Publish Your Content

Dec 4, 2022


Hi everyone,

As you can see, there is a lot of free stuff here on the site, and many of you like to use it for your projects. I am, in turn, try to please you with new content as soon as possible, but as they say, "two heads are better than one". In other words, it means that your participation in this project is greatly appreciated.

If you feel that you have interesting things to share with others, but don't have your own suitable platform for it, I'd be happy to publish donated content as free content on this website.

Please, reach me trough email and we will discuss the details.

To see exactly what kind of participation you can take, just look at what is already on this site and compare it to what you have. Maybe you already have a lot of suitable content from your past projects, which is just lying and "gathering dust" on your local drive. At the same time, posting this materials here can be useful for many others and even for yourself. Because it's much better to have, for example, some of your textures described, tagged when published here online. Therefore, it will be very easy to find them on any device, from any place, just by searching the Internet. This is definitely better than if your asset is just a lost shadow part of one of your past projects, lying somewhere far away in the archives. And it often happens that when you urgently need such a texture, you do not have time to look for it on your computer somewhere in the archives due to the tight deadlines of the current project. So it's better to have your non-private assets instantly available online.

It won't require much effort on your part other than to find such an asset once and send it to me. All the really hard extra work required to publish your asset online, like creating a preview, converting formats, writing a description, improving the asset itself if needed, etc., I'll do it myself. Of course, you can also participate in this process if you want to.


Additionally, I may ask you to provide some proof that you are the author / owner of the content you donate to RenderStuff. We will discuss specific details privately. But this is necessary to make sure that we don't publish anything here without the consent of the rightful owner. Consider this as your own copyright protection. Because only the person who is the real owner of the content has the right to decide whether it can be published here or not.

It is highly desirable that the content you provide be unique on the web. This is not required, but greatly appreciated. So that means it would be great if RenderStuff was the only platform where this content is published. But this will be discussed individually.

The quality. If an asset is great by default, then it's just great, period. Less work for me. But even assets that are not in the best condition to begin with, can usually be improved. So I will do my best to improve the asset as much as possible to be in publicly acceptable shape. Anyway, each case will be considered separately. Please show what you have and we'll see what we can come up with.

3D Models

Any generic 3D model in any format that someone else can use in their projects will do.

If you have any interesting scans I can try to publish them as well. I'll probably do some additional remesh/retopology work first if the scan is too dense.


If you have textures of any type, welcome. Any subject, any format.

Articles / Tutorials

If you have an experience that you want to share with others, you can share it here. RenderStuff's primary audience is content creators who ultimately deal with images of various types as a final product. Therefore, tutorials and tips on computer graphics (2D/3D/Video editing) or, for example, articles on the topic of hardware, which will be of interest to creators of graphic content, are perfectly fit here.


Software is a special entity. If you're a software developer, you can probably build a website for your product yourself. So you usually don't need another platform. But this is not always the case. For example, RenderStuff already has a very targeted audience that uses computer graphics in their work in one way or another. Therefore, even for you, it can be a very convenient way to declare yourself if you have a product related to computer graphics. Cooperation in the development of your product is also possible.

If you're not a software developer but have an idea, even if you think it's crazy, feel free to contact me. I am an open person and will discuss with you the possibility and prospects of creating a suitable program.

Simply put, if you're missing a tool in your work, but have an idea of what it should look like, let me know. I will do what I can.

The only thing I want to clarify is that I am a web developer and prefer to develop online tools. Check out our online Tools section for examples of what I can do.

Anyway, I'm totally open to any ideas you have.


For my part, I will mention you at the top of the content description as the author. Including providing a link to your blog, social media profile or even a marketplace page where you sell your paid assets. Such as photo stocks, 3D model markets, etc.

Of course, we are talking about content that all visitors to this site will be able to read or download for free.

Paid Participation

If you want something in return for your assets, you can literally sell your assets to me. Of course, in this particular case, the asset you sold me will become my property, and its further fate, whether it will be published here for free or I will use it for other needs, is up to me. In any case, I will be very happy with your suggestions. Please don't hesitate. We negotiate the price and terms individually for each specific asset.