Using Vray distributed rendering 
12 Mar, 2011 aggy

It would be nice if you tell something about distributive rendering in V-Ray. Why do we need it and how ho use this distributed computation?


πŸ€– How to open previously saved render in VRayFrameBuffer 
8 Jul, 2014 gus_ann (3dsmax vray expert)

Hello, tell me how to open an already saved render in VRayFrameBuffer? I set the render to a miscalculation on the night through BatchRender, save in png format. In the morning it became clear that some models, scenes pieces I would need to modify and recalculate. I know that it is possible otrendit region of the trouble spots, but as a throw back to the picture VRayFrameBuffer? Even two questions - how to do all this, if the program has not been closed (the story may have some renderings), and if the program has already been closed?


πŸ€– Vray Frame Buffer options 
15 May, 2014 Aleksandr

Hello. Today accidentally discovered for myself tab in the render window (vray frame buffer) under the name "use colors curve correction". Information on the Internet it is very small and only on English-language websites. With this magic options perfectly adjusted the intensity of materials, general lighting and saturation of the shadows. A similar post processing in Photoshop. The question is: If we move the curves of this option - if the gamma is changed to the output? Will the printer print render correctly, as it does with the range of 2.2. Is this option is not relevant and it has been ignored, at times it does not have the information?


πŸ€– Render scene effect without rendering actual image 
5 Nov, 2013 kukka

Hello, is it possible to render in V ray, let alone render images without glare? As well as this can be done with the help of the mental render subset of scene. I tried to render in the mental here on this Hyde:  Have you ever wanted to get glare in your renders without doing it in a post app while rendering with Vray ? There is actually a pretty simple workaround for this using the Mentalray Glare shader. 1. Render you image (or images) in Vray. 2. Save your renders out. 3. Load your image (or images) into the environment slot in a fresh scene. 4. Set the renderer to Mentalray. 5. Disable Final Gather. 6. Make sure that the Glare shader is loaded into the output slot of the "camera effects" > "Camera shaders" rollout in the Renderer tab of the render settings. 7. Drag the Glare shader to the Material Editor and adjust the settings to your taste. 8. Render your image (or images). One thing to be aware of is your gamma settings.


πŸ€– Why do you want to change V-Ray render bucket size? 
20 Jul, 2013 Svetlana

Hello, Can you please tell what resolution and size of the bucket should be taken for the final render if I have 4 GB of RAM. Thank you very much for your help.


πŸ€– Distributed rendering for dummies 
21 May, 2013 XeoniuMiX

Hello everybody! The situation is this: my wife is studying for designers and design that is there in 3dmax 2010 + vray on the laptop. To study enough, but when rendering the course and (when the time comes) diplomki will need something more powerful. I have a network of 10 computers i3 2120, 8gb, gtx560 and would like to use the computing power. However, there is a small problem - there is all the software is licensed, and in general do not want to make changes to the software of the 10 computers. I understand for Distributed rendering need to set max and vray on each computer? Or is there anything that you can run 1-2 files on each computer? And question number 2 - is it possible to render vray as the network only graphics cards? The idea should be faster?


πŸ€– Zoom in V-Ray Frame Buffer 
15 May, 2013 Irina

Hello, I have a problem - I want to render the image size - 2000 to 1500 and when the visualization starts in virey window - 50% of 2000h1500. Where to set up to 100% was that?


πŸ€– Saving results of interrupted rendering 
20 Nov, 2012 Nick

Is it possible to save the results missed the render? For example, I put render interior. The payment time - 4 hours. It remains to half an hour - and suddenly the problem - the lights go out - UPS ground beeps - it is necessary to cut down the computer. The horror in one word! Can I somehow save the results of the renderer, in order to finish the job quickly when electricity will be? Prosschitannye card IM and LC can be saved from the corresponding menyushek Render Setup window. And what about the very result of the calculation? and a bit offtopic, since the iron 3d closed. What power output should have a UPS, to have time to complete the work? PC similar to that described by you in optimal koonfiguratsii - Phenom II X6, radeon 6770, etc.


πŸ€– How to render a scene with two PCs 
8 Oct, 2012 Mariya

Welcome uv.RenderStaff. Tell me, how to render the two computer?


πŸ€– Hide Raytrace Messages window 
12 Mar, 2012 dod_in

Good time of day! When the render older models sometimes leave this log: How to remove?


πŸ€– Getting alpha channel in V-Ray 
17 Jan, 2012 Vadim

In general, there is a room with a large window. As a background to the picture plane in a distance. Everything looks nice, but the background is bound to the max. If I remove the plane from the background - VRay in alpha channels does not preserve the transparency of the glass. That is, it becomes a mirror and dark background respectively enclose no longer possible. If the object settings, add transparency - lost glare and reflections of the room ... It is possible then to fix it? How can we make the Wray see a window like a translucent object and add it to the alpha channels?


πŸ€– Setup, rendering and saving V-Ray GI maps 
3 Aug, 2011 Juliya

Hello,Please tell how to setup and save the GI scene pre-renderings and how to use them correctly afterwards.


πŸ€– Smart usage of V-Ray Frame Bufer, RAM savings 
24 Jul, 2011 mOPs

Good afternoon. The translated Help for V-Ray read the following: For technical reasons, the original 3dsmax frame buffer remains, and will be created. But this V-Ray will not display any data in it. it is recommended to reduce memory usage, set the image size in 3dsmax a very small value, for example: 100x90 and disable 3dsmax frame buffer in a section of the common all 3dsmax render Is this true and how many "snap off" memory original 3dsmax frame buffer, if VFB ticked "to take the dimensions of the image buffer 3dsmax"? Or in other words - how much will save memory if you install in a standard buffer such as 1 to 1 ps?


πŸ€– Working with render-elements. Alpha-channels and VRayMtlID 
17 Jul, 2011 Yellesar

as far as I know this map where different obΡ”kti in the scene in a different color, and post-processing is conveniently isolated by some sections of it, but have not tried otrendkrit it correctly does not go and get a black background rendering. How to render it correctly?


πŸ€– V-Ray Error Cannot create bitmap: how to save a high resolution render 
24 May, 2011 MAX

When rendering images by vray tool in higher resolution quite often when saving a file an error "can not create bitmap", and save the result of calculation can not ... Do not tell a universal way to deal with it ... And please tell me how in the early stages calculation to determine that save it to a file will not succeed.


πŸ€– Watching current progress during rendering 
27 Apr, 2011 Yelena

Prompt, please, what should be included in the render settings to when rendering the image was visible at once, instead of hung black square until the end visualization


πŸ€– Getting Irradiance Map calculations from file 
4 Apr, 2011 Andrey

Good evening Renderstuff team! First of all I want to say thanks for your excellent lessons and models! they helped me incredibly and help) And the question is this: I calculate the number of angles premises ordinary camera, with Irradiance map, stored in the first angle used in the next. Can I use it when rendering the spherical chamber for the subsequent creation of panoramas? And in some cases it is possible to use the already-calculated map light cache? Thanks in advance for the answer)


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