Can you use materials with Raytrace in V-Ray?

28 Sep, 2011 max1ch
28 Sep, 2011 # Re: Can you use materials with Raytrace in V-Ray?

Hello dear RenderStuff! I appeal to you for the following reason. Render my interior (about 1,500,000 polygons) lasts an incredibly long time (about a day), and at a certain place and all hovers the loading bar and refuses to move forward (see screenshot). The only thing that confuses me when rendering so is the availability of materials (raytrace and arhitectual) about which I feel is well known in the messages render (most likely on the network downloaded models):

My system: processor Intel Core i7 2630 QM 2Ghz, graphics card nVidia Ge Force GT540M, RAM 4GB, Win 7 Home Premium, 3Ds Max 2012 + V-Ray 2.0 (optimal render settings renderstuff) Prompt, the problem lies in foreign materials, and if so, how to figure out which objects they are assigned and how to change them on the v-ray mtl?

29 Sep, 2011 Anton (Staff Author)
29 Sep, 2011 # Re: Can you use materials with Raytrace in V-Ray?


Day render on mobile processor at 2 Ghz, for normal photo-realistic scenes with not low-resolution final image - this is quite a common thing .

If the laptop could for a few hours to calculate photorecombination interiors, then distribution rendering and render farm would be useless😁

But it is not so ...

Therefore, during the render not worry. Very much depends on the stage itself. So everything is in order.

But on the Raytrace Map in V-Ray, here it is precisely the problem. The fact that V-Ray does not support mentalovskie Raytrace map, which is usually the standard bacon mats 3ds Max for refractions and reflections in them. The same applies to Raytrace materials, which are rendered simply in black.

This is what is eloquent message to the V-Ray rendering journal, letting that Raytrace not compatible with V-Ray and can cause problems.

The use of materials other than the native material V- Ray is extremely undesirable. This can lead to problems like overbraytov or erroneous calculation of various effects that entails a catastrophic increase in computation time or even freeze like you.

In your case, just need to replace all Raytrace incompatible materials to normal materials V-Ray.

How to find objects with bugs mats? Trite, process of elimination 3d models in the scene < /a>.

Tak let's eliminate all reytresy the scene and replaces them with vireyskie mats😉

28 Sep, 2011 max1ch
29 Sep, 2011 # Re: Can you use materials with Raytrace in V-Ray?
Ironically, yesterday already guessed to do such an operation😉 render lasted about 3 hours ... the result frankly not really satisfy me ... In general, it turned out unclear and blurry, window sill and plastic corner turned artifacts like shady spots, the glass on the overhead cabinet is very hazy, but the outline behind it objects quite distinct, pen boxes chrome and completely dissolved, and from behind the door ( it with glass, but the simulated and the adjacent rooms) In addition the floor (not to mention meblnuyu wall) has absolutely no hint of glare and reflections, although the material is sufficiently high glossiness. Now the problem mats: And the render settings I gently steer (Does this make sense until you understand) Thank you in advance 🙂

29 Sep, 2011 Anton (Staff Author)
30 Sep, 2011 # Re: Can you use materials with Raytrace in V-Ray?
Hello! To be honest, I was a bummer deal with sample questions from the narrative😁 On this, please specify their own, and then we will take them apart. In addition, the general concept of setting photorealism to 3d visualization of the interior, beyond the scope of this topic about Raytrace. On this, as I have said, formed specific questions leave them now in this thread, and I then transferred them to the desired partition and the desired topic. And already there, we're all over 🙂 Pictures will understand these too are using that you filled in, so just clearly formulate the questions😉

4 Jul, 2012 Nadya
4 Jul, 2012 # Re: Can you use materials with Raytrace in V-Ray?
Pdravstvuyte. I'm not very experienced visualizer. There was a problem. I create a scene. Exported scene revit directly (link). She put Vray settings Vray light. Materials Autdesk, except furniture. Everything is fine (as in the third picture). I close the program. Open the program 3D max. I render the same ... and here is !!!! With that, if you include the standard override mtl Vray mtl, it obtained such hay as it was before the first save and close the program: When rendering of the acid appeared, he wrote: Warning: Invalid light cache samples, and Material returned overbtight or invalid color. Help! This happened to me twice. For the first time before the first closing scene was like this picture: This is the first time I Linke Fail revit directly. I tried to FBX. Same.

29 Sep, 2011 Anton (Staff Author)
4 Jul, 2012 # Re: Can you use materials with Raytrace in V-Ray?


To render a scene in V-Ray, materials on all objects must be the same as V-Ray. Not the Revit , not mental ray, not some other. Only V-Ray or, in extreme cases, 3ds Max Standard, but without the use of ray tracing in them cards, etc.

Export geometry from Revit, in a universal format. Import it from the universal format in 3ds Max. Then, take it and do material V-Ray for each object in the scene yourself. Only such an approach is correct. If you do everything carefully. If the scene is not foreign to V-Ray, materials only and will not be "acid." Unceremoniously V-Ray does not take😁

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