Table 3d model white hallway

21 Apr, 2011 renderstuff (Staff Author)
Free 3d model of classic white table for hallway or corridor. This 3d model has a material of a smooth painted white color wood with little darkening on the corners and concave areas. 3d model of table stands independently on four baluster legs. The each of them decorated with beautiful carvings, which inside is covered with brown lacquer. Such a color composition, the black coffee with the snow-white cream, gives this model a very attractive look. Beside the decorative carving, the table is scattered with the brass mouldings. Also the few elements of the hallway table 3d model are also in brass, they are base and the upper parts of the legs, side and central patterns, and the lower rim of the tabletop. The central brass patterns are reminiscent of something middle between bunch of grapes and the multi-leaf petal. Brass has the special for it pale yellowish color saturated with the glossy interior reflections. To make the whole construction stable, at the bottom are the stiffening cross. At the area of bars crossing the decorative sphere is placed, which is decorated with brass. Their external look is much like the crimped spheres at the base of each table leg, by which it touches the floor. The white festive and affable design of this free 3d table model will be beautifully accomplished with the bucket of red of pink rose flowers with the green leaves in the transparent crystal vase. Such a set can sully decorate the hallway by itself. Beside this model, you may also like the free 3d model of a console table for hallway. Also, in the most of the interior 3d renderings this table has a great look in front of the big classic 3d mirror. Such 3d model is the inalienable, nice and the practical attribute, which meets everybody near the entrance door. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.

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