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V-Ray vs Cycles comparison on photorealistic product 3d rendering in white studio.

V-Ray vs Cycles Comparison

Jul 11, 2021

Brief visual quality comparison of imagery generated by two popular render engines. They are the industry standard V-Ray, which comes as a plugin for most 3D software packages, and the Cycles renderer, that already built into Blender. This making-of style article describes the process of converting 3ds Max scene into Blender, while maintaining the same camera angle and lighting conditions. At the end of the article comes a final comparison of results obtained with both visualizers, and, of course, it contains answer to the question, is it time to switch to a Blender completely? Based on a real project. Article will be especially interesting for experienced users of 3ds Max and V-Ray, as well as for those who are still hesitant about which software to choose to do the job.