Compact Folding Mini Bike 3d Model

Dec 9, 2010
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3D Asset Details

It should easily fit under an office desk at work and not become a hindrance in the crowded subway, while being a full-fledged bike, capable of withstanding the weight of an adult, that let user quickly and comfortably travel on a relatively long distance. Many people familiar with the situation, when to get to office on time is practically impossible because of long traffic jams. And the nearest metro station is a few kilometers from the office.

The having of a compact bicycle is simply irreplaceable in this and similar cases. Its size when folded 69cm x 42cm x 20cm and weighs only 6.3kg. In fact, the folded A-bike only slightly heavier and bigger than usual closed rain umbrella. The main purpose of the A-bike is traveling at a relatively small distance or mixed mode, when you need to quickly get to the bus stop or subway station, while freely enter the bus or train with a bicycle in hands. A-bike is in an instant transformer, which, like a child's toy, is transformed from a small compact device to city bike. The real bike comes with a special bag-cover with a soft handle, which you can put the folded bike in and free to carry as tube for drawings and papers. A well-known London magazine Time Out even named the A-bike an iPod among bicycles for its compactness and originality of engineering solution. Actual bike made of lightweight composite plastic and durable heat-treated aluminum.

This premium 3d model repeats all forms of real bike, in the open and in the folded state. Its basis is a folding frame, cross part of which are moving and allow frame to fold. Bicycle stands on a small aluminum wheels, which are dressed in a rubber tire. Despite its compact, for greater cyclist comfort, the tire is not a simple ring made of rubber; it hides the inner air tube. Pumping air into the chamber is performed using ordinary pump by pumping air through a brass nipple valve. Transmission mechanism that transmits torque from the pedals to the rear wheel, fully sewn in a plastic casing, which reduces the dirty by soiled lubricants the user of real bike. Externally, the casing looks like a small plastic box with pedals. This 3d model has the sea wave coloring. For greater realism, and originality there are blotches of aluminum chips, which gives it a special sparkle. If desired, this chip can be easily removed. The 3d model comes with all the necessary textures and maps for this. Seat and handlebar are painted in red-maroon color. Feature of the saddle is a large recess behind. It is not just the original design step, but also practical, technologically necessary, excavation. Its purpose is easily understood by looking at the 3d model of a folding bike in folded state.

This 3d model is perfect for animations and post production in video advertising. Will be the highlight in any interior and exterior scenes in 3d architectural rendering.

The archives for each format and each version of the renderer contain the 3d models of bicycles in the unfolded and folded state.

Common distinguishing feature of the bike 3d model in the unfolded form is the mobility of the steering parts. In particular, 3d model front wheel, forks, brake handles and handlebars are linked to the dummy object, which can turn the above details. In addition, the 3d model’s rear brake cable correctly divided into two parts and allows you to turn handlebars without stretching it. When rotating the dummy, be sure to set the local rotation mode for rotating parts around the correct local axis.

3d model has a rationally optimized mesh with the correct topology, professionally customized materials and is fully prepared to render.

How this bike looks like in the interior, exterior and studio setting, as well as photorealistic interactive presentation, you can see on the previews above.

The actual 3d model is a copy of an really existing compact folding bike.

This 3d model is presented in five formats for maximum compatibility with various computer graphics packages, flexibility and ease of use:

3ds Max 5.0 and higher: [ 3ds Max 5.0 / Standard ] + [ V-Ray MAT ] 3ds Max 2008 with V-Ray: [ 3ds Max 2008 / V-Ray ] Universal Autodesk [ FBX / Standard ] Universally accepted [ OBJ ] + [ Obj MTL ] Universally accepted [ 3DS / Basic ]

3ds Max 5.0 and higher: [ 3ds Max 5.0 / Standard ] + [ V-Ray MAT ]: Archive with the 3d model file of 3ds Max 5.0 format and MAT-file with 3ds Max V-Ray materials. Ideal for users, who has 3ds Max of almost any version, that is 5.0 and above.

3ds Max 2008 with V-Ray: [ 3ds Max 2008 / V-Ray ]: Archive with the original 3d model file of 3ds Max 2008 format and the V-Ray material. It is a source format and it is designed for users of V-Ray on 3ds Max 2008 and above.

Universal Autodesk [ FBX / Standard ]: Archive with the 3d model file in Autodesk FBX universal format with the standard internal materials. It is handy for use in most Autodesk applications and in the few others.

Universally accepted [ OBJ ] + [ Obj MTL ]: archive with 3d model file in a generic Wavefront OBJ format and external obj material MTL file. This format allow the easy use of this 3d model as a three-dimensional clipart in various applications, especially in those that have limitations of the 3d technologies such as in the 2D raster editor Photoshop.

Universally accepted [3DS / Basic ]: archive with 3d model file in a generic 3d studio max 3DS format with the internal basic materials. This format allow the easy use of this 3d model as a three-dimensional clipart in various applications, especially in those that have limitations of the 3d technologies such as in the 2D raster editor Photoshop.

All the textures come in a separate archive, so before you import a model into your software, do not forget to place the all textures to the prepared for this folder. Often, such a folder is a root directory with the model file.