🤖 How to improve the texture in Photoshop? 
25 Mar, 2013 gus_ann

Hello, help me, I know bad Photoshop. I make the interior, should be pokleit wallpaper. The texture found on the Internet, even texture and image in a very poor quality and resolution (775 * 600) Well I can not find. Superimposed on a wall - the result of lamentable. Tell me how it can be improved in Photoshop - to increase up to 2000 * ... This web is the size of 3720 * 2800, to remove noise and improve quality to less priemlevogo? I've tried, removed the letter, but it was still not very good. Screens enclose texture: render:


🤖 Put rendered in 3ds Max animation sequence to a single video file 
25 Dec, 2011 3dimon

All the good dnya.Rebyata decided to do animation and there was such vopros.Rendery save in Tiff format read on resources, it is right and better than avi, after rendering 436 kartinok.Chto do with them can not be happy if ponyat..Budu Explain !! ! Here is the link I want to do this: What to do with these 436 pictures ??? -436 Images whether it is necessary to do compositing for all or only for one is (dust, sharpness and zablyurennost) ??? s how to do well, passages between the chambers of type 1 and then 2 camera. Please help.


🤖 Photorealistic Photoshop post-processing of 3d rendering 
7 Aug, 2011 Artem

Good afternoon, it is very interested in the post-processing method that uses renderstuff. Of course it is a very intimate subject, and everyone she passes on her, but it certainly has some sort of regularity .....


🤖 Seamless textures generators 
5 May, 2011 maksvel

Greetings! Recently I learned about the existence of generators seamless texture, here's a link to one of them http://spiralgraphics.biz/ I would like to understand their advantages and disadvantages, and whether they are better than the standard, that is, images.


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