Typical High Director's Chair 3d Model

Mar 28, 2012
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Typical High Director's Chair 3d Model

3D Asset Details

It is light and compact in folded state and, in the same time, be easily unfolded. The director’s chair 3d model is made as the chair used by anglers, who spend all day sitting in an expectation of biting. These like chairs are also called beach or deck chairs, but its difference from them is that the frame is made of wood, not aluminum tubing. But only folding chair with wooden frame has long been a stereotype and without a doubt is associated with movie or film set, cameras and stern director yelling “Cameras! Action!” in a handheld megaphone, 3d model of which you can find in RenderStuff library. This is very typical attribute; even when someone wants to say that particular person became a director of some movie, they say that person took the director's chair. To make an inscription on the chairs back, the Blend material is used, and the texture text.tif is set as its mask. To write any other word on a back, it is enough just to edit the Type layer in this file, for example, in Photoshop.

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