embree support (V-Ray) 
18 Apr, 2017 Mark EVision

It is 2017 and a new favorite comes on the scene - AMD ryzen 7 1800x I read about this processor all day, looked at benchmarks and tests and I believe! 😁 It looks like this is really the best of the available CPUs for rendering for affordable price! (According to many benchmarks this CPU breathes down the X series\' neck, which is 3-4 times more expensive)


HugeΒ 4K TV for 3ds Max is a good choice! πŸ“ƒ 
19 Dec, 2016 Anton (Staff Author)

Hi everyone,We want to share with you our experience in using the LED TV as a monitor for CG purposes. There is no doubt that many of us who plans or want to buy a new monitor think of this as an option. And not without reason. Really, what's the point to buy a professional monitor for $1,500 when you can buy pretty usual TV panel for a $500 and get actually the same (or very similar) matrix in just a bit different body design? Or difference not only in plastic body design???Over a month ago we also faced with this questions too and tried to find the answers. To clear, nowadays lot of information about TV as a monitor on many-many hardware forums and in video-reviews form but they all almost exclusively about TV as a monitor for computer gaming only. Not for graphics applications such as 3ds Max, Photoshop and so on. Besides, the majority of «conclusions» sounds like: There is no difference between, but the TV definitely not suitable for this just because…100500% truth!


πŸ€– Is built-in video good enough for 3ds Max? Yes! πŸ“ƒ 
25 Sep, 2015 Maks (Staff Author)

It's the end of September 2015 and I'm happy to let everyone know that modern embedded video cards are enough to work in 3ds Max! True, it could have been reported before, but before the check did not reach the hands πŸ™„The subjective general and comparative test of the Intel HD Graphics 4600 video card built into the Intel Core i7-4770 processor showed that it is not necessary to buy a discrete video to work in 3ds Max 2015. It is quite comfortable to work with an interior scene of medium load. And this whole interior made up of 60 square meters of furniture and lighting level RenderStuff. In addition, the average FPS in a saturated object animation on a computer with the same processor but with a discrete video card of $ 200 + level was 4.3. At the same time, the same animated scene was played on the built-in GPU of the same processor with .... 3.5 FPS.In my humble opinion, you can safely consider an Intel HD Graphics 4600 video card as a minimum for working in the 3ds Max viewport.


πŸ€– Best graphics card for 3ds Max: June 2015 on-sale 
25 Sep, 2015 Maks (Staff Author)

The issue of choosing a video card for trideshnik, both for the experienced and for the beginner, very often becomes topical. That or you buy a computer for 3D graphics, whether you want to understand how much your game "old man" still has gunpowder in the flasks, or you think that modern video cards work faster than own, three years ago.Related Links:    Is there enough built-in video for 3ds Max? Yes!    The best processor for 3d rendering: June 2015    The best processor for working with computer graphics: June 2015Unfortunately, there is no unambiguousness in this matter. What does the viewport do when working? A video card? No, the scene. The complexity of the models you work with is the main factor that determines the speed of the three-dimensional image.


πŸ€– CPU for work with CG: i7-4790K vs i7-4790 vs i3-4370 
25 Sep, 2015 Maks (Staff Author)

It's no secret to anyone that despite the parallelization of computing, the increase in the number of cores in processors, the creation of a virtual division of the physical core, the use of multiple simultaneous processes in software, many programs are still running on the same core. Photoshop, 3D Max and a lot of other computer graphics programs are no exception. The main work in these programs is performed in a single-threaded mode and, therefore, the comfort of your work depends very much on the computing power of the computer in a single-threaded mode.Related Links:    The best processor for 3d rendering: June 2015    The best video card for 3ds Max: June 2015No matter how many cores there were in your central processor, you will still long and tediously wait for the application of 10 iterations of the turbo watch: only one core works on it.Therefore, no matter how paradoxical it may sound, the less nuclei the better. (Of course, in a similar price segment).


