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V-Ray vs Cycles comparison on photorealistic product 3d rendering in white studio.

V-Ray vs Cycles Comparison

Jul 11, 2021

Brief visual quality comparison of imagery generated by two popular render engines. They are the industry standard V-Ray, which comes as a plugin for most 3D software packages, and the Cycles renderer, that already built into Blender. This making-of style article describes the process of converting 3ds Max scene into Blender, while maintaining the same camera angle and lighting conditions. At the end of the article comes a final comparison of results obtained with both visualizers, and, of course, it contains answer to the question, is it time to switch to a Blender completely? Based on a real project. Article will be especially interesting for experienced users of 3ds Max and V-Ray, as well as for those who are still hesitant about which software to choose to do the job.

Poster of a brief overview of the free texture plugin ColorCorrect for 3ds Max.

ColorCorrect Texture Plugin for 3ds Max

Aug 7, 2020 Update

A brief interface overview of ColorCorrect, a free texture plugin for 3ds Max. In this quick look, you'll see its comparison to VRayColor V-ray map and standard Output map of 3ds Max. A lot of early free 3d models on RenderStuff use this plugin to correct colors of a raster textures that comes with the model, so if you want to use those 3D models natively, you will definitely need to install the appropriate version of this plugin for your version of 3ds Max. Also you will find out where to download ColorCorrect for free.