Cause of flicker in Vray animation and how to solve them 
3 May, 2011 zero

Hi renderstuff it's good to know that you have this new feature here in your website. I would like to know what is the main reason why there is flickering in rendering an animation in vray and what is the best tip to have a smooth walkthrough animation.


πŸ€– Adjust the vray settings to the original photo or video 
29 Nov, 2016 Oleg

Hello! Can you please tell how to set render settings so that the quality of the original image / animation (from 3d max) as much as possible in line with the original videos / photos, in which it will be integrated later? For example: video resolution video - 1200h900, the same figures we are putting in "Sommon" tab - "Output size" - that's understandable. original video Fps we also know and adhere to the specified value when setting the animation - but what to do next? What is the method to calculate the desired settings Image Sampler [Antialissing], Pre Filter, Irradiance Map settings to as accurately as possible "hit" in the original video - photo material? Say "grainy" video enough quality as to guess Wray parameters settings to most accurately simulate the rendering in the material under this video? Another example (forced, due to ignorance of relevant terms). There is a simple video.


πŸ€– Deep into GI interpolation 
11 Sep, 2016 leoncio

thank you very much


πŸ€– Uncontrolled noise and worse lighting after adding next light source, V-Ray 
5 Apr, 2015 Vladimir

Good afternoon. Lord, help me to solve the problem ... The problem is present in all scenes, regardless of the materials, the geometry, the render quality settings, subdivs light sources, etc. I worked for 2014 Max and V-ray 2.40. (Or whatever it was called), I try to install the 2015 max + V-ray 3.00.07 - all remain as before, to reinstall the problem not solved. The bottom line is that if you add the 9th light source in the scene appears uncontrollable noise, which did not turn out to eliminate. Example scenes - 8 light sources: Adding 9th source: Here is such a batch ... tell me what to do?


πŸ€– The rays go Light → Camera or Camera → Light? 
27 Dec, 2014 globator

Hello guys. I read an article about global refreshment online. Article πŸ‘ But then when he moved to specific algorithms, for example the Irradiance the Map , it says that the rays coming from the camera and then bounces on the scene. I'm confused in one: | But what about the rays from the light source? Irradiance Map settings affect the rays from the camera or the light source?


πŸ€– Done 3d model is very edgy in Photoshop and dark 
30 Oct, 2013 Yevgeniy R

Guys understand that all this is not the topic, well, just do not know anymore who to turn to. You are professionals, and I think was once faced with such a problem. Please help mne.Problema fact is this. I did model scene in 3d max. I threw it in photoshop. I did the post processing. All arranged. When printing sovseeeem produces a different result, defects uzhastnye edges, which are well on the computer does not see much darker .. + Laser printing is widely formatted. TIF format. He worked in the SMIC system (I was told that this system is the most priblidzhena for publication). That just is not tried. No result (And all would be clear if the picture looked okay only on my computer. Tested on a computer other. So the situation. Printed in professional printing studio. To answer these questions, they I can not. They say that the settings. And maybe I threw all the sins of the print studio. But the rest everything is fine. there is no problem. what is it? in advance thank you!


πŸ€– Noise in the dark areas, black dots on V-Ray render 
28 Sep, 2013 Stas

Hello, you can help with the following problem. When rendering, there are loud noises in the areas that are less light falls, for example skirting the right side of the window on the screenshot, it's not material, not ir settings. map (I think I'm supposed to), not geometry.


πŸ€– Error in V-Ray messages, what do I do? 
18 Jul, 2013 Margarita

Good day to all! Please tell me why when rendering images "swim" such errors in the following screenshot? What I did wrong? Thank you in advance for your reply.


πŸ€– Rendering Fly-Through or Walk-Through animation in V-Ray 
24 Mar, 2013 Denis

Good day, and on your site, there are lessons for Vray scene animation with moving camera and objects? As if he had never engaged in animation in 3DS Max, more on statics. And on the final picture is static and everything set up if you need to select individual passes, and wait 6-10 hours, and almost ready to the end result. And the animation one frame said 30-40 minutes and when they are in your car and small truck, and have to sacrifice than that, the quality or the time someone says the picture quality you can get at the expense of the passes. I would like to uslushat your opinion or share advice about the topic.


