3-Phase Asynchronous Induction Motor

Max (RenderStuff), 768 days ago in premium 3d models
premium 3d models 3-Phase Asynchronous Induction Motor renderstuff

Highly detailed 3d model of stationary electric motor. Entire steel frame of the motor, that is painted with blue oil paint, is an one-piece mesh with the correct tri and quad topology. Everything including radiator fins, fillets, fastening elements are made by pro 3d modeler using real blueprints. Every detail of this 3d model is ready for subdivision with any iterations number. It comes in a base mesh so you can adjust its detail level on your own discretion. For convenience, each model has UVW Mapping modifier applied after the subdivision modifier to prevent texture distortion on any detail level. For better realism, 3d model has a white plastic fan, which is definitely seen through the back openings of the motor. The fan, as well as the rotor shaft, has the correct pivot points for making animation easier. Other internal elements that cannot be seen from the outside of the motor, such as rotor, stator, winding, bearings etc., are absent in this 3d model.

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Decorated Christmas Tree from gus_ann

Anton (RenderStuff), 848 days ago in free 3d models
free 3d models Decorated Christmas Tree from gus_ann renderstuff

Highly detailed realistic 3d model of a plant Christmas tree, decorated with Xmas toys, which nicely hanging on the branches. There are big yellow, red, and blue balls, as well as few turquois smaller ones on the tree. In addition, there are toys of an unusual shape of a twisted yellowish-red pattern that is beveled; the metallic-colored bells with a burgundy edge at the bottom. The entire Christmas tree is skirted by electric fairy lights on a black wire, and shiny pine-like tinsel of a golden foil. The branches with all needles are grouped separately and they are connected to the tree base. They are all made with true instanced geometry, but the geometry is converted to a VRayProxy objects for making work in viewport easier. It is obvious that using this 3d model is possible only having V-Ray renderer enabled, because the VRayProxy cannot be used by other rendering engines. The vrmesh-file can be found in the archive with the max-file itself.

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White Messenger Bag with Green Strap from gus_ann

Max (RenderStuff), 934 days ago in free 3d models
free 3d models White Messenger Bag with Green Strap from gus_ann renderstuff

The 3d model of a messenger bag made of linen fabric, which has the green shoulder strap and soft fastener. This typical unisex bag is the usual attribute of the courier or the mail carrier. It is sometimes called the DJ’s bag. This is a very stylish accessory of a modern urban life. Will perfectly suit as the interior filling object in architectural visuals of a modern or teenager style. The geometry of the bag 3d model is one-sided, but, if you have such necessity, the Shell modifier will add the realistic thickness. However, beware of significant increase of the polygon count. The textures come in the archive, and the materials are prepared. The 3ds Max 2010 file is completely ready to render and does not need any additional setup. The preview is rendered using V-Ray 2.0. This great 3d model is kindly presented for all the RenderStuff users by gus_ann, and we want to thank her for this personally as well as on behalf of all those who find it useful for own scenes!

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Milky Bedspread with Silver Cushions

Anton (RenderStuff), 997 days ago in free 3d models
free 3d models Milky Bedspread with Silver Cushions renderstuff

The 3d model of the bed fabric set of a luxury class made in silver-milky colors. It consist of 3d models of three pairs of different-sized cushions and a milky bedspread with gray velour insets. The first inset goes across whole bedcover; the second one forms the skirt, which gracefully runs down the floor around the bed. This feature of the model leaves the need to create the bed and mattress objects, as they are visually covered. At this time, the shape of 2000 x 1800 mm mattress’ silhouette can be seen. This bedroom set must be set next to a free-standing headboard. It is intentionally absent to have the ability to choose and use the suitable headboard 3d model for your interior. The pair of the biggest pillows are made of silver silk. The two of smaller size have velour material with silk inset in the middle. The smallest ones have pillowcases of the same milky-colored fabric, decorated by three big buttons.

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Ring Core Transformer

Max (RenderStuff), 1082 days ago in premium 3d models
premium 3d models Ring Core Transformer renderstuff

Realistic 3d model of power electricity transformer with toroid core. It resembles the static electromagnetic device with ring magnetic circuit that has copper winding on it. The winding’s coils are opened and not protected by varnish fabric; this gives the specific copper shine and instant recognition and identification to this transformer among other distinct radio components. Certainly, there are only the windings 3d models. As the core is not visible, it isn’t present in 3d model. There are two windings, done in different methods. The first one is the main torus shape, made using the normal mapping technology, when the normals are projected on a mid-poly object from its super-high-polygonal version. The material, mapping, and pre-rendered normal map are already set up and there is no need to adjust any setting to get it working. To have more realistic look, the model has the second layer of windings, which gives more volume to the transformer thanks to freely sitting copper wire.

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The best PC for computer graphics and 3d rendering: October 2013

Max (RenderStuff), 1247 days ago in Translated Discussions
Translated Discussions The best PC for computer graphics and 3d rendering: October 2013 renderstuff

Oftenly, computer graphics specialists are faced with the problem of choosing the optimal configuration of the computer for their needs. We regularly asked the question: which computer to buy for 3ds Max? That is why in this publication, we decided to analyze the most successful PC assemblies, which are the best choice for the CG professional. In particular, we focus just on the description of the computer for CPU-rendering, as the workstation differs from it only by inserted graphics card. As practice shows, the new viewport engine of 3ds Max called Nitrous works perfectly on any modern graphics card priced from 80 to 120 USD. Therefore, you can select it on your own preference. As for the CPU vs. GPU rendering , the RenderStuff specializes in the CPU-rendering in V-Ray and the emphasis placed on the overall system performance to build the so-called render node .

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Film Clapperboard

Anton (RenderStuff), 1357 days ago in premium 3d models
premium 3d models Film Clapperboard renderstuff

Realistic 3d model of the modern wooden non-digital film clapperboard with the translucent acrylic plate. This is a very typical tool of both the classic and modern film-making, needed for marking the filmed material. The Clapper-Loader writes different information about currently filming scene, such as director’s name, current date, takes count, scene number, lighting type and so on. After having all those data on the board, slate is showed on camera and the clapper at the top of the clapper-board being hit down. Such marking helps the production engineers to synchronize the filmed video-materials with the sound. This 3d model fully resembles a real clapperboard and can be used in animation without any corrections. The board has the layout needed for markings, the clappers are painted black and white; the upper clapper has the correct rotation center and made as a separate object, so the clapping movement is very easy to perform in your 3d scene. The film slate 3d model is thoroughly modeled and textured.

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