Volume Lights in V-Ray

4 Mar, 2012 cem
4 Mar, 2012 # Re: Volume Lights in V-Ray
Good den.Rebyata a question to do with mass lesion render light Vrayrender.Hotel I use to know whether it is possible to make a volumetric light Vrae.Zaranee spasibo.Ya probyval Target Direct light but failed.

5 Mar, 2012 Anton (Staff Author)
5 Mar, 2012 # Re: Volume Lights in V-Ray


First of all, to make a true voluminous light, one must understand its nature, in the real world.

However paradoxical this may sound, the very expression "volumetric light" is nonsense.

The fact is that light does not have volume, in the literal sense of the word.
Light is the set of electromagnetic waves visible to the human eye of the spectrum. They are not as if they were not something tangible, able to fit into something or have volume.

Nevertheless, the essence of the phenomenon of volumetric light is very trivial.

Volumetric light, it is nothing but particles of dust, floating in the air, simply illuminated by a light source. That is, it does not light "volumetric light", but the dust that this light illuminates. That's all.

That's it, and this effect must be imitated in 3d.

How to do it?

If they return to nature with light beets, the most "honest" would be to create, in the scene, thousands and thousands of geometric dust particles, and then, just shine on them. But this, as you know, is not at all real. Such a scene will simply not be lifted, even if these specks were made with VRayProxy.

We understand this, developers understand it. In this connection, in the latest versions of the V-Ray renderer, an interesting post-effect appeared, which, in fact, is intended to simulate the accumulation of dust particles or water particles (fog) in the volume of the scene.
This effect is called VRayEnvironmentFog. For a more detailed look at its functions and get acquainted with its parameters, as well as examples of use, you can find on the online help for help on vira.

However, like any effect calculated in 3d, VRayEnvironmentFog will require an additional computational resource for rendering. In addition, using a post-effect that requires fine-tuning will force you to do a lot of test renderings, until you achieve the desired effect.

For this, without a specific need, to create volumetric light, using VRayEnvironmentFog is not the most rational way. Although, in practice, with a certain skill, with its help you can achieve the most realistic and correct result.

If there is no such thing as a really special need to do everything "physically correct", then the use of post processing is much more rational, fast and practically not inferior in quality, at least in the eyes of those who are not engaged in 3d visualization.

Here's a look at the render, which we discussed in the discussion of the setting of artificial lighting in V-Ray. If you pay attention to the central zone of the scene, you will see that a column of voluminous light descends from a large lamp above the table. This effect I made in a minute in Photoshop. But, in this case, there was no task to make the highlight of the scene from this effect. Therefore, he was not given due attention. However, it can easily be brought to "mind" by spending quite a bit of time on it, but at the same time, incomparably less than the time and effort that will have to spend on adjusting the same effect in 3d.

However, the choice is yours😉

4 Mar, 2012 cem
5 Mar, 2012 # Re: Volume Lights in V-Ray
Anton (RenderStuff) skaznnoe you all very helpful and I thank you vam.No Neum making volumetric light in fotoshopu.Mne need to get the effect of an abandoned room, and the light from the outside into the incident showing the dust will be glad if you help with practical advice.

5 Mar, 2012 Anton (Staff Author)
5 Mar, 2012 # Re: Volume Lights in V-Ray
Hello! Spread abandoned his room and I'll show you how to "surround" the light in Photoshop😉

23 Mar, 2012 Serge102
23 Mar, 2012 # Re: Volume Lights in V-Ray
Hello, I would like to create a light xenon car headlight lens. Render - vray. 1. Photoshop painted texture (severed at 150gradusov as "blind" from the lens) 2. BoxGizmo created, which put VRayEnvironmentFog, with the settings: use BoxGizmo and the spotlight in the scene, and the disabled to use all light sources. result: Help please, this is not the only way that I poprobyval (probyval light vray light plan and made invisible renderer "curtain" of editpoly), do not know how ...

26 Mar, 2012 Oleg
26 Mar, 2012 # Re: Volume Lights in V-Ray
Guys, I've seen an interesting way to one English-language website. you can give the links here?🙂

5 Mar, 2012 Anton (Staff Author)
26 Mar, 2012 # Re: Volume Lights in V-Ray
Hello! Yes, of course, if the link is really on, then it is entirely appropriate😉

26 Mar, 2012 Oleg
26 Mar, 2012 # Re: Volume Lights in V-Ray
http://www.ronenbekerman.com/making-of-3d-saint-benedict-chapel/ It's true in English. But there are screenshots - in this I think that will understand) there making of. If anyone can read all interesting. At the same time, and to practice English😁 This is only needed technology for creating volume light, easy to scroll through down to the header Lighting setup. I would be interested to know how do you this method?)

2 Apr, 2014 Masha
2 Apr, 2014 # Re: Volume Lights in V-Ray
Guys! I found a very easy and simple tutorial for creating volumetric light using PhotoShop! I hope, will help solve the problem, not puzzling over settings VRayEnvironmentFog! Here is the link, if the moderators allowed: http://pro-diz-art.ru/uroki-fotoshopa-effekt-obemnogo-sveta/ And if someone wants to stubbornly achieve this effect using V-Ray, here's another tutorial: http://www.3dmir.ru/s_tutor/tutor/661.html (again with the permission of the moderators) !!! Beautiful ray of all !!!

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