Vehicle Modeling in 3ds Max

26 Aug, 2012 Nikk
26 Aug, 2012 # Re: Vehicle Modeling in 3ds Max
I want to learn how to model cars. From time to time there are problems and neponyatki while drawing. Can I run the theme here, and will periodically upload screenshots and questions? Draw decided Audi R8. Here are photos of the car. Here are the initial mesh Normally I do it? Or are there any comments? In some places, the grid floats slightly - I understand where there are three- and five-way summit. And isoline turned on in the settings turbosmooth is clearly visible (1,2,3). Also, in these locations significantly dazzled surface (4.5) How to avoid these problems?

29 Aug, 2012 Vladimir
29 Aug, 2012 # Re: Vehicle Modeling in 3ds Max
Please tell optimally quick lesson on the car modeling in 3d max! Since I can not figure out where to start lutchshe model and by what method, and in general, all models of cars on the same principle, or what?

29 Aug, 2012 Anton (Staff Author)
29 Aug, 2012 # Re: Vehicle Modeling in 3ds Max


Nikk, yes, of course. Come on!

In principle, we already have a topic on Sub-D Modeling'a and working with the grid of the car does not differ from working with any other object, since it's just a polymodelling. In any case, but we can collect questions in this topic, exclusively concerning the grid of cars 🙂

But, before you continue, or rather start, the right job of modeling a car in 3ds Max, I highly recommend buying the most wonderful video lesson from Evermotion.
It is called Car4ever Vol. 1.

Really more than shown in this lesson, how to approach the simulation of the car can not be told. At least, about the work process (settings of references / drawings) and, in fact, the concept of car modeling polygons.

To do something right, it's necessary to approach the process correctly. This lesson is just perfect for this purpose. Only after you understand all the principles and correctly come to the process of modeling, you can talk about a satisfactory result.

I advise you to get acquainted with this lesson and only the field of it to start modeling the car. And what you did now, it's better to just delete it. Do not try to modify it. Look at the lesson and start the simulation again. Of course, before that, you should have to model the mustang😁

I, about 5 years ago, modeled: Car 3D Visualization😉

Vladimir, all of the above concerns you. The only thing that should be understood is that modeling such a complex object as a car requires a certain skill in 3d modeling. If you do not have experience in poly modeling, but want to learn how to model cars, then prepare to spend on training for six months - up to two. Depending on your abilities and personal qualities. Faster, learn how to make a beautiful grid, not just automotive, but in principle, it will not work. 3d should be loved, it should bring satisfaction, as well as any fascinating occupation. So you either like it, and you'll be happy to learn how to model a wheelbarrow, or you'll just have to abandon this venture. Quick lessons, teaching complex and long processes - there is no such thing. Even an experienced modeler, in order to make such a form as the Audi R8, you need at least a day. And this is provided that there are perfectly fitted drawings (Left, Front, Back is good if also Top), a bunch of references and there is no need to do a salon. If you do for pleasure, so to speak, only with the headlight / wheel, you can take a day or two + more for the same for the rest of the details. So make conclusions😉

30 Aug, 2012 Nick
30 Aug, 2012 # Re: Vehicle Modeling in 3ds Max
Many thanks for the link 🙂 So I will study the mustang, beautiful machine. And for the R8 Priyma after him, I will detail to paint, can someone come in handy after me 🙂 And the questions will be in either case. Regarding lessons cars at domestic sites - it's sad. Either it explains the bad, or there is a feeling that the author understands the lesson in max worse and I just set a goal to draw cars and make the lesson. A pile of five and triangles - it does not matter, then we switched to turbosmusom move the apex, so as not so crooked it was - and all will be well. Grid sails - also not a problem, the material is homogeneous, no one will notice. On lowpoly modelka as Polycom, it looks like a high poly - also not a problem, because at Gorny render. And because I want to learn to draw correctly, and understand that in fact I do when I press this or that button, rather than the principle of the last time prokanaet, so this time prokanaet "

11 Sep, 2012 Vlad
11 Sep, 2012 # Re: Vehicle Modeling in 3ds Max
Hello everybody! First time unsubscribe 🙂 There are lessons Digital tUtors, there is also the Mustang (fresh) , but there modellingu better in terms of how many ways smodelit cocoa part of the car. Generally need to frequently look the other wheelbarrows grid, there are sites, foreign and domestic cars only, advise there to dig. A machine you choose is too complex (about Audi). One tip after natschishsya build the correct grid will be times when the bumper is admissible in zagrugleniya after Smoothie will dent. There is a technique: after 1-2 irretatsii, skollapsit grid and then just cut holes, etc. (Antinurbs) =) ps it seems nothing has broken the rules: |

30 Aug, 2012 Nick
10 Oct, 2012 # Re: Vehicle Modeling in 3ds Max
for some time been absent, he is now back with renewed vigor. Do Mustang from Evermotion. It is a good lesson, pleased with the presence of intermediate results. English, though with a strong American accent, but almost everything is clear, if someone will draw and will need help with the translation, it will help. The second lesson, too, be sure to look, but after you make the first

1 Nov, 2012 Yevgeniy
1 Nov, 2012 # Re: Vehicle Modeling in 3ds Max
Good evening! I am a professional who will be able to model the Porsche cayenne 2011 aerodynamic body kit from ferrari f12 berlinetta Please contact me by mail: XXXX

29 Aug, 2012 Anton (Staff Author)
1 Nov, 2012 # Re: Vehicle Modeling in 3ds Max
Eugene, we have a section of ads . This is a topic modeling. Please be careful😉

22 Nov, 2012 Datch
22 Nov, 2012 # Re: Vehicle Modeling in 3ds Max
I do not know how much actually, but about a month ago, I saw exactly the detailed modeling with the renderer. The truth is there are about 24 pieces and the first 20 hours longer. The link will not give, but I can say that on YouTube to find the drive 3ds max Audi r8 and find.

26 Nov, 2012 Artem
26 Nov, 2012 # Re: Vehicle Modeling in 3ds Max
Hello! Help who can- how to do so in wireframe mode displayed teksturki to the reference, and the other "building" to be transparent? Like any first day with "MAX" mark, and with a similar problem is faced for the first time, already wildly somehow 🙄 Thank you in advance!

26 Nov, 2012 Artem
26 Nov, 2012 # Re: Vehicle Modeling in 3ds Max
That's what it means not to listen carefully to the narrator, - Alt + X around the answer! 😁 Sorki for flooding.

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