VRaySky and ColorCorrect

ColorCorrect + V-RaySky

While working with V-ray Renderer it's often arises the need of using a specific V-Ray map - VRaySky to illuminate the 3d scene. In most cases the standard settings of the map is quite sufficient. But sometimes the color saturation is too high. It gives a strong yellow or blue light. Unfortunately, a combination of ozone and turbidity parameters only, does not always provide the desired result. But as a way out of this situation is the ColorCorrect using. It's enough to put into a ColorCorrect Source slot the VRaySky map and adjust the Saturation value to get the proper illumination.

ColorCorrect + V-RaySky using

In practice this is the most flexible way to manage VRaySky illumination.

The tutorial is written and prepared by:

Anton (RenderStuff)
3d rendering artist at Ren3d with more than eight years of experience in photorealistic 3d rendering. Author of all RenderStuff rendering tutorials and much of the CG images on this site.
Max (RenderStuff)
Professional 3d modeler working at Ren3d, has seven years experience in creation of various 3d objects. Author of 3d models, co-author & theoretical editor of all RenderStuff publications.

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