LED strip in V-Ray 
20 Apr, 2017 Irina

Easiest option starts from creating a small Sphere primitive. Apply VrayLightMtl on it and clone self-illuminated spheres wherever you want. To achieve better results, I advise you to activate Direct Illumination checkbox in material settings. It allows VrayLightMtl to not only shine bright and generate GI, it also make it generate direct light, as it is with VRayLight you used.


πŸ€– Subdivs setting for VRay Sun and VRay lights 
3 Dec, 2016 Mila

Hello, tell me how to put Subdivs for interiors? VRay Sun and VRay lights, to get high quality pictures in resolution 3200 * 2400 What is the maximum, it makes sense to put Subdivs VRay Sun? Just as Subdivs put materials, mirror, chrome, tile, wood? Thank you


πŸ€– Sunset simulation using VRaySky and VRaySun 
18 Mar, 2015 Ilshat

Hello! Who knows how to make the evening atmosphere of dignity and manipulating Skye? The question in the screenshots πŸ™‚


πŸ€– Realistic exterior with V-Ray 
3 Mar, 2015 Stmn

Comrades, here made cottage, and has fine details and a map with coverage from Avery put the materials downloaded their own - and no Realistika the building! For detail, please do not nitpick like, texture climbed window to cut brick, day lanterns are lit, etc. Setting specifically to Stvilia Owned realism was on the model. Poskazhite Realistika how to achieve? what's wrong with the materials? or is there still a secret Cheto type mist added Touareg, my depth) forces are no longer lyapat applique ((((Here kartinovashka


πŸ€– V-Ray Physical Camera quick setup, Mini-Tutorial πŸ“ƒ 
11 Nov, 2014 Usco (3d modeling expert)

Hello, adjust the desired angle from the window of perspective, it is difficult to put a "V-Ray Physical Camera" in the same way. If the standard camera such problems do not arise, it is sufficient in the perspective viewport press the key combination Ctrl + C and the camera is created in the right place, with the "V-Ray Camera" have to tinker. There is one of the fastest ways to solve this problem: 1) select the desired view us in the perspective viewport. 2) Select the "V-Ray Physical Camera" and put it in any other viewport. 3) Again, go to the prospects of the window (our camera must be selected), and hit the standard keyboard shortcut Ctrl + C. The camera automatically aligned under this angle.


πŸ€– Get rid of the light spots on V-Ray rendering 
27 May, 2014 Larisa

Please, help get rid of these circles: I do not understand where they come from ...


πŸ€– Working with the VRayPhysicalCamera 
17 Feb, 2014 Denis

Good afternoon! Prompt please, faced with such a situation, a change in VRay Physical Camera settings do not affect the rendering. I am trying to reduce the brightness of the scene by controlling the shutter speed settings and ISO in VRay Physical Camera, and the final rendering does not change. Why? VRaySun and VRayLight skylight portal do not use only VRaySky.


πŸ€– Vray lighting combinations 
4 Nov, 2013 gus_ann (3dsmax vray expert)

Hello, recently interested in the question how many chords in Vray lighting there, what they are and in any case are used? I know everyone knows dve- first and most simple is the sun + sky + Portal window. The second-more complex: Vray dome + HDR image as the sky + sun (+ all the same portal in the window, with interior lighting). What does this bunch so interesting, when you turn the sun turns the sky itself HDR map. This bundle makes lighting more realistic, but in view of the complexity of its setup, this lighting scheme used by advanced users 3 d max. Are there still any of the ligaments and in any case it is better to use?


πŸ€– Making contrasting shadows in V-Ray 
14 Apr, 2013 Marfa_Mo

Hello. My problem - not a contrasting shade. The image is very flat, although it is worth two light sources - and virey tardzhet spot light (dome) but the feeling that there are no shadows. If you disable GI - but you can not get better without it (otherwise some very dark places). I tried to change the various settings (highlighted on printskrin). What else can you do?


πŸ€– Rendering only changing part of the scene 
16 Jan, 2013 Serzh

Prompt please, it is possible to configure the rendering so that he do not count the same object again. Those. I have a scene in which there is a moving object, and the camera does not move (the video is rendered). So render each frame separately calculates objects that could be re-count is not over, thereby saving time and calculate only moving objects? How do I configure it?


πŸ€– Standard and IES lights in V-Ray 
4 Jan, 2013 Mariya

Hello, there is a problem with the type of IES light, how to install all clear (Photometric - Target-Photometric web), but the light itself is constantly far below the source and I can not bring it to the light bulb. Tried many kinds of IES, the result is the same or not at all visible. Through programku show IES Wuever all seen and understood only as properly adjusted in max distance glow? Target distance? If you omit the purpose, the light disappear. Can not find the ratio of the distance and force (kondelah). Help me please.


