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26 May, 2012 gus_ann
26 May, 2012 # Re: Who is who? Let's get acquainted
Hello first time stumbled on this site, I realized that this is a godsend - and the acquisition of skills, and additional advice regarding their work, and vooobsche - all people here are kind and always prompt and help. I do not know - whether it would be correct, but I would like to know more information about the creators of the site and of its active participants. Namely, one where he studied 3 D Max, how much, what is the result of this training, the work experience in the program, whether the connected 3 D Max profession or just a hobby. For example at RENDERSTAFFF have brief information about who they are and what they do, but somehow short - I would like to know more about our "teachers", where I studied, which have, can any Prize or something.

27 May, 2012 mOPs
27 May, 2012 # Re: Who is who? Let's get acquainted
Easily😉 Paul Asipenka Kiev, Ukraine. 3ds max - a hobby. Harness started since 2010 with pauses in a few months. Independently. Internet lessons, Youtube, and finally settled here and took root😁 The first scene I did for the lesson. And it seemed to me then that this is a very cool fan😁 3D work with nothing to do. Edited Anton (RenderStuff): Pasha, please, take my request literally. Only that relates directly to 3d graphics and how you are connected to it. Personal photos and pictures of children precisely to such does not belong. Be attentive😉

26 May, 2012 gus_ann
27 May, 2012 # Re: Who is who? Let's get acquainted
Anna Huseynov, Russia, Tula. I went to the local course, was the best type of student. The result did not satisfy course, more to learn there was no place nearby, so further action - independent learning. One of the last works Self-study is very difficult - and therefore prilyubilsya this site - you can ask, someone will help you. 😉

27 May, 2012 Anton (Staff Author)
27 May, 2012 # Re: Who is who? Let's get acquainted

I did not immediately start with 3d graphics. Just because N (I do not remember exactly, yes it does not matter) years ago, when the question arose, what will I do in life, especially, and there was no 3d graphics in the CIS countries. These were the times of the felts of 3ds Max 5 roofing felts 6, roofing felts 7 ... Moreover, then there was not, in general, the Internet, in the form in which we have it now. There was only dial-up, with terrifying speed, always breaking off and just at an exorbitant price. Not about any lessons, articles, libraries of models and other luxury, which is a commonplace now, could not be considered.
But, already then, my friend got a job printing in the design studio of one of the fast food restaurants. For simplicity of understanding, a kind of McDonald's analogue, only with Ukrainian cuisine, and not with hamburgers😁 Of course, all the work was in Photoshop, Corel, Illustrator, etc. .. It was then, looking at what it is white, intelligent, and In general, the creative work, I realized that this is exactly what I want to do in my post-Soviet country 🙂

Other my friends were arranged by car-owners, furniture collectors, sellers and even peacekeepers in Iraq. 🙄 In general, they worked on what works are pleasing, but not on those that imply a soft chair, a warm office and, of course, an adequate salary.

In addition to attractive working conditions (work as a designer), since childhood I have liked computer technology. So, that I thought not for long. I bought a book on a floppy and began to study it diligently at home, having tripled in triplicate to a printing press dealing with silk-screen printing. Already there in the shop, standing behind the silk screen machine, inhaling the caustic ink, and seeing how peacefully, in a cozy office, sip coffee design department, I realized that manual labor is something that I will not deal with once. Not because I work badly with my hands, it's just not mine ... So, this contrast was my additional stimulus, which inclines me to the intended goal.

In general, so syak learning Photoshop, I settled in one of the photo salons, the designer. It was, it is not so difficult, considering, described at the very beginning of the feature, specialists in computer graphics, even 2d - then there was.

Having worked there for a long time, I realized that it's boring, retouching acne and collecting vignettes. But there were no vacancies as such, and I got settled again in the photo salon, only in a more solid, and much more large salary.

Working there, I had enough time to do self-education. It was then that I first became interested in 3d graphics. There was no particular push to 3d, I just liked computer graphics, and 2d was boring for me. Here I am by itself, just an exception method (CG (2d + 3d) - 2d = 3d), came across 3ds Max. In the same way, as in the case of Photoshop, I bought myself a book and spent all day, sitting right at work, teaching 3d.

