Red Cinema Chair 3D Model

Sep 4, 2012
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Red Cinema Chair 3D Model

3D Asset Details

These like places are always situated at the front row in the showing room, in the lowest part of the theater. As for all other seat rows, as well as for internal seats, this sign is useless and it must be removed. This is done very easily as the 3d model of cinema chair is made in a form of construction set, where all key details are separated. This fact allows getting the entire rows of seats in a needed configuration. The construction set also contains the additional detail, the side panel. The aisle seats must be decorated with this panel. The folding theater seat is made in low-poly format and is ready for subdivision smoothing, so you can manually control the surface quality. For instance, you can decorate the movie room with low count polygon models and turn on the subdivision only for rendering. This approach significantly simplifies the task of filling the scene with props comparing to the same acts with the high-polygonal objects. The chair seat is folding and its 3d model has correct pivot point to make the rotation of the seat simpler. The plush details and soft cloth are manually textured using the high-res photographs and unwrap mapping. All this with the professionally adjusted plush material makes this cinema seat 3d model truly realistic.

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