πŸ€– 3ds Max crashed after your setups 
18 Jan, 2013 Katerina

decided to use your universal settings, but unfortunately, rendering gives an error Error: UNHANDLED EXCEPTION: rendering frame last marker is at./src/globillummap.cpp.line 1580: GloballllumMap :: buildLightMap (5)


πŸ€– Materials tint changes with every render 
16 Dec, 2012 HarrierII

Here render interior made from one of the same place with the same settings on several occasions, and each time get a different result: using gamma 2.2, included frame buffer, vray light lighting vray sun, 3ds max 2010 32bit and vray 1.5 sp4.


πŸ€– Warning Subpixel color mapping is on rendered result may have incorrect brightness 
16 Dec, 2012 HarrierII

(Vray-error messages) both with etim struggle? please tell me.


πŸ€– DMC sampler settings for the test render 
8 Nov, 2012 YaNOT

I read a lot of information about the optimal settings Vray on this site. I have not found the optimal settings test render, but, as I understand it - just change the DMC sampler settings and get a test render. Actually a question: please write what you use the value Adaptive amount, Noise treshold, Min samples and Global subdivs multiplier for a test render. (To render it optimal settings 0.85, 0.01, 8, 1, respectively).


πŸ€– Noisy and dark final render in Vray 
25 Oct, 2012 Irina

Help me please! Help me please! I am a novice and vray yet versed on foreign examples and tips .... but something has wound itself so and I do not understand ... Help find the cause of this horror! I recently installed Vray and trying to make the correct settings and thus try different settings and tips! The result was something strange! With the rapid rendering everything is normal and there is no strangeness, but here at the final render anything at all ... as a result of this issue! Skazhiti anyone what is the reason?


πŸ€– Rendering dynamic animation with V-Ray 
13 Jun, 2012 Aleksey

Hello, dear renderstaff! Please tell me how to render clean animations without flickering textures and shadows. We are talking about the scene in which animrovanno everything and lighting objects and the camera. I tried all the ligaments Irradiance map + Light cache, Irradiance map + Brute force, in different modes Iradens, Multiframe incremental, Animation (prepass) (render), as the light cache. In general how everything flickered and flickers. Tell us how it all done? Or is it better to render in sequence (if there is flicker)? I would like to learn and understand how to render the animation with smooth, flicker-free picture, especially small parts, such as leaves on the trees. Thanks in advance!


πŸ€– How to improve the rendering quality 
13 May, 2012 Anton

Hello, thank you very much for the site - one of the few where everything is so detailed and clearly stated. There is a big problem, namely the quality of the rendering! I did not like the fact that now it turns out. The main points which I would like to understand: 1 - There is no definition of the image, which is all blurred, objects no matter how voluminous. 2 - The contrast, all render zamylenny and dull, it becomes too dark by increasing the contrast settings. 3 - Light to render it is impossible to adequately light the whole, so that everything was bright and at the same time, the contrast, without overbrights. We used a bunch of Vray Sun and Vray Sky in windows Vray Light and Vray Light Skyporyal, Vray Camera. Trying to change the settings with the light but the result does not improve? I would love to hear your advice. Just for example, put a file with acceptable quality renders of - that's what I want to achieve.


πŸ€– Noisy Lighting layer pass 
30 Apr, 2012 coala

β™₯ Zdravtvuyte, RenderStuff, β™₯ please tell me how to get rid of noise in Passo Lighting, setting your standard use. And still on the settings of their observations he noted that for the two nuclear Computers better disable tick Multirass, or render goes on ... The Light cache did not know what to do with the Reconstruction parametrs generally supplied Pre-filter 50, Filter nearest 10, rendering turned lingering ... I had not ever used Filter, so I assume that it slows down the process. In this perspective, there are 7 ies vireevskih, very noisy sphere kot.sozdaet shade (30 sabdivs worth) .Well and 3 VRayLight Plane that light up dark places, two of them only as a vase on the table it had to be excluded from ies, it illuminates her ... all I was trying to make here is that the region render noisy shadows under the table, and the first added 120 sabdivs field that creates such noisy shadows, not shorter pomoglo.Eti experiments I put on a small amount of rendering . Then I put HSph.


πŸ€– Transparent material becomes black on some objects in vray 
29 Mar, 2012 Galaksina

Hello. I had a problem with a transparent material, some of the facilities everything is normal, but when rendering a material is replaced with black. In the viewport while it is visible that the material should be as transparent. I tried to change the color of Exit color, but there is no change, Max depth removed. Tell me what I'm doing wrong.


