Sconce Wall With Bow Free 3D Model

Oct 11, 2010
Sconce Wall With Bow Free 3D Model
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Despite this lace made of the forged bent metal, it looks very airy, making the whole construction of the sconce 3d model light and elegant. The bent decorative lampshade holders are coming out of the blade-like base. The lower part of the each fastening has a nice twisted element that resembles the vine rod. At the opposite side, on the top of the base, the ceramic bowls are, like the ones that collect the melt liquid wax in the classic sconces. All the forged frame metal heart of the free 3d model of this wall sconce is covered with leaf gold. The big and clearly evident worn spots on the gold give the model the special charm. They rather look like deep black cuts, saying about battle knight past of this pompous wall girandole. They saturate this 3d model of a chandelier with the medieval castle spirit. The ceramic 3d model's cups weren't made accidentally in the form of the wax receptacle. The construction, which the lampshade is attached to, intentionally made as a candlestick, where instead of the classic white wax candles, the gilded candles with the electric lamps of an oblong shape, looking like the flame's tongue, are placed. The bulbs have a warm yellowish shine with an original flame imitation and this creates the surrounding warmth feeling. The bowl's ceramics has an image of the old picture, immersing one to an antique luxury even more. The spice of this sconce 3d model is a form of the lamp shades, which are made in the shape of the halves. Such a form lets to illuminate by a full lamp power the wall, what the sconce is fastened to, making the bright yellow halo. In the same time, the lampshade halves diffuse the light rays that pointed to the interior center, removing the overbright on the wall and softening the concentrated light from the flame-like lamps. The 3d models of the half-lampshades are moved up as much as possible to the wall, which the sconce is hanged to, what practically eliminate the situation when the glowing lamps are visible. Because of this, and for not overloading the model's mesh, the bulbs models are absent. But instead of them the spherical light sources must be placed to a model for imitating the bright warm illumination. The material of the lampshades 3d models is half-transparent and knowingly meant to use with a such light sources placing.

Modeled in 3ds Max 2008. Rendered with V-Ray.