🤖 Compare V-Ray and Corona Renderers 
7 Sep, 2016 SharpOo

Good afternoon! Thank you for that answer the questions in as much detail and competently. There was another: as I understand it, you're on Renderstuff use only V-ray. Nevertheless, I see more and more that the prof. visualizers in their projects to the Crown, and say that in many respects it is better to Vire. Tell me, why virey? And if you tried to do the Crown? What are the fundamental differences between them?


🤖 How to pause and continue rendering later 
15 Jun, 2015 eseniya

Hello all) 12 Max sooooo long rendered image, and all because of the grass and trees models. all you need to render (for 2 days), only a little at the bottom, but I finished the picture, this part is not necessary, and I'll cut it, so here's a question: If I pull the save if the picture is preserved? And if so, in what capacity?


🤖 New tools in V-Ray 3.0+ 
16 Oct, 2014 globator

Hello guys. I want to understand the function of a number of new instruments in the rollout Antialiasing. Tell me please, what is and what is needed Min shading rate and Divide shading subdivs rollout the Antialiasing ? And at Progressive means Min.subdivs and Max.subdivs? Everything is clear in the other algorithms. 4 If then one pixel 16 samples maximum. A 100 means that there is? For a general picture of 10,000 samples, or something else? Thank you all in advance.


🤖 RuntimeRequirements nodes under ApplicationPackage at 3ds Max startup 
10 Aug, 2014 Svetik

Hello! Please help me to solve the problem - at max 2014 file startup gives error: 3ds Max failed to find any "RuntimeRequirements" nodes under "ApplicationPackage" node in "C: ProgramDataAutodeskApplicationPluginsAutodesk FeaturedApps.bundlePackageContents.xml". Please check its format. 3ds Max failed to find any "RuntimeRequirements" nodes under "ApplicationPackage" node in "C: ProgramDataAutodeskApplicationPluginsAutodesk ImportSkp.bundlePackageContents.xml". Please check its format. What, where, how to fix? Thank you!


🤖 Error parsing Xaml file at 3DMax2011 startup 
6 May, 2014 walna

Good afternoon! Thank you very much for your lessons, in my experience, they are a great help. Engaged in interiors for the second year, and faced with an error - this is the window out at the start of the program, if anyone tells you I will be very grateful. Error parsing Xaml file: Root element is missing The main Ribbon configuration file is possibly corrupt. Reset to factory defaults? 🙂


🤖 How to connect ZBrush and 3ds Max? 
19 Jun, 2013 gus_ann

Hello, I want to put myself zbrush program for modeling any wrinkles in textiles, sofas, etc. Download version 4.0, 3 d max I 2013. zbrush established, but there is no key in max GoZ, I do not know how to link these two programs are now to using goZ pass from Max in zbrush and vice versa. Tell me how to connect them properly? Where to specify that path? Can these versions are not compatible? And how you can manually switch from one program to another? Let's say I have made a sofa, in what format I save it and how to open in zbrush? And after a zbrush again open this otkorrekrirovanny sofa in max? I have something very confused ... Thanks in advance.


🤖 Work in 3ds Max during rendering 
15 Jun, 2013 Mariya

Hello, tell me how to set the settings to render the process takes no more than 50% of the processor power and had the opportunity to work in another project?


🤖 Set files association to particular software version 
19 Jun, 2013 gus_ann

Prompt, and how to specify the Association of files to startup * .max file, the default does not run in 2013 and 2009? I do exterior, Forest Pro plug-in could not be found for 2013, should be done in 2009, and I have some confusion because of this.


🤖 Best version of 3ds Max to use V-Ray on it 
13 Apr, 2013 Lusine

Hi guys. first of all let me thank you for such a fascinating and comprehensive information that is in this site, I was looking for a very long time padobnoe. As I navichok in this area and very much want to develop their navoki. I looked tchatelno lessons about optimal settings vray but I have not got a very realistic image. Could this be due to the fact that I have 3ds max Design 2012 and if this is not the optimal version of whatever version you have me posavetovali. Thank you for your help. 👍


🤖 Max files viewer 
22 Jun, 2012 Naugal

Good day. Please tell me how maksovskie view files without opening each of them in 3dmax? For example, I have found on the endless expanse of a collection of 3d models, and * pdf catalog attached to it is not to know where what model account for each of them to open in max. Very uncomfortable. Is there a third-party and built-in tools to facilitate this process?


🤖 Render effects in Vray 2.0 
28 Mar, 2012 cem

All the good dnya.Rebyata would like to know who else has worked in practice with effects render Vray 2.00.2 -VRayEnvironmentFog -VRaySphereFade -VRay Lens Effects wondering how these effects work because of lessons in Russian not only a help to nashol no description of a particular example. I would be grateful if anyone else share their experiences.


🤖 Priority of the 3ds max process in Task Manager 
25 Jan, 2012 Rustem

Hello! I 3d max 2010 V-Ray 1.50 SP4. 3 days ago put on rendering the project, the scene of course heavy perspective more trees in multiskattere and proxy ... question! whether through Task Manager "process-priority", "high" designate ?! RAM 4, W7-64x ... will I render to render faster ...?! Thank you in advance for an answer!


🤖 Laptop works poorly in 3d Max. Vray slow and crashes. 
7 Jul, 2011 mAlinA

Hello! I had a small problem. I bought a new laptop, installed the usual 3d max, vray, glad that the renderer with no problems. The joy was short-lived - he is in fact rendered the primitive indoor scenes with 2 lamps and an armchair 1.5 hours, from a small piece of landscape at all flatly refused. while during rendering OP is not fully utilized. The first (interior) scene on an old computer (with OP 700MB !!!) rendered 3 minutes. I was stunned to say the least. What could be the reason? What can "tweak" in the setting of the maximum or of the Note, to establish the situation? Before buying long studied the characteristics of the system, consulted, eventually acquired a machine with Har-kami around like a familiar girl - with her noutom no such problems. the same landscape she rendered for 5 minutes. laptop hp - intel core i5-480M, 4GB ram, cache L3, a good gaming card. Please help advice, I month in frustration


🤖 Getting into 3d graphics, which program is the best 
2 Mar, 2011 Loki

Hello. I'm new to 3d. Can you advise me what programs for 3d may I choose and start studying?


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