Table 3d model dressing bathroom with mirror and washbasin

20 Oct, 2010 renderstuff (Staff Author)
Large luxury bathroom table of ivory color. Dressing table made of the dense and smooth wood. The wood of the vanity table is painted with a light beige paint with a bit of a greenish tint, which is characteristic for finishing of the rich white chess figurines gift collection. Grooves on the inner perimeter of the facades of this dressing table free 3d model are brownish scuff imitating aging of the natural materials. The special charm to this mirror gives a matt protective varnish, which the all the painted wood covered with. This not only emphasizes the effect of oldness, inherent to all classical expensive things, but makes the wood abrasion and moisture resistant. Base of the dressing table 3d model is a large cabinet with seven facade elements. The four lower front of them are opening doors and the top two are the drawers. The third upper facade, located in the middle of the cupboard, is blind and serves a decorative function, closing the inside of the sink and plumbing communication. On the right side of the 3d model's top drawer, there is another, additional one. It expands the design of tables, based on the elegantly carved baluster leg. This design allows not only to increase the size of the mirror and table tops on the boxes, but also visually makes the design more elegant and easy, eliminating the feeling of unwieldiness. All functional facades of the vanity table equipped with the forged brass handles of a round shape. All dressing table 3d model covered with a solid marble table top, light brown in color with black and green stripes. Table top has a rectangular shape, except for the blind zone of the facade. There, it bends a little, as well as the actual blind facade with two lower curved doors. In the center of the bend of the 3d model the table top has a hole for the sink. Actual sink is a large, built-in cabinet ceramic wash-basin, on top of which the mixer for water supply is located. 3d model of faucet is purposely excluded from the washbasin model, for the ability to install the any faucet from the corresponding collection, which is used on all other models of the current toilets facilities. This will allow even more succinctly write 3d model of the mirror in the interior of any bathroom. Inside the sink the drain grating is closed with a flat circular protective cap made of bronze. It completely prevents the solid foreign objects, such as accidentally slept gold ring, to get into the drain pipe. The cap lets to pass only the liquid. On top of the marble countertop 3d model the large mirror is set, which consists of two main and two additional sections. Characteristic features of the main sections is not only their size but also the bronze rim, applied around the perimeter of the each mirror. At the corners of mirrors, this rim is rounded and smoothly transits into a beautiful pattern in the form of petals. The two additional mirror sections are divided into three equal parts horizontally, two shelves on each of them. Shelves 3d models made from the same painted wood, like the overall construction. They rest on the decorative wrought-iron legs made of bronze. All design of the sectioned mirror of the dressing table 3d model is topped with a horizontal apron, inside which there are three spotlights with halogen lamps of a cold bluish glow. The actual apron, as well as shelves, supported on decorative wrought-iron legs of bronze. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.

11 Dec, 2010 Saramary
11 Dec, 2010 # Re: Table 3d model dressing bathroom with mirror and washbasin
Class! Thank you very much for the fact that so much effort put into the model, and then allows you to use them!)

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