TV 3d model aluminum panel with center speaker

23 Feb, 2011 renderstuff (Staff Author)
Excellent free 3d model of flat TV panel for home theater. Reproducing panels canvas is a modern LCD screen with LED backlight and due to the possibility of zonal changes in its intensity, panel has very wide color contrast range. The front screen frame is made of light brushed aluminum with distinctive metal structure. Such framing gives the panel the power and grace. The panel has a modern system of tuning the image. Automatic Picture Control functions light sensor determines the lighting in the room and automatically adjusts screen brightness. In addition, the outer protective coating of the screen has antiglare properties. These complementary features allow viewer to enjoy superb images even in daylight. This 3d model of LCD flat-screen TV, has a perfect and stylish design, and the real TV reproduces images of just unsurpassed quality. The minimalist style of the panel allows it to perfectly fit into any decor, from classical to modern. It also provides an opportunity to immerse themselves in viewing the movie masterpiece, not distracting to the fanciful design elements of the TV, completely immersing into the essence of what is happening on the screen. The device has a resolution of Full High Definition at 1920x1080 pixels. This allows user to enjoy superior picture quality from any source, digital or analog. Whether it is satellite or cable TV, game consoles, DVD and Blu-ray players, digital video and photo cameras or video signal from a modern personal computer equipped with output HDMI. The flawless signal playback complements the outstanding sound quality from the central active stereo speaker. 3d model of the speaker is located beneath the panel itself, but it is completely independent and can be placed at any convenient place near the TV. It has its own EQ, and an active amplifier. The most successful is to use this speaker as the central driver for five-channel audio system. You can customize system with excellent 3d models of Elite High End acoustic with the right color material. The main advantage of this 3d model of a light aluminum TV is its super universal design. However, the specific highlight of the 3d model is the presence of two different materials for reproducing the actual television. They are the dark surface, simulating off state panel and bright self-luminous material simulating the work of the screen. To change the enabled state of the TV to off, you should just change the material ID of the actual panel at the sub-objects level of polygonal mesh. ID 5 is designed for the enabled state, and ID 6 is for the off state. Just this how the sub-materials of this free 3d models is placed. Panel itself and the center speaker designed for mounting to the wall. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.

2 Mar, 2011 Sergey
2 Mar, 2011 # Re: TV 3d model aluminum panel with center speaker
Thank you Class!

2 Mar, 2011 Hadi
2 Mar, 2011 # Re: TV 3d model aluminum panel with center speaker

27 Jan, 2012 mcr
27 Jan, 2012 # Re: TV 3d model aluminum panel with center speaker
The fact that DeathNote was on it made it even better. ._.

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