πŸ€– Ugly highlights in V-Ray reflections 
5 Mar, 2012 yura.

Welcome ru.renderstuff prompt not correct reflections in reflections on the tile, chrome, etc. places. Thank you.


πŸ€– Realism of shadows and reflections on the exterior windows 
28 Oct, 2011 Yuliya

Hello! I have a question. All of your classes read about render settings, everything seems to be obtained, but for some reason it seems to me, that picture made me building something is wrong, something is missing in the shadows, the glass does not look natural like in life. Instead of the sky, I create a hemisphere (material VRayLightMtl) and impose on it the texture of the sky and the light source do VRayLight (sphere). Gamma use 2.2. All render settings are the same as yours. The final image is processed in Photoshop. I heard about the term "okkolyuziya". Maybe something with it? How to make the image more realistic, spectacular, with beautiful sun shone on the glass, clear realistic shadows? This is my picture πŸ™‚


πŸ€– VRayProxy and when to convert the geometry 
30 Sep, 2011 Yelena

Good evening RenderStuff, I read somewhere that when a very heavy stsenah- mnogopoligonnyh in order to facilitate the stage and increase the rendering speed is needed to translate objects in the scene with a large number of polygons in th Vray Proxy ... Is this true? How to do it, whether it should be in your opinion and then what would happen to such a model?


πŸ€– Can you use materials with Raytrace in V-Ray? 
28 Sep, 2011 max1ch

Hello dear RenderStuff! I appeal to you for the following reason. Render my interior (about 1,500,000 polygons) lasts an incredibly long time (about a day), and at a certain place and all hovers the loading bar and refuses to move forward (see screenshot). The only thing that confuses me when rendering so is the availability of materials (raytrace and arhitectual) about which I feel is well known in the messages render (most likely on the network downloaded models): My system: processor Intel Core i7 2630 QM 2Ghz, graphics card nVidia Ge Force GT540M, RAM 4GB, Win 7 Home Premium, 3Ds Max 2012 + V-Ray 2.0 (optimal render settings renderstuff) Prompt, the problem lies in foreign materials, and if so, how to figure out which objects they are assigned and how to change them on the v-ray mtl?


πŸ€– Face / level coef. parameter and V-Ray rendering speed 
28 Sep, 2011 max1ch

Does it make sense to reduce the parameter face / level coeff. to increase the speed of calculation of a binary tree? In one of the enough details on how to configure the optimal value of this parameter. Cost whether to do so?


πŸ€– How to spy on someones V-Ray render settings 
31 Aug, 2011 plotnik

Hey. I could be wrong, but read somewhere "peek render settings." It seems commented Evermotion model. I do not understand -materials, objects can be seen and tear, but "render settings"? It is possible, and how? Because written like this: "Ever have battened down subdiv nakrucheny all the settings, they are currently pozvolt, they have the power ...." etc.


πŸ€– Removing hotspots and overbrights in V-Ray 
11 Jul, 2011 Aleksandr

Hi, well, the problem seems trite, however, I have not found a solution how to get rid of the strong glare in the windows, and all that could be seen through the window environment! surest sposb zamodelit, but the glare of all Ranvier is, the principle of such virey portal in the window light from virey soltse into the room, and of the camera. these settings. Thank you for attention!


πŸ€– How to save or move render settings to another scene 
30 Sep, 2011 Yelena

Good afternoon! Say polzhaluysta, and whether it is possible in any way render the settings from one scene to another, not to configure them again in a new project?


πŸ€– An error has occurred and the application will now close - 3d Max & VRay 
9 May, 2011 jackhumm

Help is needed!!! Faced with a very unpleasant problem in an interior rendering occurs fly 3d MAXa And instantly, and in a chaotic manner, sometimes ok sometimes immediately, calculation meant the Vray, Irada MAP + Light cache once only popped up an error (An unhandled exception occurred. Press Abort to terminate the program, Retry to exit program normally and Ignore to try to continue), all the textures and models tested, disable and delete one by one -. not help feeling that it depends on the position of cameras that occur rendering, one can not fly and on the other on the contrary immediately throws, version Max 2009. I can say that the changes made after which is started, is set up BachRender for multiple cameras and all - rushed. I ask for help from the masters of this great program, can someone faced with what look like! Tell me how to win it ... ..Nuuu very thankful in advanceπŸ™‚πŸ™‚


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