What term resolution means in 3ds Max

18 May, 2011 plotnik
18 May, 2011 # Re: What term resolution means in 3ds Max
About resolution. Please correct me: there are picture resolution, render, pattern, texture, frame buffer storing the image (in different formats), ... what else? How is it all right to combine for the best results? Exhibited in the frame buffer 2500 .. -vyletaet max. My iron is 2-3 years ago, I felt very good, it seems, no longer exists. And how to correctly set the resolution at all locations🙂 where it is possible? Or render to a file? Or 24 hours for the final rkndera this normal? I tried their own words to describe the problem, although it is not a problem? Perhaps this is the basics of Max, but I do not understand them.

19 May, 2011 RenderStuff (Staff Author)
19 May, 2011 # Re: What term resolution means in 3ds Max
Hey. In computer graphics, under the resolution meant the amount of points. Under the point of understanding the information unit. For bitmap is - pixel. For Irradiance Map is a - sample. For digital matrix modern camera - a solar cell from a set which includes the matrix, etc. If to speak about computer graphics, then, as a rule, the resolution is not just the total area, such as in a matrix of a digital camera in megapixels, and the number of pixels in height and width of a rectangular image. Going back just to your question, yes, as mentioned above, the resolution of the image it is its width and height in pixels. Render Resolution, it has permission they generated images, ie picture resolution and have permission to render, in fact render the image and does 🙂 Resolution model - is absurd. The model, in principle, does not have permission. More% D0 b See this article explaining what screening of three-dimensional scenes , dedicated to the process and the process of antialiasing. Resolution texture - the same as the picture resolution, because, again, this is the texture image, bitmap anything. Permissions frame buffer also does not exist, as the resolution of the model. The frame buffer is the only interface that displays the progress of the screening and containing in itself the result. That is, the frame buffer, in fact, - store pixels obtained by rasterization of vector shapes in 3ds Max. The number of these pixels actually determined as described above rendering resolution. Resolution save a picture is determined by the picture, which generates a renderer. In other words, the resolution of preservation, "Frame buffer resolution", the resolution of the renderer and resolution of the image is cos%B5rshenno the same😉 format and save the generated renderer devotional images in a frame buffer, while maintaining does not affect the resolution. When you save in any format, the number of pixels stored in the frame buffer image remains unchanged. If you have crashes 3ds max, then most likely you have a problem with a particular scene, rather than a resolution. If you think using V-Ray, then see topic 3d Max V-Ray crashes . In any case, in order to clearly judge about your problem, you should describe it in detail. The renderer that takes off, at what stage? And so on. With regard to 24 hours to render, then, again, we can not respond specifically to the abstract question. It depends on what stage, what settings, which lighting, how many and which objects in the scene, etc. If, in general, yes, there are times when a beautiful photorealistic image is calculated for 24 hours on a single Thyrehyadernom processor😉

18 May, 2011 plotnik
22 May, 2011 # Re: What term resolution means in 3ds Max
Hey. "And, you know, you know ...!" Thank you so chewed question. 1. The texture resolution is more, the better the picture will be output? 2. jepg / png / bmp, etc. for permission to have no effect. What format are using to save for what ( printing , what else?), Bmp settings, png ie 16-48bit it.d. and for what? 3.If hide the objects in rendering means they do not participate-not load renderer? If they are just not visible in the viewport - for example, behind the wall, they are still considered to render, ie, ext. load? Therefore, it is better to do? ALL translate into proxy? Objects dodzhny be low poly opportunities? What makes opiymize modifier, how, where and when to use? What else? What else is used to reduce the load render = reduce rendering times? Correct vray settings, light -podrazumevayutsya. How to count the regions and whether it is right, -vliyaet quality? ... But in general, -RenderStuff only!

19 May, 2011 RenderStuff (Staff Author)
23 May, 2011 # Re: What term resolution means in 3ds Max
1 - Yes, in general, of course. However, not uncommon situation where, for example, textured the object in the scene on the final render will take only a few pixels. That is, it is displayed fewer pixels than the portion of the texture that is visible to render a given angle. In this case, increasing the resolution of the texture, even to infinity, do not make some improvements. Rather, just no good "eats" RAM. 2 - We nominally use .png format. When you save all the settings offered by 3ds Max, we reserve the default. Bit depth of the raster file determines the depth of color , it may in itself be stored. Imagine the gradient of any color, such as red to white. If it is written in the 8-bit raster format, then the gradient will be smooth only 2 8 = 256 levels, while, as a smooth gradient transfer of the same 16-bit format is significantly higher (65536 gradations), etc. Accordingly, the gradient will be more smooth, without sharp gradations between parishes. In fact the same applies to all other colors of the entire image. 3 - Answers read in separate discussions: Optimization in the Max 3ds the Region rendering in 3ds Max. How?

18 May, 2011 plotnik
23 May, 2011 # Re: What term resolution means in 3ds Max
Why. Why maintaining png for all gray window, unlike jpeg? Keeping in bmp, -Dark and rich picture? Correctly png? And why?

19 May, 2011 RenderStuff (Staff Author)
24 May, 2011 # Re: What term resolution means in 3ds Max
Because png preserves transparency. This is what happens with you, when you see the "gray" box. Most likely, you do not have window glass and through it you see a background is Environnement 3ds Max. Let down this file in Photoshop, and there certainly replace the gray outside the window is a hole, and transparency. While jpg transparency does not save, and therefore you get a picture with the color backgrounds, which you have in your scene. Keeping in bmp you just keep it with another gamma value . However, the main advantage as a png LDR format is its bit depth. It allows you to store graphic information with 16-bit color, instead of 8-bit as jpg or bmp😉

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