Bronze material for Bell 
25 Apr, 2017 ASchip


Material of the half-transapent fabric lampshades in V-Ray 
18 Nov, 2011 George M.

Hello again Renderstuff, I'm trying to create a realistic cloth material. With realistic I mean not only that it has the texture look but also has the correct translucency. The purpose is to put this texture on a object that is sitting on a light source (vraylight material is used) and show the light correctly like the light gets threw the tiny holes of the material. The cloth object is a shelled one so I cannot use a vray2sided material. I already tried to make a procedural material with a checker pattern where each checker color has it's level of refraction giving the light behind to pass threw the texture holes. The material looks exactly like I want but the vraylight material must have a multiplier of 35 for enough light to pass throught the cloth material object to be realistically visible from a camera sitting at ~10 meters, so I don't think it's a good solution since it has to work(not to be overbright) also when the cloth is not sitting on it. What do you suggest?


Mirror V-Ray material 
2 Mar, 2011 Dimy

Please tell how to create a mirror material?


πŸ€– Add dust to surface 
5 Apr, 2017 gus_ann (3dsmax vray expert)

the dust material is made very simple. Create content VrayBlendMtl.


πŸ€– Transparent ghost material 
5 Apr, 2017 Gorman

Doing luminous material with a blue glow and Fallof card slot in transparency (opacity).


πŸ€– Gold material in V-Ray 
17 Nov, 2016 yura.

Hello, give a tip, how to make the material is not glossy gold. An example of how to paint a picture frame. It turns or gloss or plastic.


πŸ€– Vray Dirt in the wrong places 
17 Nov, 2016 yura.

How to make the patina is not extended example from the floor (see picture.) And gaps in the facades:


πŸ€– VRayLightMtl wont display in viewport 
20 Jan, 2015 Oksana

Hello, I have a question. Made curved Plain outside, created a V-ray Light Mtl , in settings V-ray Light Mtl Put image with the background, but still viewport Plain White In Object settings and V-ray properties all as you have written. Why not see the picture, but only V-ray Light Mtl? How to fix the error?


πŸ€– Random colored VRayMtl spheres in Material editor - Mini-Tutorial πŸ“ƒ 
5 Apr, 2017 gus_ann (3dsmax vray expert)

Greetings to all!!!! Do as shown in the screenshots below: !!! Please note that a change in the right field Β«UI schemes: Β», may result in a change in the interface panels !!! If you are happy with everything in the interface, it is better not to change in this field, there is nothing. Then, 3ds Max prompts you to restart it for the changes to take effect: After restarting the program, call the Material editor, now all the materials it VRayMtl with different color Diffuse: If after restart "balls" in the material editor have become darker than usual, then you change the default value range of 3ds Max and do just steps to the material Editore, got rid of it again at the default. In this case, go to the "Gamma and LUT" and resume tick "Affect Color Selectors" and "Affect Material Editor" in the segment of "Materials and the Colors" . That's all for me personally so really convenient, since I work with V-Ray.


πŸ€– Foil candy wrap in V-Ray 
12 Nov, 2013 Yevgeniy

Good day. Can you please tell how to make the material for the foil wrapper candy. Here is the plan: And that's what happened with me:


πŸ€– Crayons Blackboard Material 
21 Aug, 2013 Yana

Good day! That day, racking their brains can not figure out how to do in the interior of a black panel for drawing with crayons as it is done, just a black bar and then "small" painted in Photoshop panel ... ??? please tell me, would love to do about such a result ....


πŸ€– Effect of thick varnish layer with V-Ray 
20 Jun, 2013 mypp

tell me how to finish To post lakirvanaya surface looked as if there are several layers of lacquer, as it were, more deeply chtoli?


πŸ€– Plastic packaging material in V-Ray 
16 Apr, 2013 Sanya

Hello. I draw a model of packaging material is polyethylene, top with a pattern, a transparent bottom. It is impossible to make a film visible in transparency .. if you put gray it is muddy ... but with a refractive index do not know what to do now to make up 1.04 if it turns light, with different noises bump probyval put anything good also nepoluchaetsya, natural does not work like ordinary polyethylene. I was looking for material for vray - nenashel (polyethylene with pimples found ... but I need a simple) ... tell me what I can do, what kind of noise supply, or may very package "mash". If kneading how to make it like a real polyethylene ...


