Work in 3ds Max during rendering

15 Jun, 2013 Mariya
15 Jun, 2013 # Re: Work in 3ds Max during rendering
Hello, tell me how to set the settings to render the process takes no more than 50% of the processor power and had the opportunity to work in another project?

16 Jun, 2013 Anton (Staff Author)
16 Jun, 2013 # Re: Work in 3ds Max during rendering


Nominally, if you work in V-Ray, then there is a regular function of Low thread priority, with its help the rendering process becomes a secondary system and it gives priority to any other active application.

Alternatively, you can prioritize the rendering process directly in Windows. To do this, just run the Windows Task Manager, on the Processes tab, find the desired process (3ds Max) and, by pressing the right key, select Set Priority - Below Normal or Low Low).

In practice, this does not always save and directly depends on the scene itself, how much it is "heavy", and, most importantly, how much RAM is wasted. More often than not, the system slows down not so much from the priorities of the processes, namely, because one of them uses the memory resource very much. In such cases, there is nothing to be done and lowering the priority of the rendering process in the system does not give the desired result.

Responding literally to your question, Windows allows you to assign the number of cores (computing threads) of the processor to the process. To do this, do everything described above for assigning a priority, just choose not Set Priority, but Set Affinity (as in Russian it's called I do not know😁):

So you can literally specify how many cores to use for 3ds Max. The only thing that is worth noting, I'm not sure that this assignment is saved after restarting Windows and generally launching the new 3ds Max. If I'm not mistaken, you can write this in the command line in the parameters of Max's icon, then at any start of max from this icon it will be allocated the specified kernels😉

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