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High-performance secure and easy-to-use free online viewer for 360° spherical panoramas. It works directly from this page and leverages the power of WebGL engine built into your browser. No additional plug-ins required. Just provide an image to the online 360 viewer on the page, and it will instantly prepare and show you a ready-made panorama, which you can rotate, zoom in and out, go in full screen. The 360 online image viewer is server-independent software, meaning it only works in your browser, so the images you use remain completely confidential.

RefShelf, an advanced image viewer for reference images with built-in 'always on top' mode and the ability to display multiple images at once. Screenshot of the interface.

Unique standalone image viewer oriented to work with reference images. Has built-in always on top mode and the ability to display multiple images at once. Its main purpose is to keep reference images constantly observable. Even if you run another program in maximized window mode, the reference images will still be visible. Its third distinctive feature is the capability to download images directly from web browsers by simple drag and drop. It also can handle images from clipboard in both directions (copy "from" and paste "to"). Paste an image from clipboard to RefShelf and you already have saved reference for further usage. RefShelf can really make life easier for the most CG artists and not just for them either!