Vray lighting combinations

4 Nov, 2013 gus_ann (3dsmax vray expert)
4 Nov, 2013 # Re: Vray lighting combinations
Hello, recently interested in the question how many chords in Vray lighting there, what they are and in any case are used? I know everyone knows dve- first and most simple is the sun + sky + Portal window. The second-more complex: Vray dome + HDR image as the sky + sun (+ all the same portal in the window, with interior lighting). What does this bunch so interesting, when you turn the sun turns the sky itself HDR map. This bundle makes lighting more realistic, but in view of the complexity of its setup, this lighting scheme used by advanced users 3 d max. Are there still any of the ligaments and in any case it is better to use?

4 Nov, 2013 Anton (Staff Author)
4 Nov, 2013 # Re: Vray lighting combinations


In fact, the word "bundle", I would say, is appropriate only for VRaySun and VRaySky, everything else is generally not bundles. A link from the word connection, since there is a direct relationship between the parameters of the rank and the sky. The only thing that can be called a bundle is any container with a taggert, controlling the parameters (gradient color). In the rest it is all separate light sources, each of which imitates something. In particular, when it comes to the exterior scene, it simulates diffused light (such as from a celestial dome) - one thinning and direct sunlight (like the sun) - the other.

What exactly is imitating scattered light, and what is straightforward, is literally understandable from the principle of the action of light sources.

Scattered light is most often imitated by GI glow. It can be emitted by a sphere / hemisphere covering the entire scene, with a self-luminous material applied to it (sphere). You can simulate with the help of the Environment, which is also an infinitely large sphere covering the whole scene and emitting glow.

You can do this VRay Dome Light, which is itself a hemisphere, simply executed not literally by geometry, but parametric, in the form of a container that emits light from all the walls of the dome inside.

A glow map can be a color, an ordinary RGB raster, an HDRI raster or a parametric HDR map, which is VRaySky (it's just an HDR map with customizable parameters of how it will look and no more).

For example, I sometimes use as a source of scattered light, many point light sources emitting glow in all directions without fading. This I do when I do not want to use GI, so that it does not complicate the rendering of the animation.

As for the imitation of direct rays, it can be any source of direct light that is a virai san, that is any standard Maxxian that has directionality.

What are the best when used?

Here I would not advise unequivocally, it is rather a matter of taste, a specific situation or just the skills to use this or that instrument.

In general, you can use anything if you know how to use it. Any scene can be illuminated simply by GI and VRayLight. And VRayLight can be a source of direct rays, just make it spherical and activate No decay. He will give excellent direct rays, while with cool blurred shadows.

For example, the same Eavermotion generally render white studios for their model directories using Target Direct. Stupidly on the model they shine with "the sun", casting a clear shadow under it😁

4 Nov, 2013 gus_ann (3dsmax vray expert)
4 Nov, 2013 # Re: Vray lighting combinations

Thank you for the detailed response.

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