Thread or rope animation in 3ds Max

22 Sep, 2014 Anton (Staff Author)
22 Sep, 2014 # Re: Thread or rope animation in 3ds Max
Hello! Question animators, who can knows, ready to share the technique of animation thread, rope, hose, etc .. For example, the task is to tie shoelaces. That is, take the two ends, tie a knot, make a bow and it all without any "appearance of magic" or compositing, animation and literally lace, preserving mepinga, taking into account all the obstacles and touch. How to do it? Now we do it with the help of a spline with multiple control points, tied up on the Dummy. As a result, the texture "swimming", the total length of the spline is changed, it is very inconvenient administration, effectively by-frame manipulation of a dummy in space. I would be glad of any assistance, including on a fee basisπŸ˜‰

22 Sep, 2014 3Denis
22 Sep, 2014 # Re: Thread or rope animation in 3ds Max
Do lace the correct length, so he had nowhere to reach, and animate using bones, they will give you a smooth curves and good will pull the whole string of them. πŸ‘

22 Sep, 2014 Anton (Staff Author)
23 Sep, 2014 # Re: Thread or rope animation in 3ds Max
3Denis, hello! I would like to clarify that it is necessary not only convenient for the object but, more importantly, the ability to simulate gravity and collisions. Even the chain of bones Curved in a complex shape (node) will still become unmanageable and its manual animation does not look natural. We've tried to make a chain of bones and simulate its behavior using MassFX, but in fact, when a bone 10I - chain just roars in any place without any reason, which makes it impossible to use this technology. They were looking for a solution to this problem in the internet all complain of the same thing, only stating that after a count of the bone structure to collapse. Just tried to use Cloth, gravity is not bad, but the collision work leaves much to be desired. That this actually a problem that the standard technique to solve this problem, we can not.

14 Nov, 2014 shakil
14 Nov, 2014 # Re: Thread or rope animation in 3ds Max

22 Sep, 2014 Anton (Staff Author)
14 Nov, 2014 # Re: Thread or rope animation in 3ds Max
Hello! I know this script, just as soon as I found him, but unfortunately he's just a script that is the automation of certain functions already available in 3ds Max. And as I said earlier, they do not work as they should (see para. 10 And about more control points). Moreover, with all due respect to the work of the author of the script, he did not in the 3ds max 2013 (established with errors), in connection with which I threw its max in 2008, where he established, but the same problems have not decided. Moreover when you pull the front checkpoint "snake", the rear hanging out as they pleased. At least I was so πŸ™„

14 Nov, 2014 Yevgeniy_MEV
14 Nov, 2014 # Re: Thread or rope animation in 3ds Max
Himself became interesting. : | Long rummaged through the Internet and the result is disappointing. I tried to help you but, alas, no entries could be found. Eye on a couple of controversial choices, and even then you probably already have seen it all ... πŸ™„ Rope Rig Pro 1.0.0 for Maya If you unravel the secret, then share with us?

22 Sep, 2014 Anton (Staff Author)
15 Nov, 2014 # Re: Thread or rope animation in 3ds Max
Yes, Evgeniy_MEV, thank you. I looked vidosy that is necessary in principle, but they are all on the Maya, that is literally in my case does not help. While the "secret" is not solved, the work is not waiting. We were forced to move on. I had crudely animated Dummy linked into the Spline points. However, in the process of return to the question will have a lot of time and if the elegant solution is found, be sure to share them. In any case, the question is open and if anyone can help, we will be very grateful!

11 Jan, 2015 thedogbeat
11 Jan, 2015 # Re: Thread or rope animation in 3ds Max
Simula turned soft pasta with the help of particles arranged in the chain of statement PhysX Glue (I in 2012 Max does plugin Orbaz Particle Tools Box, Max in 2014 as far as I know, these operators are built). It turns out the similarity of bone system, with the possibility of any physical interaction. The model is bound by a chain of Particle Skinner. The only problem - spaghetti ugly overwound in geometry, and how to fix it is not yet clear to me. Somehow you need to limit them roteyshn relative to each other - I suspect that the script needs. If anyone managed to resolve it - write.

5 Apr, 2015 lis
5 Apr, 2015 # Re: Thread or rope animation in 3ds Max
Good evening! There is a telephone, the phone has a rope. Share your experience - who puts a rope, strings, cords. I drew a spline with the thickness to the phone in a horizontal position. Then he raised up on the stand, edit spline again. I tried to simulate the bones, but there I crossed and skin, and bones are rotated relative to each other, again and twisted skin. Maybe someone has a link to a concrete example - that rope, that it falls, that's how it is stowed. Well and, accordingly, describe how this made.

22 Apr, 2015 Apologet
22 Apr, 2015 # Re: Thread or rope animation in 3ds Max
It is necessary to dig a new PF and TP to max. The PF can be implemented accurately simulate behavior coftobzhekta particles.

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