Classic Wooden Globe 3d Model

Jan 3, 2011
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Classic Wooden Globe 3d Model
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3D Asset Details

First and nominal coloring of globe has a classic wooden style. The land in this is a dark varnished wood, covered with brown paint, almost completely darkening its wooden texture, making the surface smooth. Also on top of paint applied a transparent protective lacquer. Continents, in contrast, covered only with transparent varnish, which specifically focuses on the heterogeneous structure of the wooden timber.

Below you can see how this globe 3d model (both color options) looks in a classic interior on a bookshelf:

Photorealistic interior 3d visualization of classic cabinet with close-up on two 3d models of wooden globes.

Feature of this color is not only the actual coloring but also the specific geometry of the globe, in which the continents are by a few millimeters above the surface of the oceans. They literally carved into the surface of a sphere, more precisely, they jut out by removing layers of wood with pokerwork in the places, representing the water surface of the globe. In large areas of the oceans the tree perfectly polished with sandpaper. However, the fine detail of the rivers and straits, which are very tightly surrounded by continents, cannot be done on a real object. Therefore, these zones have specific cavities and recesses left from the pokerwork process. To lighten the 3d model’s mesh, projections and indentations on it made with the Displacement. The model comes with the corresponding displacement map. It is very detailed, and repeats all bends over the continents. In addition, it has a special design that allows you to simulate poker traces on small ponds.

This truly classic coloring of the 3d models emphasizes the atmosphere of antique and handcrafting of empire, baroque, rococo and any other classic interior finishes. The dark base with fuzzy yellow reflections in combination with a transparent gloss varnish makes the surface of the globe like a bronze or dark gold.

The second, additional coloring is more modern and is a combination of base uniform white surface, meaning water, and texture parts made of dark walnut, which outline the land. The texture of dark walnut inherent in modern interior decoration, makes this version of the color globe less colorful, but more versatile. This would allow its use as a decorative filling in the classic living room, as a symbolic souvenir for the manager's desk in a modern office. This option of coloration of the globe does not provide different levels of water and land, it is completely smooth. So, there is no need to use Displacement on this model.

The sphere of globe 3d model set to a flat, slightly convex plate. Feature of which is the presence of a small wooden strips from the bottom, because of which it does not lie on the surface on which set the whole globe, but rises slightly above it.

The premium 3d model is perfect for animations and post-production in video advertising. Will be the highlight of the interior 3d renderings.

In addition, the 3DS version of the model is optimized for the import and use in Photoshop. This allows creating on its basis an excellent illustrations without knowing a three-dimensional graphics. You need only basic knowledge of 3d features built into recent versions of Adobe Photoshop. That is very useful for creating based on this model the abstract and narrative images.

In the archive of the model is the model itself and the two corresponding materials. Just open the model and apply the desired coloring. Also, do not forget about Displacement, its realization depends on the renderer you are using. Nominally, 3d model has the applied dark material. Both materials are of different colors are configured for all formats of the premium 3d model. To get the globe in white, open scene and apply a 3d model of white material. For each of the materials, the archive contains a large detailed textures of desired color. Texture maps of the Earth have a sufficient resolution of 4096 by 2048 pixels to use this 3d model to the forefront of 3d renderings, or as their central objects.

3d model has a rationally optimized mesh with the correct topology, professionally customized materials and is fully prepared to render.

How this globe looks like in the interior and studio setting, as well as photorealistic interactive presentation, you can see on the previews above.

The 3d model of itself is photo-realistic copy of an really existing desktop globe.

This 3d model is presented in five formats for maximum compatibility with various computer graphics packages, flexibility and ease of use:

3ds Max 5.0 and higher: [ 3ds Max 5.0 / Standard ] + [ V-Ray MAT ]

3ds Max 2008 with V-Ray: [ 3ds Max 2008 / V-Ray ]

Universal Autodesk [ FBX / Standard ]

Universally accepted [ OBJ ] + [ Obj MTL ]

Universally accepted [ 3DS / Basic ]

3ds Max 5.0 and higher: [ 3ds Max 5.0 / Standard ] + [ V-Ray MAT ]: Archive with the 3d model file of 3ds Max 5.0 format and MAT-file with 3ds Max V-Ray materials. Ideal for users, who has 3ds Max of almost any version, that is 5.0 and above.

3ds Max 2008 with V-Ray: [ 3ds Max 2008 / V-Ray ]: Archive with the original 3d model file of 3ds Max 2008 format and the V-Ray material. It is a source format and it is designed for users of V-Ray on 3ds Max 2008 and above.

Universal Autodesk [ FBX / Standard ]: Archive with the 3d model file in Autodesk FBX universal format with the standard internal materials. It is handy for use in most Autodesk applications and in the few others.

Universally accepted [ OBJ ] + [ Obj MTL ]: archive with 3d model file in a generic Wavefront OBJ format and external obj material MTL file. This format allow the easy use of this 3d model as a three-dimensional clipart in various applications, especially in those that have limitations of the 3d technologies such as in the 2D raster editor Photoshop.

Universally accepted [3DS / Basic ]: archive with 3d model file in a generic 3d studio max 3DS format with the internal basic materials. This format allow the easy use of this 3d model as a three-dimensional clipart in various applications, especially in those that have limitations of the 3d technologies such as in the 2D raster editor Photoshop.

All the textures come in a separate archive, so before you import a model into your software, do not forget to place the all textures to the prepared for this folder. Often, such a folder is a root directory with the model file.