Old Wooden Cutting Board Seamless Texture Set

Aug 25, 2020
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2D Asset Details

Above is the final render generated by our standard texture calibration studio. This white studio is used for fine tuning of the textures. VRayMtl is the base here. Only the PBR textures from this set are used, which you can download here for free. No additional corrections, such as texture color correction or post-processing, were used. It is the raw renderer output. Diffuse texture is in the Diffuse slot, Specular texture in the Reflection slot, Glossiness texture in RGlossiness slot and finally the Normal (DirectX) map, placed in Bump slot and additionally wrapped in VRayNormalMap.

The set also contains Roughness map intended to be used in game engines, while Specular texture is calibrated for use in production renderers.

Regardless of the renderer you use, where it is one of the production ones or any real-time render engine, you can get almost the same results with this scratched wooded texture set, thanks to the versatility of PBR.


As follows from the title, the texture is taken from a real used cutting board. The cutting board itself is literally from my kitchen, which I use every day to chop non-meat products. Mostly vegetables. It is not the butcher board. Below is how it looks like in a real life.

The size of its surface is 45 × 31 cm. It is actually a fairly large and heavy glued oak block. It is larger than a regular desktop scanner working surface, so I had to scan in portions to get the entire texture. When all four parts were scanned, I "stitched" them in Photoshop into a whole piece. Here it is:

It is a stitched texture from a raw scans without color-correction yet. But it is already vertically tiled and in rectangular proportion, therefore contains a little bit more details as they have not yet been trimmed to fit into the square shape. This is a nice bonus for those who read further than the download button.

You can save this wood texture manually or use RefShelf to automatically download the largest available image directly from the browser by simple drag and drop.

The last thing to mention about this texture asset is that it is a true 4K. If you often download 4K textures from other websites, especially for free, you may notice that even "8K" textures have obscure and blurred details. This is because of fake interpolation of a small texture to a larger one. Just to reach the number of pixels, but not the details.

This is definitely not the case for this asset. The number of details in this 4K PBR texture set is outstanding.

You can go back and review the material sample ball again. You can notice how succulent the details are.

I hope you find this set of textures useful. Enjoy the power of true 4K!