Brown Upright Piano 3D Model

Jan 20, 2011
Brown Upright Piano 3D Model
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Cultured families have long believed that music education is one of the best ways of general harmonious development of man. Operation of this instrument requires a great deal of concentration and understanding, and at the same time, its playing mechanism is quite simple. The sound is taken by pressing a key, located in front of the instrument. Pressing a key triggers a hammer blow on the stretched inside a piano string. The formation of strings luxurious royal sounding are achieved not only by the resonance board, on which they are stretched, but by the acoustic properties of the whole piano body. Variation of volume and duration of the are controlled by pedals that are at the base of the piano, which the musician presses with toes. The piano has long been considered the prerogative of the aristocracy, not only because of its high cost, but also because of the complexity of care for that technological instrument. Right piano tuning is a science, loving only talented artisans, whose services have never been affordable for a simple family. Expensive piano is truly a product of the carpenter's art. Its body is made of expensive mahogany. The top is covered with transparent protective varnish. For the convenience of movement, the lower part of the piano is equipped with a brass roller wheels. In the center of the bottom of this 3d model piano there are three pedals for the feet, which are also made of gold brass. In the middle of a rectangular body of 3d model of a piano is a keyboard block. It consists of a sleek box with a fall board, inside which there are alternating polished black and white keys, which are responsible for different octaves and scales. In this piano 3d model, opening fallboard does not provide the special music stand. However, between coming off the fallboard and the keyboard is a short distance, which also serves as a pedestal for music books. The opening piano fall-board is made as separate 3d model with correct center of rotation. This allows to easily opening and close the fall board in any 3d editor, depending on the scene style, which this free 3d model will be put in. The upper lid of the piano is a long horizontal polished board. Piano will look more stylish and luxurious, if on top of this cover the 3d models of triple candlesticks with wax candles will be set, which will give it a special atmosphere of a classic. The decorative bouquet of flowers also is appropriate for this piano 3d model. For all the pianos, the sitting position of musician is nominal, so it should be supplemented by specialized stool with adjustable height seat.

Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.