Working with 3ds Max Backburner: Manager, Server, Monitor

17 Jun, 2013 Irina
17 Jun, 2013 # Re: Working with 3ds Max Backburner: Manager, Server, Monitor
Backburner queue monitor is not connected to the scene to do? Throws an error could not locate a manager What is this error and how to fix it?

17 Jun, 2013 Anton (Staff Author)
17 Jun, 2013 # Re: Working with 3ds Max Backburner: Manager, Server, Monitor


I believe, as you already know, the Backburner system is a complex of three programs, namely:

Server - the program that runs on the local computer 3ds Max in the background and is controlled by the commands manager

Manager - directly the rendering manager, storing scenes that need to be rendered, defining the render queue and distributing tasks for the servers, who is what frame and what scene should be rendered at the moment

Monitor - the program of remote monitoring and management manager'om

Immediately, the error that you see, says that in your network with mask 225. 225. 225.0 monitor can not find the manager. And it suggests, check the network settings, on the computer with the manager and on the computer from which you launch the monitor, if you are sure that the manager is installed correctly.

In other words, you should see whether the computers and monitor are in the same network and working group. Here you need to dig into the network settings, so I can not give a specific recommendation.

Another option is to check the manager settings: Edit => General Settings => Manager Port

And then check the settings of monitor: Manager => Connect ... => Port, as well as Sudnet Mask

Ports must match the monitor and manager, as well as the manager's Sudnet Mask, must match the network mask to which the computer is connected to monitor, or vice versa.

But there might be a catch. I had the same situation. I installed Backburner 2013, while his monitor categorically refused to connect to the manager, despite the fact that everything was right, both the port and the network settings. No reinstallations in a row and "dances with a tambourine" did not help. In general, there was nothing to be done. However, I still had an old manager for the recently installed 3ds Max 2008, I do not remember why, but I ran it, maybe accidentally, and "Oh miracle!", Monitor 2008 perfectly picked up the manager 2013 and managed well with it.

That's how it stands to this day I have monitor 2008, with which I manage the manager and servers 2013😁

17 Jun, 2013 Irina
18 Jun, 2013 # Re: Working with 3ds Max Backburner: Manager, Server, Monitor
Hi! I do not understand what's there to look at. manager: Edit => General Settings => Manager Port monitor: Manager => Connect ... => Port

17 Jun, 2013 Anton (Staff Author)
18 Jun, 2013 # Re: Working with 3ds Max Backburner: Manager, Server, Monitor
Hello! Be curious and bold experiments with the settings ON😁 Just uncheck Automatic Search and manually specify port 3234, because it is such a Manager Port on your first screenshot. The same applies to the subnet mask😉

17 Jun, 2013 Irina
19 Jul, 2013 # Re: Working with 3ds Max Backburner: Manager, Server, Monitor
Thank you

10 Aug, 2015 Darya
10 Aug, 2015 # Re: Working with 3ds Max Backburner: Manager, Server, Monitor
Good day. I Tried, then, set up a scheduler, but does not work (I do everything as here ( ) describe all the good - the server and monitor each other they see, but it is impossible to create a new task.:. I get this error message: ps it is impossible to insert a picture. Like everything in the instructions, and the picture becomes.

10 Aug, 2015 Darya
10 Aug, 2015 # Re: Working with 3ds Max Backburner: Manager, Server, Monitor
Then I thought that "UTF16" judging by perfiksu problem arose because of the Russian name of the task. In the evening, I try the house - accomplish your goal)

10 Aug, 2015 Darya
11 Aug, 2015 # Re: Working with 3ds Max Backburner: Manager, Server, Monitor
The problem could start, and now some other error (

17 Jun, 2013 Anton (Staff Author)
12 Aug, 2015 # Re: Working with 3ds Max Backburner: Manager, Server, Monitor
Hello! Specially created a test scene (no matter what kind of content), I called it Cyrillic asked the name of the stored sequences in the Render Output, as well as the use of the Cyrillic alphabet in the path name to save the render (folder where to save the renderings). As a result, the work went on Manager, and quietly started to execute. The only drawback is that in the Monitor, the name in the list of works, look like you - UTF16_ and coding of caps. As a result, called Cyrillic work (scene) with the name of the sequence Cyrillic Cyrillic path name - is carried out without any problems. Just in the task list instead of the ugly file encoding. That is, specifically, in your case, the problem is not in Cyrillic. To try to understand what it is, drag the column Error Message and write the name of the error until the end, that is: 3dsmax adapter error: the pipe has been ended .: 109 3ds Max ada ... and that there is further spelled out. Then you can figure out what is the actual problem. In addition, give the full screens of what they write, and Server Monitor. These logs also contains useful information!

