Red Bell Pepper 3D Model

Oct 24, 2018
Low-polygonal, photorealistic, game-ready, scanned 3D Model of Red Bell Pepper in 3ds Max, OBJ, FBX and other formats.
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3D Asset Details

For example, you can use it in packshot of paprika chips;

An example of using a render of the red bell pepper 3d model in a promotional shot of a paprika potato chips package.

in the interior renderings the red bell pepper also looks great.

3D rendering of three red bell peppers lying on a cutting board in the kitchen. It is an example of using Red Bell Pepper 3D Model in archtectural scene.

As I have mentioned earlier, the reference for the model is a precise highly detailed 3d scan. However, the actual model topology is fully recreated by hand.

Wireframe render of a base low polygonal mesh of red bell pepper 3d model in a white studio.

The topology is low-poly and is made of quad polygons only. To achieve smoothness like on shown presentation images, you need to apply few smoothness iterations to the model.

Wireframe render of the red bell pepper 3d model with TurboSmooth modifier in isolane display mode and 5 subdivision iterations applied.

To have all the fine details, model comes with ultra-high-res (8192x8192) Diffuse, Normals and Displace maps.

The wireframe render of the red bell pepper 3d model with TurboSmooth and mesh Displace modifier applied. It shows how provided displacement map of this 3d asset, adds a lot of details from original scan.

In addition to the maps of classic Specular workflow (production rendering), the model comes with the Glossiness workflow maps for the real-time-engine usage. UVs are Non-overlapping and were Unwrapped by hand for easy editing.

The model is created in 3ds Max originally. The presentation imagery was rendered in V-Ray. The material you see on renders is the finely tuned subsurface scattering V-Ray SSS shader. Yes, it also comes in a package.

For better understanding of the shape, textures and material quality, here are few additional images below.

3D rendering of an isolated scanned green trunk of a bell pepper.

Top view of red bell pepper 3d model. The stump is shown here. This visualization literally shows what is under the green trunk, if you detach it from the bell pepper 3d model complete assembly.

The bottom view of red bell pepper 3d model with close up on its pistil.

Realistic visualization top view of 3d model of red bell pepper with green trunk.

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