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A guide to HDRI rendering and deep exposure editing of 32-bit images.

HDRI Rendering & Post-Processing, Ultimate Control Over Exposure

Nov 26, 2020 Update

What is HDRI and how it differs from LDRI. How to visualize, store and edit HDR images. What are the advantages of using 32-bit formats over standard 8-bit. How to deal with overexposure or underexposure of 3D visualization only with post-production tools, without having to re-adjust scene lighting and re-render whole image again. How to fine-tune brightness and contrast in a very deep range of an already rendered image directly in a 2D editor without losing any details.

Infographic with isoline wireframe rendering of a mackerel 3d model that shows its topology lines.

Wireframe Rendering in 3ds Max

Sep 12, 2010

How to present topology of your 3d models for a portfolio or CG gallery's. How to perform a wireframe rendering of 3D meshes in V-Ray or Mental Ray. How to adjust lighting of the scene and globally override all materials. You will also understand how to render 3D models with multiple subdivision iterations using an isoline rendering technique. Also, you will see a trick how to compositing two renders into one using 3ds Max only.