10 Aug, 2015 Darya
13 Aug, 2015 # Re: Working with 3ds Max Backburner: Manager, Server, Monitor
Hello again 🙂 "3dsmax adapter error: the pipe has been ended." - That this error is repeated many times simply. I do not know why, but I try to give the task (job) name in Cyrillic results in the above error. However, it does not matter. Dame task name in the Latin alphabet. 1. Manager 2. Server 3. Monitor I understand that the pipe - a mechanism for interprocess communication, such as associated with sockets. Once the server opens a pipe, for some reason, he closes: | Error such occurs, it appears in different contexts, not only related to 3DMaksom ... But I understand still does not work 🤔 More has been speculated that this may be due to the fact that I have max for non-commercial use. Although in this case, I would have said the program, probably ...

17 Jun, 2013 Anton (Staff Author)
17 Aug, 2015 # Re: Working with 3ds Max Backburner: Manager, Server, Monitor


Unfortunately, the screenshots that you showed are not very informative (as before, the error messages are cut off, you can not see because of the under-scrolling) are poorly readable (not the first launch after the reset with a bunch of unnecessary logs). Also, you do not quite understand what Server, Manager and Monitor are, honestly you confuse the last two. In this connection, below, I myself will post screenshots of the normally started Manager (which detected and "picked up" the normally working Server and Monitor), the normally running Server (which was connected to the Manager) and Monitor, which connected to the Manager, sees the list of Servers And can manage the render tasks. There will also be screenshots of the settings of the above programs. This will make it possible to compare the settings of your (not correctly working) programs with my settings and, in case of differences, correct your settings. This may well help.




Also, for the unhindered operation of the Autodesk Backburner software suite, an important aspect is the absence of interference in the "connection" between Manager <=> Server <=> Monitor. Most often, this is a banal blocking of network connections between computers "Windows Firewall" (Windows Firewall).

It can be found in Control Panel> System and Security> Windows Firewall.

If your settings are the same as mine, or if their change did not lead to the desired result, then it's worth checking if the attempts to connect between these programs are blocked. To do this, temporarily, completely shut down the Windows Firewall, and do this on all computers, that is, on that on the manager, and then on the server, and then on the monitor. If this helps and all the programs connect to each other, then you need to add them to the Windows Firewall exceptions.

As for the "epic" with the Cyrillic alphabet, then, as I said, everything works with it, that is, it's not in Cyrillic. You can not load the task list into the task list, because it is in Cyrillic, but because its name is very long and exceeds a certain number of characters. I do not know the exact number, but there is a limit. Call the same Cyrillic work (the scene), just shorter and she calmly go to work Autodesk Backburner😉

17 Jun, 2013 Anton (Staff Author)
9 Aug, 2016 # Re: Working with 3ds Max Backburner: Manager, Server, Monitor


So I ran into the above problem, namely, issuing the server "The pipe has been ended: 109 3dsmax adapter error" and as a result - refusing to launch the render. After some searches, I still found a solution. But first a little "history".

In general, we got an excellent server with a preinstalled Windows already. 3ds Max and prochnke programs we were installed similarly to all the other wonderfully working servers. All the recommendations for resolving network access restrictions for the Server, described above, are met. But nevertheless, Server categorically did not want to run the rendering on this computer. All the rest, from the software installed on the CG to the configuration of the computer - are completely identical. The only formal difference was that the Windows we got along with the computer was completely Russian-speaking.

Without thinking twice, I found that the files of the current tasks transferred to the server lie along the path:

C: UsersUsernameAppDataLocal? AckburnerServerJob ...

While operating servers are located in:

C: UsersUserNameAppDataLocal? AckburnerServerJob ...

In fact, this was the only difference from all other systems.

Change "UserName" to any other User Name is not difficult. What I actually did, creating and naming a new user in Latin, but to change the "Users" to "Users" - you need to change the language of the entire system. That is, to de-codify Windows. What actually was done. How I do this I will not describe. On the Internet, more than enough video instructions on the topic of creating a new user, and on changing the language of the system.

In general, as you already guessed, after the server-based pathways for ServerJob - everything worked perfectly. In general, in CG everywhere to use the Latin alphabet in its work is basically the rule of a good tone trideshnika.

I hope that my experience sykonomet someone a lot of time😉

4 Dec, 2017 Denis
4 Dec, 2017 # Re: Working with 3ds Max Backburner: Manager, Server, Monitor
Anton! You are my savior !! I spent the whole day. Shoveled the floor of the Internet. But it was your advice that helped! Thanks you!!! From the heart!

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