The best PC for computer graphics and 3d rendering: October 2013

Oftenly, computer graphics specialists are faced with the problem of choosing the optimal configuration of the computer for their needs. We regularly asked the question: which computer to buy for 3ds Max? That is why in this publication, we decided to analyze the most successful PC assemblies, which are the best choice for the CG professional. In particular, we focus just on the description of the computer for CPU-rendering, as the workstation differs from it only by inserted graphics card. As practice shows, the new viewport engine of 3ds Max called Nitrous works perfectly on any modern graphics card priced from 80 to 120 USD. Therefore, you can select it on your own preference. As for the CPU vs. GPU rendering , the RenderStuff specializes in the CPU-rendering in V-Ray and the emphasis placed on the overall system performance to build the so-called render node . For simplicity, the choice lay in the computer hardware, the issue of overclocking (OC) intentionally missed: those who is familiar with overclocking is able to perform appropriate adjustments to the configuration of the PC they buy without our advices. Also, the following assemblies do not include the chassis as it is a very individual thing and doesn't affect the computer performance in any way. Motherboard, if it was possible, has a minimum physical size (mATX) and supports video output directly, without a discrete (separate) video card. As for memory, 8Gb of RAM is enough for all usual needs of the 3d. More memory needed only for better responsiveness in Windows on a workstation; more amount of RAM do not directly affect the rendering speed; Define the needed excess RAM by the principle "the more, the better" as long as your wallet is big enough for this.

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