Table 3d model dining with carved legs

19 Aug, 2011 renderstuff (Staff Author)
Free 3d model of a large dining table for six persons. The table is very beautiful and state. It stands on four carved legs, fretted by skilled carpenter. At first glance, carving looks like separate piece in a form of a big leaf glued to the leg itself, but in fact it is one-piece model, made of one non-braked continuous mesh. 3d material of table is quite complex that simulates a darkening in the pits and on small details, and a two-layer lacquering wood. The map of the wood has a mixed texture, which has at the same time the texture of rich wood and scratches texture, mimicking table’s old age. On the free table 3d model preview you can see how it looks in the entourage of classical kitchen. To be more precise it is a popular nowadays the so-called studio with a combined living room and kitchen areas. It is also easy to see how stylish and beautiful reflection on the tabletop surface is. It is enough to serve this table with kitchen stuff 3d models, as its cover in a moment will be especially fascinating. This is clearly illustrated by the reflections from vase and backs of chairs, which stand near the kitchen. By the way, the 3d models of these cool classic chairs you'll also find in the pages of our library. This is exactly the same chair, for the only difference that the material of the soft part is even more complex and attractive. This table is perfect in the kitchen and the living room on your 3d renderings. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.

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