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May 5, 2024 Update

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Direct PayPal Donation

You can make a direct donation to the RenderStuff project via PayPal, by using the following email.

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Your Assets Donation

If you have interesting assets that might be useful to others, you can donate them to RenderStuff. For more information on this, see under Publish Your Content section.

Purchase of Our Premium Assets

As you may notice, website has premium items with links to pages on 3D market. This is an important part of RenderStuff, as it is a main source of financial support that has allowed this website to keep going all these years.

Please consider the support by purchasing one of high quality premium 3D models for your next projects. It will be a real win-win option.

This Project Needs Your Support

Every free item, every page, every downloadable, every online tool here is worth a lot of efforts. Some take several months of fulltime work to create, some even require an endless time for regular maintenance and updates. The motivation for creating content of this project is a passion and hobby, but those who create free things here are also ordinary people. As you might guess, nobody pays them a salary for this work.

Therefore, your financial support is vital, it is one of the main things that allow this project to exist since 2008. Your role in this is very important. By supporting this project financially, you become part of it and help to create and maintain the useful and free stuff for yourself and for all everyone.

If you like what you found here, if the tools or assets from RenderStuff help you in your daily work, please support this project. The three main options are listed below.

If you have any questions regarding the support of this project, please write directly to e-mail above.