3 Seater Green Leather Chesterfield Sofa 3d Model

Sep 11, 2011
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3 Seater Green Leather Chesterfield Sofa 3d Model
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3D Asset Details

There are brown leather, OxBlood, nobly blue, typically green, pure white, and pure black. Nominally, the model have the green leather color material. It is strongly reminiscent of a crocodile, with the only difference being that the very texture of the skin like a cow. The 3d model is low-poly and is fully prepared for subdivision. You only have to apply the smoothing modifier, such as 3ds Max’s MeshSmooth, TurboSmooth, or just turn NURMS Subdivision at the Editable Poly, for model to become into an ideal one. So you will be able to control the number of polygons in it, adding iterations where necessary and, conversely, reducing the number of polygons in a given situation. For example, this 3d model can be easily used in interactive real-time engines for the presentation of your 3d scene. The archives also contain a high-polygon Chesterfield sofa 3d model version, which you can immediately use for your 3d renderings without any manipulations.