Baguette Bread 3D Model

Mar 24, 2020
Photorealistic scanned 3d model of french bread - baguette.
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3D Asset Details

Here is the original photo of the baguette from which the 3d shape and texture references were scanned:

a photograph of a real baguette that was used as a reference for the texture and shape

I bought this baguette at the bakery and brought it to the studio for scanning. "Le Boulanger de Monge" was written on the price tag in the store. The bread was still warm and very crunchy so I accidentally broke a piece in the upper left near the tip. But, thanks to the magic of 3d, the broken piece was restored during the final product creation. As you can see, the similarity between the original photo and the renders below is very high. Except for the deep and extremely detailed cracks on the real baguette, which are excessively difficult and therefore irrational to reproduce in 3d, the 3d model and texture are looks almost identical to the original. As follows, this asset will be the reality injection to any scene. Suitable for both, the super close-up still imagery creation in production renderers and for the real-time game engine usage as a low-poly asset.

bottom render of baguette 3d model
bread 3d asset view from a right
stick of bread 3d model view from left

Original model was created with 3ds Max 2015. The main presentation images are done in V-Ray 3. The details on low-poly model are made by included displace map over the few subdivision iterations. The high-quality materials with SSS are included into the max-file. Thanks to the SSS shader this baguette does not look completely dried like most of the bread 3d models do. The SSS applied through the Blend mask so the roasted shell parts of the bread look crunchy and crispy, at the same time, the cracks look soft and moister. Just by looking at this 3d asset, there is a desire to bite a piece to feel a taste of just-baked bread.

3d model of the  loaf of bread front view
back side render of baguette 3d model

Native format 3d model is ready for rendering photorealistic close-up images out-of-the-box. No additional tweaks needed. The model has five subdivision iterations applied (Turbosmooth). The iterations are ON at render but OFF in viewport for better viewport working performance. There are Displace modifier with corresponding displacement map at the top of the modifier stack. If you want to use a model in medium shots or as the object in the background of a scene, it may be very useful to turn off Displace modifiers and decrease render subdivision iterations accordingly.

photorealistic render of bread 3d model 3ds max v-ray
baguette 3d model base wireframe render with no subdivision
baguette 3d model base mesh wireframe render side view
baguette 3d model base mesh wireframe render from the bottom
wireframe render of baguette 3d model with subdivision level of five
wireframe render of baguette 3d model with subdivision level of five and displacement modifier applied

In order to use this asset with almost any of 3d software, the OBJ and FBX formats are provided. In addition, there is a 4 FBX files of different vertices count. The more vertices, the smoother model is and the more detailed. The displacement was applied on subdivided model before each export. That can be helpful for those who using this model in real-time engines and do not use any software that have subdivision smoothness mechanisms. Just pick preferred version and use it right away in the game engine.

screenshots of the bread 3d model with pbr textures set in realtime renderer of substance painter

A set of PBR textures complements the versatile kit of this realistic 3D asset.

baguette boulangerie monge 3d model uvw unwrap layout

The 3d model of baguette is in a real-world scale, positioned at the scene center above the ground level, with the transformation center (pivot point) settled to the very bottom of the model.

The reach kit of this multipurpose bread asset may save you a lot of hours of tedious work.

Lighting, cameras or backgrounds are not provided, only the model itself.

The illustration with the sliced bread below is made for demonstration purposes only and the sliced models are not included in any of archives. However, there is the seamless tileable texture set of the bread slice included onto the HighRes_Maps archive. Using these textures set any kind of sliced bread can be created with ease.

usage example of seamless tiled 4k textures set for baguette 3d asset

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