VRayAmbientLight puprose?

10 Sep, 2012 Inferno
10 Sep, 2012 # Re: VRayAmbientLight puprose?
Why still need a plugin vray ambient light in 3Ds MAX? I would like to learn the practical application of it! Help quench the thirst of knowledge! 😉

13 Sep, 2012 Anton (Staff Author)
13 Sep, 2012 # Re: VRayAmbientLight puprose?


Answering literally, to your question, the essence of VRayAmbientLight is completely reflected by its name. The fact is that Ambient Light, in Russian, is the Ambient Light. That is, the auxiliary light source VRayAmbientLight, is designed to create ambient light in the scene.

To understand what Ambient lighting is in computer graphics, the easiest way is to go out on a cloudy day without a bright sun. In this situation, scattered (not directed) light comes from everywhere. Of course, in fact, it comes from the sky, that is, the thickness of the gas, above the planet illuminated by the same sun. But for us, it seems that, supposedly, the light fills the space from all sides. Approximately the same, simulated and using Ambient lighting. That is, the light emanating from all sides and surrounding all objects is simulated in equal measure. Without shadows or obstacles.

Why is this necessary?

For example, you can not render to HDR format and use post-processing. Thus, get rid of dark corners or very dense shadows in the scene, if any. Therefore, you take the whole scene and "highlight" the filling light. Of course, you can forget about the contrast picture.

As an option, you have a very weak computer or very long animation and you want to save time on rendering Indirect illumination. Then you take and, instead of real GI, you cut the fake VRayAmbientLight, thus, somehow, simulate secondary lighting, just uniformly highlighting the whole scene.

Here's a cool article about Filling a portrait light😉

5 Mar, 2013 Inferno
5 Mar, 2013 # Re: VRayAmbientLight puprose?
Ah, got it! Thank you very much for the clarification! And yet I do not come in handy. Since I am able to render in HDR format and do post processing render! 👍

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