πŸ€– CPU for 3d rendering: FX-8350 vs FX-9370 vs i7-4790K vs i7-5820K 
5 May, 2017 Maks (Staff Author)

Hello! I would like to know your opinion, to date, 2015, for a best equipment for 3d max, specifically for interior and exterior! Shoveled forums clambered sites - I can not decide. and It makes sense to buy the most expensive, or you can save a little bit, but basically get the same performance? πŸ™‚ And what equipment you use, if not secret? πŸ™‚ Related Links: Archive: The best PC for computer graphics and 3d rendering: October 2013 Best processor for work with computer graphics: June 2015 Best video card for 3ds Max: June 2015


πŸ€– Monitor Selection for 3ds Max 
14 Nov, 2014 Minzurka

Good afternoon. Prompt which monitor to buy up to 350 $


πŸ€– SSD tuning and how to save it from failure πŸ“ƒ 
29 Apr, 2014 Denis

Hello to all the inhabitants of RenderStuff!With this mini-article, I would like to answer Yevgeny's question and generally make some clarifications in the matter and identify the reasons for the possible failure of the SSD drive.First of all, I want to say that most of the failures are caused by the users themselves, because the SSD drive requires a special approach to its operation, in comparison with the usual archive disks.Most recently, he himself became a happy owner of the SSD drive Kingston HyperX 120Gb The increase in system performance is simply huge, it became very comfortable to work.Now directly on the case. Compared to a regular archive disk, the SSD drive loses data storage cells during its operation (data overwriting). And judging from this, frequent data overwriting results in fast wear of these cells. This could serve as a quick failure of your carrier, because of its wear and tear. It is fair to ask why this happens?


πŸ€– CPU for CG work & rendering: FX-8350 vs i7-3770 vs i7-4770 vs i7-3930K 
25 Sep, 2015 Maks (Staff Author)

This topic is archival. More recent information can be found on the following links:    The best processor for 3d rendering: June 2015    The best processor for working with computer graphics: June 2015    The best video card for 3ds Max: June 2015Very often, computer graphics specialists are faced with the problem of choosing the optimal computer configuration for their needs. We are asked a regular question, and which one to choose a computer for 3ds Max? That's why in this publication we decided to analyze the most successful PC assemblies, which are the best choice for the CG specialist. In particular, we have focused on the description of the computer for the CPU rendering, since from the workstation, such a computer differs only in a video card. As practice shows, with a new Nitrous viewport engine in 3ds Max, any modern video card will work perfectly in the price range from 80 to 120 USD. Therefore, you can choose it yourself.


πŸ€– Do you need SSD for 3ds Max? 
10 Apr, 2013 Oksi

Good night all. Question treat 3d max but not the process itself, and to its work on kompyutere.Mne then gathered the most powerful PC is not as it seems to me, but nevertheless, on how much money is enough for the collected works in Max, AutoCAD, and other things for the designer. but to get one puncture, collector gave me two hard drives With one (as implied by the program) SSD OCZ Vertex 4 (said he smarter than usual), but the volume of it I have only 60GB, the second D 1000gb.Vot normal and I started having problems a shortage of 60GB on SI max and AutoCAD had on D pereustanavlivat.I like all ok.No max is still in the my documents folder is automatically created and started its Autoback there to maintain and more, too, has registered another way sohraneniya.A today mastered your Hair and Fur lesson and was busy the whole day with him, a great carpet turned out! thank you very much!


πŸ€– Logitech 3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator or 3ds Max joystick πŸ“ƒ 
28 Aug, 2017 Anton (Staff Author)

Hello, everyone, bought a 3D navigator (husband gave). It turns out it is not so easy to buy! Of course, I live in a hole, got the coolest computer salon, I say what I want - in response to the rounded eyes and "What is it This is a very narrowly specialized thing in our town you will find and we will it, too, did not bring? " I had ordered through Moscow. The question is: how to adjust the smoothness of its course, why get attached (See mm or scene), but then I somehow jerky, not much different from the arrows on the keyboard. I know that there must be a different - worked in diz agency, there was such a thing, and worked very successfully. Two-Button the SpaceNavigator Yes!


πŸ€– PC freezes on videocard-intensive processes 
7 Dec, 2012 Denis

Hello guys.Faced recently with a very unpleasant story. After our last conversation about iron, I bought myself a system:Proz: Phenom II X6 1100TMother: SocketAM3: MSI 870A-G54RAM😁DRIII 4 * 4Gb Team 2000MHzVideo card: HD6770 PowerColor 1Gb / 128bit / DDR5500W Power SupplyUntil now, working on my computer suited me. From the very beginning, the computer used directly to work in 3d max, but it turned out that relatives came to me and decided to play a game and showed such a thing - the computer began to hang in powerful games, accompanied by all this is such an ugly screen And locking the sound, sometimes the computer goes into reboot itself, sometimes gets BSOD (can hang at any time, and sometimes it does not hang at all).Since there is no one to ask, I write to you, I know that the question is not entirely correct, but still ... maybe in your practice there were such problems with iron.


