Red Water Float Lifebelt 3d Model

Nov 9, 2011
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Red Water Float Lifebelt 3d Model

3D Asset Details

In addition, the entire rail is tied into knots on the all lugs to improve the reliability of fastening and to prevent its movement. The actual rescue ring is made of red plastic and holds on all four sides the reflecting film. To make this individual floating craft handy in case of emergency, its fixing must be both reliable and extremely simple. Such a fixing is a simple mounting hook on which life saver 3d model hangs. Mounting hook comes with this 3d model of a life buoy as a separate object. In particular, you can look at the photo-realistic 3d rendering of the composition, in which this 3d model of a life buoy hangs on the dock, or, if you want, on a stone pier. How this ring buoy 3d model looks like in a studio environment, you can also see on the photo-realistic previews.

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