Transfer mapping from HI-POLY to LOW-POLY model

27 Nov, 2016 Yuriy
27 Nov, 2016 # Re: Transfer mapping from HI-POLY to LOW-POLY model
Good day pro. Prompt such a thing - that I made a low-poly model, then threw on her opensubdiv 2 iteration skollapsil stack and got hi-poly. Then I did the unfolding of hi-poly models and zateksturil it: Perhaps now there any way to move the reamers with the materials on the low-poly model? or from the beginning I walked not in the way? Thanks in advance for your reply.

28 Nov, 2016 Anton (Staff Author)
28 Nov, 2016 # Re: Transfer mapping from HI-POLY to LOW-POLY model


Nominally, yes, the last option. That is, in a good way you need to make a base model under Smooth, "deploy" it and only then add iterations of smoothing. If, when adding iterations, the texture begins to "swim", stretch marks appear, then the basic grid should be modified. Add loops, "tighten" the Edges, etc., until you achieve complete visual preservation of the positions of the mapping when adding new iterations.

Literally, it will not migrate, at least to me this method is unfamiliar. For mapping it's just an array of data about the correspondence of pixels and polygons. That is, what pixel (or part) of the raster map to show on which polygon. If the number of polygons is different, then there can not be any correspondence using this data set.

Nevertheless, the array itself can be changed, literally upgrading the model. In other words, you have nothing to do with the high-poly already-made, make Low-Poly remove the extra loops (Edge Loop) with dots. Moreover, the tool "Graphite Modeling Tools" allows you to select through loops, as well as similar loops through "Modeling => Modify Selection => Similar". Another option is to activate the "PreserveUWs" checkbox. It does not always save, but it is definitely very useful in such situations, especially when you pull the dots. If you can find and delete the loops added by iterations, then, without harm to the texture distribution on the model, you will return to the basic grid with the correct meppinograms. Judging by your model, there work for 15 min. You can generally put a number of High-Poly and Low-Poly models to see which are the main grid's eels, and which are added by the distemper. The latter - delete.

Alternatively, you can try to "bake" the Diffuse texture with Project Mapping, projecting it with High-Poly to Low-Poly, as it is done in the case of "baking" the Normal Map, but you need to understand that, first, all Equally given to make for the Low-Poly version anew its development, and secondly, the quality of the result is in question.

If I had a similar task before me, then I would manually lighten the High-Poly grid by removing extra loops, as described above😉

27 Nov, 2016 Yuriy
28 Nov, 2016 # Re: Transfer mapping from HI-POLY to LOW-POLY model
Thank you for the clarification. I'll try to simplify version (bringing to the low poly) haypolnoy modeli.Posmotryu both stretches texture. If possible lay out.

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