πŸ€– No reflections on the kitchen doors in V-Ray 
14 Apr, 2013 kramer

Please help. Frankly, the interior do not the first time (in the second, but 0 :-πŸ™‚, but for now just entered a deadlock. I can not make plastic "tune up", make him look like plastic. I understand that the material makes the material particularly reflection and glare, so trying to arrange the lights that they have corrected the situation. Still plastic shelves look flat, no glare. That now looks like a picture without finishing in Photoshop: Here is a screenshot of the scene and the setting of the material: I need a plastic like this: I'm just not sure what to make of reflection? Remove the background and put hdr? Draw a flare in Photoshop? Put the light from a different angle?


πŸ€– Waterfall on the glass material 
2 Mar, 2013 Mariya

Hello, here's how to make a waterfall on the glass? (Or rather the very effect of falling water)


πŸ€– How to remove opened material libraries in the map browser 
13 Feb, 2013 Fiodor

Open a new tab material, now I do not know how to close πŸ™‚ Who knows about the map browser where to read? And is it possible to do the old max 2012 view map browser?


πŸ€– Setting up materials in V-Ray the right way 
5 Feb, 2013 Ilya

Dear forum users on the forum often see renderengi and all wanted to ask , how do you manage to create such realistic materials. Each time they create znanovo or shake the preform (eg Wray) and is simply adjusted to the your interior? Just curious to know how the others, because the novice is difficult to remember all the materials settings (blend, falloff, noise, 2side). I look floor materials and wallpapers - this is not just some diffyuz, Reflect and bump. How do you set them up so realistic, and most importantly from taking settings? Or just memorize all the values ​​from the other scenes (such as downloaded - arkinteriors from evermoshon?


πŸ€– Metalized label material in the package in V-Ray 
20 Dec, 2012 Nikita

Hello! Actually, the question is this: We need to create material for v-ray, simulating a printed image on the metallized film (Example - a label on metal): The enclosure can be seen that the blue background is printed on the metal without podkladyvaniem whitewash. This effect you want to achieve. But in my case, it is necessary to make a metallized not some one solid color and some bitmap mask. I believe that the need to use VRayBlendMtl, but how to make friends with a metal screen - I can not think of, and the search results are not returned .. Thank you.


πŸ€– Glass wont transmit VRaySun light 
6 Nov, 2012 Galaksina

Hello, I have a problem with a glass material, it is like and transparent, but does not transmit light from the VRaySun, please help.


πŸ€– Material of the facade plaster in V-Ray 
4 Nov, 2012 Yevgeniya

Dear gurus! Being a complete zero in materials ask for advice - how to create a facade of plaster material. I want to get as: or so: (if you are, Of course, not against the reference to the resource). In general - you could not tell how about this could be done and in what direction to dig (look there, draw, take photographs, etc. texture, using procedural maps or what other devious way, which, because of their ignorance , I do not see).


πŸ€– Mental Ray's Lume Ocean: V-Ray alternative 
27 Oct, 2012 Aleksandr

Good afternoon. Rummaged through the Internet, I can not find a replacement mentalreevskomu shader Ocean Lume. From the mental refused for a long time, but just as easy to create beautiful and the water in the V-ray does not work (not just water and the huge expanse of ocean). Please tell me whether there are analogues for shader Vire whether podkonnektit ocean lume and not clog your head, or at least how to create something decent with the standard procedural maps. Thank you very much in advance. I know that as always, help! )


πŸ€– Stained or engraved glass with V-Ray 
14 Oct, 2012 Corsair

Hello! Please help us to make stained glass in the windows and colored shadows from them. I make a composite material made of colored transparent glass, and as a result, getting the blind window and, of course, no falling colored teney.Otdelno of boxing does plain glass, all is well, but the stained glass rising from the spline translate into Editable Poly and ku ku, the third day of agony.


πŸ€– Rendering realistic plastic bottles in V-Ray 
24 Sep, 2012 Oleg

All the expensive time of day !! Faced with the challenge of creating a realistic mother's plastic bottle! Here are below what is necessary (photo): Here there bottle material water material how to be milked more darkened plastic as the photo but Kolo neck and bottom, and a more realistic plastic at all ..... I tried to solve this problem add falloff maps refract but not such a result as we can .... who need podskazhet..ochen ..realno guys help out. Thank you


πŸ€– VRayAmbientLight puprose? 
10 Sep, 2012 Inferno

Why still need a plugin vray ambient light in 3Ds MAX? I would like to learn the practical application of it! Help quench the thirst of knowledge! πŸ˜‰


πŸ€– Obtaining render with shadow on a transparent background 
25 Jun, 2012 Pavel

Greetings! Friends, please help to understand! How do I get a white background after rendering, using VrayMtlWrapper? Print a settings screen


πŸ€– Choosing right amount of subdivs in materials 
17 Jun, 2012 yura.

