Metal Figurine of a Frog 3d Model

Dec 3, 2010
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Metal Figurine of a Frog 3d Model
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Individual parts of this frog 3d model, especially where there is an inflection of the metal, have the most, smooth texture and shine, brighter than all the stripped copper areas. For this purpose, we used detailed unwrap maps, for Diffuse, Reflection glossiness, Bump and Blend channels of the frog statuette 3d model material. Frog is a symbol of fertility, abundance, fruitfulness, the Lord of the earth and the power of healing waters. According to Feng shui, frog refers to the principle of yin. The frog is symbolically associated with the moon because of its lunar singing. Many myths say about the frog, which lives on the moon. A frog is a symbol of two elements - land and water. This like beautiful symbolic souvenirs may adorn any shelf or desktop. Free 3d model of a frog also can be placed anywhere in the interior. However, the most convenient location is in southeastern sector of each room, it activates the monetary power of the room. Also, toad figurine 3d model can be placed near the entrance to the premises, so that would create the impression that she jump into the house. There is a belief that this can also increase money luck :) However, you may do not want to deploy a frog talisman looking on front door or in the window. This is, in contrast, will scare away good luck and worsen the welfare of the premises. Often, influential executives, placing it on their desks, use the frog as a talisman. But not straight ahead, and a little sideways. In addition to the souvenir and symbolic purposes, this frog can be used as garden decor in exterior 3d renderings. Just scale up this 3d model of a frog to fit your needs and land it to the grass lawn. In the 3ds version, the doubling internal surfaces were removed, to fit 64K polygons limit. Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.

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