In the end, 2d tired me completely, and, not getting along with the employer in the matter of wages, I, with a scandal, left. Nevertheless, my work was nevertheless satisfied and advised me to my partner, who has a workshop for assembling furniture, as a specialist in computer graphics. Strange, but the fact, even despite the scandal, I found myself in the office of a close friend of my previous employer. But the most paradoxical thing was that the work was offered to me by a 3d visualizer. That's stupid such a strange coincidence😁

That's how I started doing 3d professionally. After the furniture production, I settled in, probably, the most original / creative, in our city, advertising (branding) agency. Afterwards, I was persuaded, the natives of this agency, to work with them, in the design studio of a large factory, for the production of food. Of course, the originality of work and wages were higher. The peak of work there, just fell on the global financial crisis of 2008 and I, seeing how the department is reducing the department, did not wait while with us all to say goodbye, left.

My last job was so free and comfortable that I would compare it with work at home. With the only difference is that you need to get up early in the morning😁

We had our own office, there was only a team of designers. The authorities appeared extremely rarely, and all tasks were set on the internal network and in the telephone mode. So that we were completely left to ourselves. Do the main job well and on time, and do whatever you want.

That's how I felt the taste of freedom not just in words, what it's like to do what you like, without the overhang of the authorities behind them and also get money for it.

But the crisis, as it is not strange, touched not only us, but all the enterprises around. So, there was simply nowhere to go, the more I was already a spoiled worker, and I'd be licked where, I was not going to go. Nevertheless, I saved a good amount of money, the salary was good enough to hold out without work for more than a month. It was at that moment that I realized that I could not find such a job for myself any more, but I did not want to work with the worst conditions, and I could not. Good work, high salary, happy conditions, excellent team made Its business. By that time, the Internet became affordable, desktop computers powerful, and the industry of 3d graphics came out of the underground, turning into a fashionable profession. In my situation it was just stupid to miss such a chance to become independent. In parallel, with all this, my friend, also engaged in 3d graphics (low-poly modeling for computer games), and came to similar conclusions. Moreover, by that time we had already accumulated a small database of regular customers, whom we had met at previous places of work and we decided to create a small studio for 3d visualization. So we started 3d graphics ourselves, which is what we are doing to this day😉 Of course, this is only general information about where I worked and how. Once he even led the 3ds Max courses at the local computer academy, but I was almost immediately persuaded to work elsewhere, which I do not regret, and even freelancing, I started a little earlier than we created Ren3d. But this is not so important, in general terms to the computer graphics, I came just like this 🙂

29 Sep, 2012 Mark
29 Sep, 2012 # Re: Who is who? Let's get acquainted

Hello dear administrators and users of this wonderful site! I'm writing to you from Turkmenistan.
My name is Mark. 22. I like to conjure on a computer for dynamic music. I try to go in for sports, as long sitting behind a computer anybody will not make "IMHO" more strongly. For example, swimming or simulators all will not prevent us🙂 I started to study 3d more seriously a little more than six months. I read a lot of literature. The video looked very little since the internet here is super expensive. You will be hungry if the video starts on the Internet and it's not a joke. You have the clearest lessons, and I'm not the first to tell you about it. You are just great! Just SUPER! The users of the site are pleased and the order reigning on it. Please continue in the same spirit and beyond. I will continue with great pleasure to read your articles and discuss them, and if there is time, I will even take part. With time, I'm tight, because I'm working in a design studio. I know CorelDraw and Adobe Photoshop well (they started my career as a self-taught designer). I know the autogood mediocre - only 2-dimensional drawings. As for 3d maxa - then I used to do a little bit of everything - visualization and settings vray as well as the materials I already know pretty well (although it happens along the way and I get into some kind of dead ends (with whom nebyvaet ??🙂. With the modeling, I thought that I was fine until I learned a lesson with modeling one audi🙂🙂 then I went down to earth from the sky🙂
Please continue to develop your site, with such masters as you, work for us, 3Dshnikov (beginners and burned), great honor and real pleasure!

26 Oct, 2012 Shershov
26 Oct, 2012 # Re: Who is who? Let's get acquainted
Guys, thank you very much for your great resource! Just the pit of the most valuable information!