πŸ€– System Idle in the open 3d max and Photoshop 
13 Nov, 2012 Mariya

Hello, renderstuff! The question is not quite in the topic, but no one except you, probably more will not help. Afterbirth. time is not possible to work (on the laptop), turn on the max, barely loaded project (60 MB), all hangs, even the pictures to see - long story. This omission of 96-98% of the system memory "hawala" in full 3,75Gb, CPU usage - 2-3%. Begin to render wakes up the CPU 12-20%. A week ago, this was not. Help if you can. Work is ..: |


πŸ€– Should I buy a laptop to work in 3ds Max? 
11 Nov, 2012 daint

Hello! I do not like my new laptop to work in 3dsmax 2013. So long and tedious ... all have the following questions: 1. for better laptop or Dive Computers? 2. I have a laptop now! ASUS X53S Geforce GT540M, INTEL Core i5, 4gb Memory. This is a weak laptop for Max? 3. And the last question, if the PC will be better performance, what sistemnik I can take a 30-000r? it will be better? or we need more money? πŸ™„ Thanks if you help.


πŸ€– Upgrading graphics for Nitrous. Bought HP Quadro 2000 and very disappointed 
10 Aug, 2012 Denis

Hello!!! Yesterday came across your site - stayed until 5 am, what have you - it's just fantastic. He read almost all forum threads - you definitely betterπŸ™‚πŸ™‚ I'm sorry, that is not on, but very urgently need to learn (in a branch of iron could not find where to leave a comment - PLEASE HELP) !!!!!!!! Recently I changed Phenom x6 percent from 1075 to 3770 i7 - performance rendering rose by an average of 25-30 per cent (I think it is certainly leave this percent) ... but the most important thing is to choose the video - was amd 5770 - bought hp quadro 2000 (4000 . UAH) and was terribly disappointed - almost no uludsheny (created scene - commonplace instructed trees, got about 10 million polygons).. Speed ​​in 5.5-6fps viewports (old betrayed 3-3.5) - the price difference is huge, and the meager results. With regard to rendering I figured out (thanks to you). Prior to August 20 can deliver video and purchase something else - tell me that it is within 4000 UAH.


πŸ€– Can not load up my system completely 
23 Feb, 2012 Vadim

On the laptop is Core i7 2670m. When rendering of light and the actual rendering percent downloaded an average of 70 - 80%. Before hundreds of load does not want to. On the laptop loaded the previous one at 100. A couple of times managed to somehow load by 100%. I suspect that some sort of influence on this setting. So get lost, and 20% more time on the actual rendering ... Memory is sufficient with a good supply of ... Tell me how to get 100% efficiency from proca or many is there?


πŸ€– Choosing a graphics tablet for 3d and 2d 
4 Feb, 2012 Andrey

I want to overclock my speed of work on such programs as Photoshop and Z-brush and in connection with this, buy yourself a tablet for artistic purposes. I would like to know which is better - I heard about the tablets from Wacom as one of the best in my business - but among them there are many different models, which is better in the ratio of price, quality I do not know. I ask you to help those who have already worked with such peripherals, what size is better for work, whether it affects compatibility when working with an existing monitor, what pitfalls are in working with such devices, etc. I want to finally decide and buy. The budget for which I count is 150-175 USD. I'm counting on an A4 tablet, but I do not know if Wacom has such, because for example on under my price category, not one A4 tablet did not fit. And on some other sites like also looked, but there was the same story. Although I do not know, maybe not there looking.


πŸ€– GPU vs CPU rendering, 2012 πŸ”’ 
8 Nov, 2011 Victor Skea

Good afternoon. I have a question about GPU-rendering. I actually just recently and quietly gather in home mini-studio. To date, there are two system unit. Both are based on the Core i7 2600, 16 GB of RAM. One is positioned as a graphic, and as the second game. And, accordingly, they only differ in graphics. The graphical Quadro 4000, the gaming Radeon 6970. The game was conceived was to assist in the rendering. But recently I found out that there NVidia CUDA technology, and they released the Tesla GPUs. Judging by their beautiful graphics performance boost when rendering on the GPU CPU exceeds more than 200 times. Even in their favor is the fact that the Quadro 4000 CUDA technology has already been introduced and I was able to personally test it. And it so happened that one average video card renders faster than the two modern processor. Let and less accurately. But this is a crude ActiveShade disadvantages of V-ray RT. I fired up the purchase of Tesla.


πŸ€– Useful Info on getting PC for 3d (quotes) πŸ”’ 
2 Mar, 2011 Stimp3D

Hello. I’m racking my brains with a choice. What computer to buy for 3dmax? I’m planning to create interiors and exteriors.


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