πŸ€– Horrible noise on ceiling lighting in V-Ray 
3 Dec, 2012 Varunalis

Prompt. what's up, lights lay nasty spots: Settings: What did I do wrong? And gonechno same noise everywhere (Well, maybe others will notice my error). Thank you in advance for your answers.


πŸ€– Do I have to use VrayPhysCamera while rendering with Vsun-Vsky 
20 Nov, 2012 Mariya

When rendering Vsun-Vsky necessarily use VrayPhysCamera? I can not get the right lighting, the dark, the light .. use ordinary camera. Sorry, I can a stupid question, just try to find a solution by any means ..


πŸ€– Building light is bright, but final rendering is dark 
20 Nov, 2012 Mariya

Hello, I can not find the reason why when calculating light cashe picture bright, and very dark fin.rendere? VraySun + VSky + VPlane in the windows, all on your instructions, the background is excluded VSun, glass excluded in Plano. All settings are also on site. Render the same as in the included and switched off the sun .. πŸ™„


πŸ€– Missing shadows in the interior scene, 3ds Max Vray 
31 Mar, 2012 Bodya

Renderstuff hello. Thank you very much for your answers and lessons, thanks to them many things became clear. But recently, using your universal settings, I was faced with a lack of shadows and reflections on the parquet surface. As can be seen from perekreplΡ‘nnogo render on the light parquet part no shadow and light reflection from the chairs, tables, and columns. Perceived as if the light penetrated through the table and chairs. How to get a beautiful shadow and reflection? Along the way, I would like to ask a question about wool on some subjects, particularly against dark floor and shelves. * It appears when I use the Adaptive subdivision, and when using Adaptive DMC all rendered clearly and without wool. Why is that? πŸ™‚ Options: light settings: Vraysun + Vraysky - Light sources in round boxes - Thank you very much in advance! Good luck and prosperity!


πŸ€– Decorative light pattern from light source in V-Ray 
14 Mar, 2012 cem

Good day guys would like to learn how to make the effect of the lamp is not modeled light and do not use fotoshop.to vivo Recording want to do it in max with Vraem.


πŸ€– Custom shadow projection in Vray 
4 Nov, 2013 gus_ann (3dsmax vray expert)

Hello, flipping through Internet pages stumbled on a picture wall as pawns on the queen. Please tell me how to do it with help Vray? Used here is the shadow of the card or a mask?


πŸ€– Volume Lights in V-Ray 
14 Mar, 2012 cem

Good den.Rebyata a question to do with mass lesion render light Vrayrender.Hotel I use to know whether it is possible to make a volumetric light Vrae.Zaranee spasibo.Ya probyval Target Direct light but failed.


πŸ€– Artificial lights mimicking in V-Ray 
7 Feb, 2012 coolerman

Hello. There is not much discussion of the topic as a question. I decided to make a basement with artificial lighting by 2 lamps. Prior to that he worked only with bright daylight. There was a question about the quality of the rendering. I would like to make a beautiful, realistic lighting. I would like to hear advice, who already has experience with such a light. On 2 tubes used vray light. On the wall lamp - vrayLightMtl (GI). Still there is a problem with the renderer that distant (blackout) the place noisy and not quite sharp, though decently twisted configuration. Also on this subject I would like to get a hint.


πŸ€– VraySky renders all white 
8 Jan, 2012 SERDGIUS

There was a set up VRay or questions for your lessons, put a bunch of VraySky VRaySun, put the render, to adjust the color of the sky and the intensity of the sun, and it turned out that the Sky map is rendered simple white color at any position of power, and can not razobratsya the problem.


πŸ€– Rendering from small room: angle, lighting, techniques 
20 Sep, 2011 Yelena

Hello! teach me how to put the right frame in very close quarters the standard camera (bathroom 150cm to 140cm)? I am neither trying all kind of nonsense is obtained. Maybe there is some kind of a special reception for such cases?


πŸ€– Realistic background in windows in Vray 
20 Sep, 2011 Yelena

Good evening! At me here what problem: Plane outside a self-luminous material is rendered in black V-Ray. I do view from the window, ie I apply to the plane of luminous material, and imposes on him the sky texture. When looking things in perspective, the sky outside the window there, and when over, all gray camera, ie, the material is not shown, and when rendering all outside black. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND! In the future, all is clear!


πŸ€– Exterior Rendering with V-Ray 
6 Jun, 2011 Yuriy E.

