How to use Falloff map in Reflect slot

2 Aug, 2011 mOPs
2 Aug, 2011 # Re: How to use Falloff map in Reflect slot
Good afternoon. I can not figure out how to properly apply Falloff map as a reflection Reflect card slot. You can share the experience of cases in which (to achieve some reflection effects) and which parameters need to be "cool". For example interests tab Front: Side. On some models your% white understated to 10% and in some black. But changing the parameters of visual changes are not noticed. Also, when choosing a reflection on Ward observed effect of aliasing that can not remove any of the AA filter. Here is an example.

3 Aug, 2011 RenderStuff (Staff Author)
3 Aug, 2011 # Re: How to use Falloff map in Reflect slot
Hi! We use Falloff to Reflect in cases where we need realistic reflections on objects. In particular, when it comes to reflection described by the Fresnel formulas, or reflections on Frenelyu.Esli short, the reflection in the real nature, because of the specific structure of materials, for example, remember about anisotropic steel , reflect different depending on the viewing angle of the reflecting surface. Here you look examples Fresnel reflections , there is clearly seen the difference, when the intensity of the reflection is not linear, and It depends on the angle of observation. Here's a great example of pool , when you look at the water in it from above - see the bottom, and when you look "with a side "- you can see the reflection. With The Fresnel reflection, the material is not strong or weak a mirror and reflects differently depending on the shape. This immediately gives such a realistic reflections. Of course, if we are not talking about banal mirror, there Fresnel reflection to anything๐Ÿ™‚ Another feature Falloff map is that it can help to achieve a very interesting effect of mixing and linear Fresnel otrazheniy.Esli you open any of the materials 3d models RenderStuff , in the slot where Reflect is the Falloff map, you will see that is darker in the upper slot, almost black color, but in bottom - bright, almost belyy.Delo that the name card (falloff in translation from English - recession or weakening) can be judged on its functions. Literally this map, depending on the conditions, shows one color and the other sprays (weakened) or vice versa. That is, one of the slots, in this case, white or black (upper or lower) used more than drugoy.Takim, it is possible to mix the two properties. Speaking of reflections, it is possible to Fresnel reflections, as it were mixed into ordinary linear. That is to combine two svoystva.Naprimer, do stuff parketa.Nominalno parquet should not be a mirror, and reflect only the bright lights and, of course, depending on the viewing angle this property should increase or decrease. To do this, we invest in the Falloff Reflect slot and put the lower white. So our floor will reflect on the most Frenelyu.Odnako usually has parquet varnish, which is still a little cut off, like a mirror. That is no reflection on the Fresnel. To do this, we take the top slot and put a little gray, to add a little wood floor mirror reflections, which gives a transparent protective lak.Primenyaya this technique, you can easily get mixed with the total reflection blur Refl. glossiness. Of course, in the above technique, recession type, installed in the drop-down list option Falloff Direction, - must be Fresnel, instead of the default Perpendicular / Parallel.Po about the value per cent Front: Side, then here is very simple. This level of use of the card installed in the upper and lower slots. If instead of the cards there is the inscription None, that is simply an empty slot, then only plays the role of color in the appropriate color slotah.Krutit interest in Front: Side, without the card into the slot, anyway, that in the Maps rollout of the material, the percentage without twist Bump Bump Bump maps slot๐Ÿ˜ As for the artifact to the reflections at the reflectance type Ward, then we, too, are sometimes confronted with this. We understand that this is just an artifact inherent to it such as blurred reflections you Ward.U synthetic situation. In practice, in most cases, this artifact is simply invisible and merges with useful reflections of other objects in the scene at the current obekte.Odnako if you basically want to get rid of it, then choose, for example, Blinn or Phong Ward in place and increase the blur, reducing the value Refl. Glossiness.Esli you try to find out what all the BRDF these, then you will find a transcript of this abbreviation as the Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function (dual-beam reflectance function). That is, the reflectance of different types have different acceptance angle and reflection light luchey.Drugimi words, Blinn White Plain will cut only where necessary thy chemfertselindr yellow, while Ward, for example, and captures part of the background is black in your scene that It leads to the appearance of black in reflection where you did not expect to see, on a white background ๐Ÿ™‚

2 Aug, 2011 mOPs
4 Aug, 2011 # Re: How to use Falloff map in Reflect slot
Everything is always accessible and understandable. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

30 Mar, 2012 coala
30 Mar, 2012 # Re: How to use Falloff map in Reflect slot
Hello guys. Pozhaluista tell me how to make a reflection on the marble floor of a beautiful, dark table reflects too harsh ... I have tried all sorts of ways, the floor looks good even when you remove the table, and another strange fact that if switch off reflection on marble vserovno he reflects ( this table) .Vashe opinion in such cases some interesting ???

30 Mar, 2012 coala
31 Mar, 2012 # Re: How to use Falloff map in Reflect slot
I figured out it from IES luminaire, shadow bias was 5.08 instead of 0.2 mm, and because of that shadow was very dark and opaque ... Well you learn something new ... ๐Ÿ™„ Today you are probably just relaxing silence. ๐Ÿ˜‰

2 Aug, 2011 mOPs
31 Mar, 2012 # Re: How to use Falloff map in Reflect slot
The guys are working on themselves, which means that no weekend or holidays๐Ÿ˜‰ So have patience. It (this website) is worth ๐Ÿ‘

18 Aug, 2014 Iren
18 Aug, 2014 # Re: How to use Falloff map in Reflect slot
Hello. Please tell me when to apply faloff card, and when just put the box Fresnel reflections and change its value? Or you need to do everything at once?

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