How to understand a number of Sabden put the materials to reflect refract. (It is clear that more luchshe, but in any case, and when 3-5 amiss)


πŸ€– Unhandled exception: updating material 
13 Apr, 2012 Mike

in the scene I used vraycarpaint material in a cell like the freedom to set up another one when selecting vraycarpaint got out a message - "unhandled exception: updating material". in all other scenes repeated as well. Other - "unhandled exception" such as low memory, etc. also appeared. I can not understand how it all started and how to fix it. Max and vray rearranged, iron is normal, everything was working fine for a year. 3 days already looking for an answer .......: |


πŸ€– Caustics in 3ds max and V-Ray 
5 Apr, 2017 gus_ann (3dsmax vray expert)

Hello, dear renderstaff. Perhaps each of us in his life met with caustic effect it (as it is called in max). Here is my example of life: In his classes you briefly mentioned this effect and that it is not necessary to include unnecessarily. I want to know more about how to make a likeness of what settings to use. I read many articles on the Internet, they are all different - and vie yard and mental yard, but they are unfortunately not opened my eyes to the fact that what they eat. As a result of use? In my experiments I achieve this effect through time and with great difficulty. Help!!! Perhaps this question is huge and requires writing an entire article, if so, please - do not scold for stupid questions.


πŸ€– Metal floor material in V-Ray 
17 Mar, 2012 Usco

Hello. When texturing a floor in a subway car, I have a problem creating a realistic metallic coating. In prvom reference not seen "vague" to highlight "textured "floor. And that's what I go out: 1 with texture; 2 without texture; 3 from a different angle, without texture. Probably just not enough material. probably need to use a Blend material - one for the highlight and the second to reflect the texture, or something like that. Need help in creating the correct understanding of glare and reflections.


πŸ€– Animated glowing material in 3ds Max 
21 Feb, 2012 Sergej102

Hello, I want to create an animated luminous material. Two conditions: 1. The material glows and emits light with a texture. 2. Material is not lit, and on it at this moment another texture. A living example - a modern rear optics all the machines when not lit, one pattern when illuminated - see beautiful glowing pattern. I'll tell you how he tried to solve the situation (sorry picture does not attach to the hierarchy): 1. MaterialMtlwraper (with values ​​GenerateGI / ReceiveGI = 20) 2. to him Standart material max 3 to difuzu card MIX 4. and two different textures to the mix (one " to "glow, the other" after "5. The management made a general controller" controller Bezier Float ", which is tied to control values ​​MixAmount (the card MIX) and Self-illumination (the standard material max) 6. Create an animation of the controller: 0 100 But beauty is not seenπŸ™‚ Who else would have thought?


πŸ€– Realistic chrome material 
19 Feb, 2012 Tanganika

Hello! I need to create a similar picture chrome fan. I use the ready material, but does not work as realistic. I understand that a lot depends on the reflections, but I do not have that reflected there anything in particular, just glare, etc. Tell me, what kind of light used, VRayLight, Sun, whether the subject be placed in an enclosed space, and there is need to adjust the light? Do I need to use some sort of reflection maps? Thank you.


πŸ€– Golden patina on furniture facade in V-Ray 
14 Feb, 2012 Svetlana

Please help create a facade around a golden patina


πŸ€– Liquids rendering in V-Ray 
13 Jan, 2012 mOPs

Filled beer, but with some trouble material. The material took a ready I am applying it to the model of beer. And that's what happened


πŸ€– Rain drops on glass material in V-Ray 
4 Dec, 2011 3dimon

Guys help how to make the effect as shown in Figure using vraya? searched on the internet but a lesson on the subject and not nashol.V other resources for 3D graphics asked this question but only received a response that it is necessary to draw a texture shope.Obyasnit how it is done I will be glad and grateful.


πŸ€– Mirror and transparent materials look gray 
13 Jan, 2012 mOPs

Hello everybody. In stage one material mirror, a second transparent. In other words, mirror and glass. If you look at the mirror through the glass, then it somehow gray. That is some glitches with the material


πŸ€– How to create a glass in V-Ray? 
1 Nov, 2011 Kseniya

Hi!!! I have a new question) I would like to know how to create a window in V-Ray. In my scene I changed the setting, but for some reason, the glass is not visible! (Please tell me how to put the settings to the glass to be seen!)


πŸ€– Making mirror with frosted pattern in V-Ray 
10 Oct, 2011 Asya

Hello, Can you please tell how to make blasting pattern in verey? does not work, crawled all forums ... Please!


