Police Handcuffs 3d Model

Mar 20, 2013
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Police Handcuffs 3d Model

3D Asset Details

Also there are two matching keys on a typical ring. Current handcuffs 3d model is very detailed and is intended for use in the close-up renderings. The entire model has a single well set photorealistic material that imitates the worn nickel steel. These handcuffs would not look flat or artificial, there is no unrealistic chrome glossiness. In a well-set scene they look like real cop handcuffs without a need to tune the material. The model is made using subdivision method so can has any level of quality in terms of segmentation by simple raising the iterations parameter in the NURMS Subdivision or TurboSmooth. At the same time, the 3d model can be very light in a viewport to make the work with your scene more comfortable. This handcuffs 3d model has a custom rigging and fully adjustable.

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