After such a ... http://renderstuff.com/page-703/ ... embarrassment, not even cleverly, still something to ask .. πŸ™‚ you wrote that soon will be lessons on interior / exterior. But as long as they are not could you answer one more question (indirectly affecting HDRI): - What settings would you recommend to use as a "best base" for exterior visualization: VraySun + VRaySky (on the Environment) + HDRI in the Reflection / refraction environment override ? Or Target Direct + VRaySky instead VraySun? You have already persuaded to use a standard camera, and can light from the Target Direct more than enough? A slot can use GI Environment (skylight) override instead of the standard Environment? Background image itself is not critical (and then easily add them to Photoshop), is more important - the quality / render time of the scene - the correct reflection in the glass, etc. (With the HDRI good - I understood :πŸ™‚ - so ...


πŸ€– Contrast shadows in V-Ray 
6 Jun, 2011 Naugal

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen) Please tell me how to make shadows render spanning more pronounced? On visa, presented below, I want more shadows to give the interior volume. For example, the shadow of the stools is not visible ... Interested Vray it means, rather than post-processing.


πŸ€– Quality of HDRI reflections in V-Ray 
6 Jun, 2011 Yuriy E.

1) The model built in AutoCAD (MAX> Import ...) 2) Appointed HDR-file: Rendering menu> Environment> Environment Map ...> Material / Map Browser> VRayHDRI (then dragged into the Material Editor, set up) 3) Appointed windows (and the gate πŸ™‚ - for clarity) Vray material from the "high reflection." 4) After the render this image: - Any nonsense with reflections. - Any nonsense with the background. BUT! If you create any object, for example. scope, and assigns it the same material as the windows, then it will be a normal reflection HDR pictures !!! Tried options with UVW Mapping (usually after AutoCAD is necessary on all imported it must appoint) - no result ... Of course, it is better to see once ... archive model ps big request to respond. Thank you.


πŸ€– Creating cornice backlight in V-Ray 
17 Feb, 2014 Denis

Hello. I would be grateful for help in resolving this issue: it is necessary to create a highlight in the gypsum board construction to a wall whose shape is curved and zakarniznuyu backlight. I created it in two ways (1 - via VRayLight 2- appointing VRayLightMtl on selected polygons) and in both cases the backlight to be seen, even with a large value of the parameter multiplier (300). In the scene using a bunch VRaySun + VRaySky + VRayLight. I use VRay physical camera. Outside, one VRayLight (all windows) in the portal mode. Settings rough rendering VRay (1.5 SP4) Here is an example of what I get


πŸ€– Vray Setup for Studio or Package Rendering 
23 Apr, 2011 Tim

So did the model of guitar, has placed on stage with 2 dice, set up the desired angle, he background on which it was made all white, then put the Phanar (virey light) and sent to rendering gitaru..snachalo did manage all was well, only power values Fanara why it was necessary to specify large enough for the relatively small distance ... well, it's okay ... applied HDRI map there, set it up as it should be ... the rendering was like horosh..no wanted to improve and did not work ... and the scene blocks (on the idea of ​​white) to render were gray in color, does not look bad but my goal ... I put another Fanara closer - no change ... I put more Fanara side - rendering has not changed at all, I increased their power and brought the - the same result! picture froze and seemed to not want to change ... I removed all ... Fanari rendering the same that before! When I turned off the GI scene began in the darkness, but Fanari if I put them, it is not covered or poorly sooo! I ve put Rey 2.


πŸ€– Correct interior lighting setup in V-Ray 
9 Apr, 2011 mOPs

Hello guys, I have such question: how to correctly set up the overall interior scene ligthing using VRaySun+VRaySky+VRayLight ? Just cannot tune it not by changing color mapping (Multiplier), nor by VRaySun and VRaySky settings. I do not use the physical camera (as you advise in tutorials). All windows have the VRayLight outside in the portal mode. This is the example of what I get Here are the Vray setups When I try to increase Intens.Multyplier of VRaySun or VRaySky or color mapping , there are overbrights come out it the windows areas Also I'm interested in that, do we need in VRay:: Environment tab to enable those three parameters (GI, Refl/Refr., Refr.) and drag the VRaySky map on them? After all, we have already set that we use this map in the enviromnent setups, which are called by pressing the 8 button.


πŸ€– VRayLight inside openingns in V-Ray Sun and Sky interior lighting 
15 Mar, 2011 Renovacio

Hello! Worried about the question of why in the coverage of many interior scenes using vraylight windows + vraysky + vraysun? After all, if you use only vraysky with attached and disconnected vraysun, you can well enough to illuminate the scene. And in general it looks physically correct.


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