πŸ€– Frosted glass material in V-Ray 
30 Sep, 2011 max1ch

Hello RenderStuff! I appeal to you on the following question. Long searched various forums how to create a matt (sandblasted) glass options ... to be honest it was a lot, but none satisfied me. or the glass was too muddy or too blurry. Honestly, I wanted to create something like this, but the glass turned out like this - a dull gray, but the image does not seem very blurred .. on the coffee table it looks more or less acceptable to him, but in this case a suspended closet reminds me a thin mosquito net, not frosted glass . how to fight? add a texture (eg noise) in the bump or use use interpolation (though so it is also not very realistic)? RGB colors are used on the 255 diffuse, on 10 reflect; 210 to refract. Yes, he mat here


πŸ€– Plush velvet material in 3ds max 
27 Sep, 2011 witia111

Good day. Texturized fabric armchairs, but beyond all that. In the photo the shadow of deep and do not reflect the reflected light areas at the same time strong enough.


πŸ€– Highlights management with Highlight glossiness in VRayMtl 
25 Aug, 2011 Alek85

Sobsno question to experts: what is needed in the setting of high gloss Reflect that it gives, in what cases applies and what it (what cards) eat? πŸ™‚


πŸ€– How to use Falloff map in Reflect slot 
13 Jan, 2012 mOPs

Good afternoon. I can not figure out how to properly apply Falloff map as a reflection Reflect card slot. You can share the experience of cases in which (to achieve some reflection effects) and which parameters need to be "cool". For example interests tab Front: Side. On some models your% white understated to 10% and in some black. But changing the parameters of visual changes are not noticed. Also, when choosing a reflection on Ward observed effect of aliasing that can not remove any of the AA filter. Here is an example.


πŸ€– Creating laquered timber material in V-Ray 
13 Jan, 2012 mOPs

Good afternoon. How to make material lacquered tree with a slight sheen, I would even say dull luster ... For example like you How not cool options and specular gloss, glare, does not work. Or much "mirror" or no visible glare. For example


πŸ€– Creating golden silk and velvet material in V-Ray 
13 Jul, 2011 Aleksandr

Hello! You must create reaoistichny material headboard and bedspread as this Kartik How and in what way it is possible to achieve the desired?) Bole less close to reality. Tell me please, thank you!)


πŸ€– How to create turned-on light fixture in V-ray 
8 Jul, 2011 Artem

Good afternoon, long been interested in the "correct" setting lighting interior lighting sconces, floor lamps. chandeliers. How to install and configure light sources simulating glow "lamp" for fotorealestichnoy 3d visualization? Sometimes installing a light source in place (spiral) in a light bulb, the light with ichtonika have to go through 2-3 layers of glass, and sometimes through opaque (fabric, plastic, frosted glass) ceiling.


πŸ€– Local control of the bleeding effect πŸ“ƒ 
3 Jul, 2011 Anton (Staff Author)

Anton, and about VRayOverrideMtl ​​material is there still are any lessons except powered Indirect illumination. ? =)


πŸ€– Creating anisotropic stainless steel material in VRay 
24 May, 2011 Denis

Hello RenderStuff! Just recently there was a question on creation of such material Do not tell me what and how.


πŸ€– Creating realisting tufting leather material in V-Ray 
13 Jan, 2012 mOPs

Good day, RenderStuff! Please describe the methodology of creating realistic skin material, such as on your 3d models Chesterfield sofa Primarily interested in blackening the folds, button-down, recesses. I understand in the wood material is used the same method. For example in the chest of a lesson about Panorama 360


πŸ€– Sand-like noise on reflections with V-Ray materials 
1 May, 2011 sonarrr

Good afternoon, Master! When rendering bathrooms faced with the fact that the rash appears, the sand in the ground of the expected highlights on the tile and wood. Calculating done through SolidRocks and interpolation using these phenomena turns "blur." Tell me, are there any other ways ??


πŸ€– Curtains material in V-Ray 
24 May, 2011 Denis

The essence of the matter: Technology create a realistic material for curtains, as well as the glossy effect with the use of the material Blend material and mixing the cards. In general, as follows:


πŸ€– Creating V-Ray ceramic tile material using bitmap textures 
4 Mar, 2011 maksvel

I stumbled recently on collections vysokokachestvennh textures Arroway textures, but do not fully understand how to use them. Help to understand all the nuances. For example, the first image texture tile, each texture map are three. Map in which the artist is present "d100" expects to use it as difuzii card with a value of 100. Map "b010", for the bump with a value of 10. A final card has the name "s100-g100-r100". I understand that this is for reflection, but exactly where to insert them? Explain to me the example of VrayMtl. And I am embarrassed to 100, with the reflection of the absolute value (there is a map all white) or Probable including Fresnel? Also, do not understand the line G


πŸ€– Making mirror material in vray 
2 Mar, 2011 Dimy

Show you how to create a material mirror?


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