26 May, 2012 gus_ann
18 Apr, 2013 # Re: Who is who? Let's get acquainted
I'll tell you a little story ... I got a job as a designer in a agenststvo. I think - now I podnataskal, brush up ... So, the meaning of the work was sdeduet: 1 day - one interior scene + render overnight. We have to work quickly and efficiently, it is desirable. But, unfortunately, it does not always mean good fast, so employees out of position very low settings and low light settings Wee yard. Light in the window are set up the same as it is now it is set up in your scene, but in addition they gave him a bit of blue in order to simulate daylight. From which I conclude that this, too, can work. In short, I worked there for 2 weeks, and neither took a penny for his work, crossing himself went 10 times. For me, it became immediately clear - rivet low-quality renderers is not for me, I want more, I want to become a professional.

27 Jun, 2013 Usco (3d modeling expert)
27 Jun, 2013 # Re: Who is who? Let's get acquainted
gus_ann, hello. Prvilno to read hmm ... 🙂 is an abbreviation, but I made her Nick. The stress on the 1st syllable 🙂. 3d Max, Photoshop, CorelDRAW - it's a hobby. Engaged when there is time and something new in terms of knowledge (that I can master in a moment), specially I never studied, all of the books and the Internet. I'm a novice. I got to this site by accident, read the lessons on setting the rendering on the "left" website, interested in the original. I knocked down almost to the beginning of the project to "seat on the subway." This project has a very strong result for me, before I had anything like this "level" is not modeled, not textured, not rendering. The results of all this here on the site, had not anything anywhere "has published". Thanks to Anton and Max for the site, and all the participants for their help.

7 Dec, 2013 Tatyanka
7 Dec, 2013 # Re: Who is who? Let's get acquainted

Hello, I'm an architect, I work remotely and send mail, mostly working in a bunch of arch + + artlantis, but for professional growth I decided to master 3d max, I took a course on especial visualization from Skidel, I started from level 0 and the courses helped me Not afraid of the program, but nobody answered my questions on its forum, I then decided to do a visualization of the working draft of a high-rise apartment building and it was my mistake to show the whole house from the level of human growth, for the right composition, I had to I moved the camera away and then I could not see the textures, I had a normal computer, but it was terribly slow, knocked out max constantly, glitches. At the forum I was told that it was not because of the long distance that everything should turn out that the max is always flying too Helped to understand and find the reason, corresponded with the same beginners 0 as I. Initially, I promised that I would do everything in the new program and super-duper, did not take into account the fact that there might be problems and ask no one and in a fit of despair began to ask questions On mail.ru, respond I sued alexandushka for which he thanked me a lot, and advised this site. I of course screwed up the project as it turned out only close angles where the whole house is not visible, I did not do the final robot courses due to the fact that I did not get a normal day view ( I think if I took a small house that they gave, and not modeled herself, everything would have turned out) no one answered the questions and at this max I was fed up.
But then I was offered to design a cafe and I decided to return to the lessons I had learned on the course, although it turned out to be a huge difference from the exterior and interior visualization, my site came to help, very clearly described all the settings for what, for the course, only Buttons to press, and for what they talked later, but then not a word, or told but very concisely.
Lesson from gus_ann then still nebylo, the curtains properly set up did not work and unfortunately it does not work out dosiport 🙄. That's what I did, it was done in June with a lot of mistakes, but as it turned out ...

After a long break, I realized what the problem was: an incorrectly installed vira, or some broken one, it worked but the max with it crashed, the render was hanging, it was not normally saved. Now, I installed a max 2012 with a new virai and there are no such problems, everything works fine . So that my advice is properly installed a good program is already half the case and necessarily correctly spelled out in English structured folders that will simplify life, and when there are problems to know that you have strong rear and do not worry about it.
Now again, the order of the interior and again the problem, I want to do not as a realty, and according to the rules that would work out the basic principles, I read everything on the site anew, that I did not notice before, I began to carefully read the discussions after the lessons and there I found many answers to my questions . Very liked the lesson from gus_ann 👌, everything was put in its place, but something does not work out, I hope ann will help, but it will not appeal to anyone 🙄 When it begins to master her lessons in artificial lighting and postprocessing , And then look and I myself can respond to others Questions. So I'm very grateful to the creators of the site! 👍 And again the question, how to track new comments, questions, new emerging topics? Is there such a tape on the site?

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